August 05, 2009

kari kambing

We had other ideas initially.

Initially, we wanted to head to Melaka a day earlier (perhaps after futsal) and spend the night there, sightseeing and whatnot. But since it was logistically impossible, we decided to go on Sunday itself. Thanks to our master planner, Encik Fai, there was a convoy of 4 cars to celebrate our dear friend, Sasha’s wedding.

It was a simple, beautiful wedding. I would describe the dais as seductive because of the colour scheme. And the bride? Simply gorgeous! I do not know how many times I told her how beautiful she looked that day. Glowing, smiling and having fun; that is exactly what a bride should look like on her big day. And the food? Wow. Amazing. The moment we arrived, we headed to the buffet table. There was beriyani, kari lembu, kari kambing, dalca daging, ayam, cendol, bubur pulut hitam! Rugi siapa tak pergi, tahu tak?!

And of course, LLB 2C was reunited that day, after so, so long. I got to meet my former classmates Ah Catt and Natrah and also Lee, who is now semakin sihat. Kakak and Madiah and Jess were also there. And even though I just met Hunny and Faten last week, we were screaming like we hadn’t met for eons. I really had fun seeing them all again.

And once in Melaka, there was a very fat chance that I would go back early. It is Melaka, for heaven’s sakes. Who in their right mind would want to leave Melaka without visiting Melaka town right? So, Fai, Mamita and I (who diligently braved the traffic) went back to Ayer Keroh to do some sightseeing.

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