August 05, 2009


It was like cruising down memory lane for us. Okay, actually, it was more of a trip down memory lane for ME, more than anything else.

Ada apa dengan Melaka? Sila jangan tanya saya. There is something about it, yet I cannot put my finger on it, nor can I put it into so many words. My easiest response would be that my love life began there. But that’s not the entire truth either because there’s something other about the city itself which makes me feel instantly at home. Every. Single. Time.

Since Mamita had never visited MMU, I decided to show her the institution. The security now is so much tighter that we decided not to go through the hassle of security checks and what not.

And then, I showed her where Abdul (then referred to as Ted) lived, which is at Taman Dahlia. The house is so different now, and I can confirm that girls are now living there instead of boys.

We took a drive to Taman Bukit Beruang, Taman Bunga Raya and even to Putat, where I showed them that Melaka can be mistaken as the land of cemeteries kerana terlalu banyak kubur di tepian jalan.

It’s good to know that Kedai Kuning and Mak Janda and Kedai Air Pisang are still there. Note that I do not remember their real names because I have been taught their nicknames. It’s a shame though that we didn’t have enough time to stop by and taste the chicken cheese naan which I love. It’s also a shame that I did not get to meet up with my friends who are still there due to the time constraint.

After visiting Putat, it was time to make a decision on whether or not I wanted to take them to town. I knew that it was not a very wise decision so, I just decided to go past Jiki. Jiki, by the way, sells like the best tasting kueyteow I have ever consumed! Sedap sangat tak tipu! Again, it is only available at night, and it wasn’t possible to wait until then before heading home.

It’s amazing how much I remember the roads in Melaka. Even Mamita was amazed because it's an open secret how bad I am with directions. The maps are imprinted in my memory. Enough proof of how much I love the city. Ada apa dengan Melaka?

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