August 30, 2009

twice buffeted

For 2 nights in a row, I have gone for buffet iftars. Though yesterday wasn’t a buffet in the truest sense, to me, potlucks are buffets as well. Since I didn’t have much mood to take pictures of food last night, I cannot show you the proof of our glutton. We had 2 tables full of food, food and more food. Mostly homemade, apart from the kuih-muih traditional, of course.

Last night was super fun, I tell you. After we were too full to push anything down our throats, we decided to go upstairs. We ended up with a mini karaoke session and lots of gossip about... people and life generally.

We didn’t know that so many mean people existed, until we were told of their existence last night. I mean, like really. Though I have met freeloaders and complacent people before, I have never really met b*t***s personified and so many of them. Like, really. So, last night was a bit of a bang for me.

Anyway, today, I went for another buffet session. This time at KGPA. The spread there is amazing! They have the more traditional food like lauk and rice and soups and also dim sums and also western and also grills and also ikan bakar and also laksa and also mee rebus. But I think the Longest Queue Award goes to teh tarik. Simply the best!

So, now, I am home with a full tummy and happy heart. What makes it better is that I don’t have to bother about tomorrow being a Monday because tomorrow is a holiday. Merdeka in the truest sense, don’t you think so? Hee ;)

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