August 05, 2009


Hey there, missed me?

Hmmp. To be very honest, apart from being super busy last weekend, I have remained uninspired to write a post of any kind too. It’s like what I had to say did not warrant a place here in this blog. Like it was too trivial or way too personal to write. But since someone pointed out last night of how infrequent my updates have been (and that person is not my brother), I decided, okay, I’m going to try and write something (for that person’s benefit at least).

If you have known me well (and long) enough, you would probably know how much I love to sweat. By that I mean I really love sports/sporting events or simply, physical activities which activates my sweat glands.

And so, when my office organised the futsal tournament, I signed up for it immediately. Though we only had 2 practice sessions prior to the real day, I consider our game better than last year. That’s probably because most of us in the team already know the rules and simple techniques the boys have taught us the year before.

Plus, considering how handicapped we were due to loss in players (our key striker, defender and goalie have been transferred out and could not come), we did a commendable job. We are definitely lacking in strikers. Our defence team is one superb Gung-Ho, I-do-not-care-what-you-think-about-me type and make a great wall for our goalie. But we always don’t know what to do when we reach the other goal. Like I said, we are lacking in strikers. That would of course, be something I would want to improve on for our team.

And considering how much I love sweating (and how much futsal is fast becoming my favourite sport), I have decided to join the KL Clan (because they all work in KL City Centre) for their weekly futsal. I happen to think that those short sessions give me a great start to the week; with all that adrenaline, endorphin and whatnot.

So, yes. There goes. I will update on Sunday , soon.

And I am waiting for Anak Boss to email me my pictures. Which I know will take quite forever. He told me that I look DEMONIC in those pictures. I told him I learnt from the best. Padan muka orang tua tu.


chibi said...

hurm??? (sambil jeling)

freespirited12 said...

napa jeling jeling cik kak? ;p

Caffeine Addict said...

Sedih jugak sebenarnya tak dapat main untuk advisory lagi :(
so cane? masuk final tak? ^_^

freespirited12 said...

ayu: masuk final? hahah. semis pon tak. kami balik awal. tak puas main laaa!