August 20, 2009

i need a massage.

I had a crazy morning. Ever since the contract officers were pulled out of our units and pooled into a giant unit of Contract Officers Only Unit, we have been at the disposal of any Unit Head in this Division. So far, I have managed to escape the claws of Mdm. Level Two whom I heard has been causing tears on almost a daily basis. But since I am on the 10th floor, I cannot escape the other 3 Unit Heads, especially at times like these when Paper Tanah comes in and most contract officers are either on duty for AALCO or away for a Course. My left arm hurts because I have been typing non-stop since morning.

We were initially told that the Paper is due on Friday but surprise, surprise, I was told at 12 noon that Big Boss Number Two wanted it THIS MORNING. Now, how is that possible? Especially when that message was relayed when all of us were already home?

Well, anyways. Its lunch hour and this is the first time in 5 days that I am eating my lunch alone and the first time that I had to pay for it.

Turns out that AALCO isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I don’t know whether it’s because of my high tolerance level or that I actually don’t mind dealing with all kinds of characters, but it’s not too bad, especially so when most of my friends are always on duty with me as well and that they have been treating me to endless supply of food, laughter and “intelligent (la sangat) discourse” in times of need. And it’s not so bad considering my earlier reservations of it.

(but let me make a disclaimer that I would have HATED it if I was roped into the committees which had to do the planning-booking-checking-listing, et cetera which has to do with event management. this is never been my niche area, please.)

I just like meeting new people, that’s all. So, being in the Secretariat is not all that bad, though I can’t say that it’s a bed of roses either. No right or wrong one, just different lah. This is perhaps one of the most valuable things I learnt on my trip to Japan in 2001 for the Student Exchange Programme.

Actually, I think I started off by wanting to write something else, but I am now quite lost as to my earlier direction.

Perhaps for now, I should give my left arm a break. Will be back soon if I am permitted the time.


Caffeine Addict said...

OMG! They actually doing it! Pool Unit? Heh... I wanted to hear the progress after a month! me dying to see how effective it would be ;p
(it is a good idea actually, but considering the attitude of 'the people' in that division... haiyaaaa...)

p/s: Bos no.2 kecut lah tu... must SG who is going to the meeting, nothing escape his eyes!
paper tanah je pun! chet!

freespirited12 said...

yes, ayu! pool unit! sometimes i think it is soooo silly, considering that i am learning so much from my own boss. plus saya takut nanti roro mencengkam. and saya tak tahu kenapa madam level 2 needs more ppl tho she has like the most contract officers around!

she wanted it yesterday because dia cuti today da!


selalu tak paham. :(

Caffeine Addict said...

Madam level 2 tak effective, whe do not know how to prioritize and delgate work effectively.
That's it.

Not to mengutuk dia buta2, but I served under 2 different KU for the last two years, she's just incompetent. simply! Mr. IAD yang suka cakap ulang2 kali pun is more effective than madam level 2.

Hahaha... paper tanah memang memerlukan kesabaran yang tinggi.
gud luckos!

freespirited12 said...

tsk. thanks ayu. saya memerlukan luck itu.

let's hope saya dapat permanent soon so that i will no longer have to sit in this swimming pool.