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Happy Chinese New Year all! I just got back from a good brisk walking session and my husband is still asleep. So, since I've got some time, I thought I might as well get over and done with my reviews. Here goes nothing!

Reception list:

Date: 08 01 2011
Nikah Venue: Dewan Merak Kayangan
Catering: Felda D'Saji
Maintable deco: Felda D'Saji
Theme colours:
  • Bride and Groom – White
  • Family –burnt orange/orange/yellow/brown
Photographers/Videographers: Fotoeve Asia
Wedding outfit: Jimi Ali (Selayang)

Make-up: Kak Liza of Saidatunnisa

Favours: 1, 000 gold boxes with chocolates inside all handmade with love by Mama and the whole family.
Cards: L H Creative
Hand bouquet: Eija

So, why did I have to wait for a week before my own reception? Because ladies, the queue to book a venue is massive! It's really ridiculous to see how far in advance people book their venues! I could have easily booked Dewan Komuniti TTDI since my house is about 5 minutes away from there, but I'd have to wait until the 15th of January for that!

My dad chose the reception venue. He visited all 3 Felda halls and decided that he liked Perdana Felda the best. But he was not very keen on having a sitting-down affair, so Merak Kayangan it is. We all decided on the colour scheme and all about a month away from the Reception.

At that point, we had more or less distributed some of the cards and already had an estimate of the number of guests who would be attending. What we least expected was that the VVIP would agree to attend. Oh, dear. I am no fan of protocols, actually. But since the VVIP is my dad's friend, I decided to be a sport. Tak rugi pun ;)

We had our rehearsals early Saturday morning (08012011). It was a little bit risky to have our rehearsals so late, I know, but like I said, the hall is jam packed and booked to the brim and the only slot available was the morning of the ceremony itself. It didn't turn out so bad after all because the dais was already up and that made rehearsals way easier.

When I first looked at the dais, I was in awe. Call me pathetic for loving my own dais, but seriously, all the arguments and long hours picking it was worth it. If it were up to me alone, I would have loved it to be an all white dais. But turns out that red worked better than off white, after all ;). I did want something more for it actually, which is the additional fairy lights. But looking in retrospect, it didn't turn out so bad, did it?

I was a lil' shocked with the colour scheme that morning though, and thought that they had made a mistake. I mean, where did the apple green napkins come from? I thought we were supposed to be red? But... as usual, looking back, it looked great! Somehow the apple green made the entire scene a lil' cooler ;)

photo credits to Uncle Zai

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


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