December 15, 2007

not my fault

The weather of late has been pretty bleak. It’s been raining almost everyday of the week and when the sun peeks, we normally don’t get our hopes too high because we know for sure that it wouldn’t be long before the rain starts pouring again.

The holidays are coming to an end and honestly, I don’t really mind. Everyday has pretty much been the same; late nights and late mornings, running errands and cooking lunch. It’s been pretty much a routine, actually, every single day.

The thought of going back to Law School gives me butterflies; good and bad, simultaneously. I guess I’m quite excited with the fact that we’re going to get to learn new things, and new lecturers with whom we can forge bonds (or become enemies) with. And I’m also quite excited with the fact that I have cooked up some kind of strategy to make sure I do better this coming semester.

I didn’t exactly do excellently in the past exams, but I DIDN’T EXACTLY NOT SCORE. So, to me, that’s pretty good already, considering the fact that there were quite a number of adjustments that had to be done. To those who made it through to the Honours programme, good luck. Getting into the programme is in itself a challenge, and trust me, the hurdles won’t end. So, yeah, all I can say is good luck. You’re going to need it if you wanted to survive.

As excited as I am about the coming new semester, I’m pretty worried that I might miss 2 or possibly even 3 days of classes. I don’t miss classes, okay? That’s the only reason why I score. And senior partners don’t skip classes just because they go on holidays. I know I’ve been rambling about the fact that SPs are human too and that we need a break sometimes, but I don’t agree on people missing classes, not in the first week, no sirree.

The reason for me missing my classes? Well, tomorrow night, we’ll all be leaving the country for 2 weeks! Initially I wasn’t really excited but I guess it began to sink in this week, where I’ve been handling most of the packing and stuff. This is going to be the last trip for our family as my brother’s leaving for Australia next year, and I’d probably be working already by the end of next year. So, only my little sister’s going to be following my parents, if they were to go anywhere. So, this trip is very much anticipated. Thihih.

But still, missing class really is the biggest bummer! Argh. But can you blame me if they keep on changing the takwim? Last time, it said that school opens on the 7th. The next thing you know, they tell you it reopens on the 31st. Then, I asked my coordinator and she tells me that it opens on the 3rd (I was so relieved, I tell you!). And yesterday, I met the Timbalan Dekan, and she tells me that it reopens much, much earlier; like on the 27th or somewhere around that date.

Suka hati tak? Am I still the one to blame if this is how they operate? Am I the one to be blamed for missing classes if they seem so fickle as to when to reopen? Ingat rumah 3 minit dah sampai ke? Emo pulak. Haish.

December 14, 2007

look what i found!

Look what I found! Haha. I wrote this and forgot to post it. but I’m doing that now because I’m currently facing the problem of writing a good piece of crap. (as if I ever do anyways, haha)

That’s actually a nickname Abu gave to a “dear” friend of his, whom we have all gotten used to calling the same. Thing is, it’s becoming more evident now that the name suits me just as well.

What I’m going to write about is probably already written somewhere in this somewhere in this blog, or you’ve probably heard me whine about it. If you happened to be my classmate or housemate, you’ve probably already witnessed my demonstration involving the juggling, dancing love handles, which is kind of giving me the creeps.

Thing is, I know I’m not big. Get it? I know that I fit into the smaller sizes, which makes me un-big at all. Correct? The thing is, all this rest, lots of free food and also alot of love is making me a tad bit chubbier than I normally am. And normally, I just dismiss the thought because the more I think about it, the chubbier I become and the more stressed out I am. So, normally, I just let the paranoia pass because I know I look alright.

Okay, this past semester has really been a stressful one and I think that’s pretty apparent from the all the anger and whining and babbling I’ve managed to put into writing, which I have successfully posted here. Anger makes me hungry, making me eat more, but since anger is so energy consuming, it makes me slim without me having to work too hard on it. I don’t have to think about what I put in my mouth because it all burns out eventually and I’ve nothing to worry about, really.

But right now, I really am having the time of my life, even if everyday were full with nothingness. I am happy despite the fact that my hair keeps falling every time I sweep the floor, causing me to have to sweep it again. I am happy although Abdul is leaving for Penang. I am happy although I stay in all day and no one calls me to ask me out for a drink. All in all, I’m grateful and I’ve just been really happy. The thing about endorphins is that... well, it just shows. And for me, especially, it’s been showing on my cheeks, on my arms, on my hips.

And every freaking body is noticing it. Like for once, everyone is telling me that I’ve GAINED WEIGHT.! Yikes. My sister keeps on reiterating the fact that I’m chubbier since I got home. Jaja says the same. Abdul claims that I look just fine, but that’s only probably because I asked him the question all men dread: “am I fat?”. And he’s probably just being kind because he loves me too much to even notice. Even my mom says that I’m on my way to becoming her. I’m a size 36 and she’s a 42. I’m her size now? Yikes again. And my brother is also one of the kinder ones who said that I look cuter when I’m chubby. Like damn. Ugly but adorable? Yikes, yikes and yikes again.

Should I just remain a scarecrow then? Should I stop eating altogether then because all this response is upsetting me. They probably all mean well and they’re probably telling me that I’m piling on the kilos and that I should stop munching chocolates (which btw, has NEVER given me problems before where weight is concerned!). And I should probably stop eating rice? (Which is highly impossible because I truly am Malay, and we must have rice! If tak, lapar la saya ni... kan Nadira?)

Or probably I look better with these chubby cheeks.
Probably the name Chubster suits me well after all...

December 07, 2007

anti anti-virus!

I don’t even know how to start telling you about what I’ve done to keep this computer safe and sound and virus-free. I don’t know how many times I’ve reformatted my computer for fear of virus infections, I don’t know how many times I’ve been to the CC to have a new anti-virus installed, I don’t know how many CD-RW’s I’ve bought already to burn all the important data in my computer just in case it crashes. And I don’t know how much money I’ve invested in it already, just to ensure that when I sleep at night, I can be rest assured, that Insya Allah, I would not wake up in the morning only to find that I can no longer have access to all the data, photos, songs and games I’ve so carefully and diligently collected all these years.
Probably my computer isn’t one of those “canggih” ones where the monitor could be turned 360 degrees, or one which is super small it could be mistaken as a book, etc., etc. In fact, it has the most basic functions, which some of them I use only occasionally and still, I’m happy to have a computer on which I can get my work done.
But still, with all my TLC, this computer has failed to respond to me in a way which reflects all the care I have been giving. And I know it’s just plain silly to expect a gadget to reciprocate but really, trust me, if you were in my shoes, you’d be frustrated too.
And right now, a few months after I sent this computer to be reformatted and after months of hard work in making sure that all files were scanned before they were opened, it failed me AGAIN... and it’s not that I was watching some silly movie or some silly site. I was just looking at someone else’s fotopages to have a look at the photos he took for someone else’s wedding.
Argh. This is so irritating. Now, I have to fork out some money to get the CC to install a new anti-virus for me. I’m just really confused right now as to which I should use because I know that they were the ones who made the viruses anyways. So, there’s a high probability that they would release a new virus as and when they pleased just so they could sell their new products.
Am I rambling? Oh, yes, I am. I’m just so freaking frustrated, that’s all. And my computer is starting to switch itself off, and I would like to stop here before I get started on how annoyed I am of this gadget which helps me yet gives me a whole load of problem at the same time.
Salam. Good night.

December 04, 2007

chop the devil

Its 2 weeks into my holidays already. Truthfully, nothing productive or fruitful has been done to fill in the time. Just hours and hours of sleep, binge and more sleep. I’ve also made several attempts of writing a good blog entry or 2 but to no avail, although there are just about thousands of issues on which I have my 2 cents to contribute.
Ah, never mind that. I’m currently very proud of the fact that I have finally managed to clean my room, which was in total disarray when I arrived home and even more so after a week of my being home. But the sweeping-the-floor-which-will-never-be-clean part was really testy. I don’t normally sulk about housework because it’s something I don’t mind doing (besides the fact that I cannot stand dust, etc.). But I have no other option other than to complain about sweeping. Ah. The only housework I seem to have growing despise over as days go by.
I don’t understand why my room is dusty because our house isn’t on one of the busy or big roads and furthermore, my room is the top most floor, where dust particles are supposed to reach last!; this in itself is pretty hard to fathom, unless of course my knowledge of science is failing me terribly. Having to sweep the floors which refuse to become clean is another kind of agitation in itself. Imagine having swept the entire floor from one end to another, only to find out at the end of it that at the very spot you started, more dusts have accumulated. Or did I not see that dust in the beginning??
And it doesn’t help when you have hair like mine. By the end of the sweeping session, there would be strands of hair trailing after me, at every place I stepped. Argh. Annoying AND irritating! But I’m just glad that my room is organised now, though there really isn’t anything that can be done about the hair.
Speaking of the devil, I feel like having it chopped. Any suggestions, anyone? I thought of trying something new, but then again, I can’t think of a hairstyle which I have not yet tried. Hmm... look at what it was then, way, way before, what it was before it became this long, and what it looks like when it’s this long. Then, probably, you can help me decide?

November 30, 2007

tears and rain

The rain is pouring and it’s pouring really hard at the moment. Alhamdulillah my sister is back from my cousins’ sleepover party or else I would’ve been worried sick, my mom more so. The rain is pouring and here I am listening to Mr. Tumpul’s song, entitled Tears and Rain. Tears and rain. Tears and rain.

I’m currently going through the motions. I’m currently trying to put everything into perspective. I’m currently trying as much possible to accept change. After all, change is inevitable, isn’t it? And why do I feel so ashamed the fact that I hate departures? Is there even a necessity to feel so ashamed for tears that come so naturally? I mean, wouldn’t you cry if your man was leaving?

Whatever. I’m rambling ever so randomly. It’s just tears and rain...

I wish I could surrender my soul;

Shed the clothes that become my skin;

See a liar that burns within my needing.

How I wish I'd chosen darkness from cold.

How I wish I'd screamed out loud,

Instead I've found no meaning.

I guess it's time I run far, far away; find comfort in pain,

All pleasure's the same: it just keeps me from trouble.

Hides my true shape, like Dorian Gray.

I've heard what they say, but I'm not here for trouble.

It's more than just words: it's just tears and rain.

I wish I could walk through the doors of my mind;

Hold memory close at hand,

Help me understand the years.

I wish I could choose between Heaven and Hell.

I wish I would save my soul.

I'm so cold from fear.

I guess it's time I run far, far away; find comfort in pain,

All pleasure's the same: it just keeps me from trouble.

Hides my true shape, like Dorian Gray.

I've heard what they say, but I'm not here for trouble.

Far, far away; find comfort in pain.

All pleasure's the same: it just keeps me from trouble.

It's more than just words: it's just tears and rain.

Tears and rain

Far, Far away;find comfort in pain

All pleasures the same: it just keeps me from trouble

Its more than just words; its just tears and rain

November 29, 2007

worth it

It was my Convocation last Saturday, and my, my, what a long day it was for all of us. All the waiting, all the multimedia presentations, all the cheering, all the hunger and all restlessness was only for less than 3 seconds on the stage. But guess what? I really don’t mind because it was worth it.

Not to brag, but I am one out of the 3 who managed to get a First Class Honours for my BLS. And I am so glad that I was there with the people I love most; my family and my closest friends. I wouldn’t have made it this far without them. I almost vowed to never come home again when my mom first dropped hints that she wouldn’t be there on the 24th November. I know it’s a little bit childish of me, but still. It’s not everyday that I get to go on stage to receive that scroll. And of course I can’t promise her the same excellent results for my Honours, so yes; I really wanted her to be there. And of course I wanted the rest of my family to be there as well.

I’m proud of who I have become. I’m proud that I have finally gotten up from the long, hard fall I had to endure after I received my SPM results. I guess I really have found my tuft; something I really, really like to do. Though admittedly, reading the Law isn’t easy, but once you get the hang of it, it really all comes pretty naturally. It all really is common sense. And mostly, it’s all in the mind. I just hope that my Honours results are equally encouraging.

I don’t really have much to tell. I’m currently on holidays and basking in the luxury of sleep and rest. Pictures just for fun!

tak sabar dah ni

my life support

leganya kami

kanak-kanak pandai yang saya sayang

meet my firm mate, Natrah

November 28, 2007

not ready to make nice

Have you ever been in that spot where you felt like people came and went as and when they pleased? Have you ever felt like people trample on you just because you are you and that being you, you would respond ever so nicely despite the fact that you are upset, dissatisfied and utterly disappointed? Have you ever been in that spot before?

Because if you have been in that spot before, tell me what to do... please? I don’t think I’m the revengeful, remorseful, hating kind of person, bar one person, perhaps. Holding grudges against another never really has been my thing. I may be moody (where I have fluctuating mood swings, which are totally and completely incomprehensible) admittedly, but never to the point of being totally and completely rude or dismissive of people. And I am never ungrateful.

In a nutshell, I really am very seldom angry (unless of course to count the last 2 weeks of Honours I). So, it does seem silly somehow that I’m angered, annoyed and upset with the fact that some people act like I am a mat they can trample on as and when they please.

I don’t think it’s fair to disappear almost completely out of someone else’s life after all that has happened and then to come back strolling into that person’s life at one’s pleasure. Absurd isn’t it? Totally unacceptable.

Thing is, I used to have so much tolerance, so much patience for all these nitty gritty stuff which are actually quite petty, considering all other things that I have in mind. It’s just that I think I need to lash it out. Siapa tergigit cili, terasa lah pedasnya.

I’ve stopped being tolerant now. I’ve stopped being nice. I think it’s important that I make a statement. I think it’s important for some people to know that just because I act all nice almost all the time you can come strolling back into my life when you feel like you need me out of a sudden.

It’s not that I am hoping that people would reciprocate. It’s not that I am hoping that I would get return for all that I’ve done. I enjoy being a good friend. I enjoy being a confidante. I enjoy being there when people need me. Just don’t make it so obvious that you were using me for a temporary necessity and that I’ve actually lost such importance when you’ve gained what you came for to begin with.

I really shouldn’t be so angry, correct? It really isn’t worth my anger.

But like I said, I just need to make a statement.

Please. Don’t expect me to act like nothing happened when you’ve shut me out completely... well, okay, almost completely.

Don’t expect me to forget that you somehow forgot that we were good friends and that we enjoyed talking to each other.

Don’t expect me not to be angry because I DO feel USED.

So, don’t expect me to be nice just because I’m me. And trust me, I am nice.

I’m just not ready to make nice. Not for now.

November 17, 2007

from friendster to blogspot

AQUAR IUS - The best

Great talker- I wouldn’t like litigation if I’m not great at talking

Attractive and passionate- very (though probably a little bit vain on the “attractive” part)

Laid back- yes (when I’m not serious)

Knows how to have fun- oh, yes, within limits, of course

Is really good at almost anything- I would say I try my best all the time

Great kisser- rahsia

Unpredictable- absolutely true!

Outgoing- when I feel like it

Down to earth- iyeap, if you knew me well enough, you would know

Addictive- ask Abdul. He’ll verify ;p

Loud- yes. Speak your mind. Why keep mum, huh?

Loves being in long relationships-

totally! Why skip from one guy to another within short periods of time? Jatuh saham

Talkative- pok pek pok pek. Non-stop

Not one to mess with- people know better then to mess with me

Rare to find- try and find another me if you can! I should be preserved ;p

Good when found- very, very good

7 years of bad luck if you do not repost-
I’ve reposted. Rezeki di tangan Tuhan. Mana nak tau bad luck ke tak. Apa daaa~~

November 16, 2007

laugh and cry

My heart smiles at such good luck, Alhamdulillah. Truly, Allah is fair. He will never ever give you what you cannot handle. He puts you through hardship so that when all the rain and storm is gone, you’d appreciate the rainbow that you see at the end of it even more. Allah is kind. He shall never leave you if you remember Him always. In fact, He forgives you when you ask for forgiveness.

And I am truly thankful for the blessed life he has, and for all the good luck that has come tumbling, after all the hardship he had to go through.

But my heart cries; though just a little bit, it cries. Penang is such a distance away. I’m fine with Malacca because it’s still quite near as compared to anywhere else. But Penang? It’s going to need some getting used to, I’m very sure of that.

But nonetheless, I am still happy all the same. Very, very happy. The tears are grateful and sad at the same time. Things will go well, Allah willing.

Many things have happened this past week, actually, and I’ve of course written something on them. But on my second reading, I decided against posting them. They are a little bit private actually, and the issues I have currently can never be settled by posting blog entries. I’ll figure a way to deal with them and I need to do it soon.

For now, let’s just rejoice in Allah’s kindness and fairness.

November 07, 2007

selamat sangat

Finally, all papers have come and gone, and to my surprise, Advanced Civil Procedure paper wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. And now, I’m just lazing around on my bed (which btw I haven’t slept on for a week or so due to the mess) thinking about nothing, and listening to melancholic songs yang sangat sesuai dengan jiwa saya.

Am I ungrateful if I said that I don’t really have much of a “life”. I mean, it’s not that I’m dead or anything, it’s just that my life is so routine that I’m getting sick of it. I meet the same people everyday, I go to parties with the same crowd all the time, I go to class, I come back, I read books, I sleep, I eat. Boring kan hidup saya?

And don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the people I meet everyday. In fact, they’re the people who understand me most because we all go through the same series of ups and downs. I’m talking about me.

I feel like I’m living so safely, to the point that it is TOO safe. I go to the same eat-outs, and order the same thing every time. I’m so scared to try new food because I don’t want to waste money. Mengarut tak? I don’t meet up with people though there are just tons of people whom I would love to meet up with now. Like Sonia, K.Edi, K.Za, Myra and more of other people whom I’ve just lost touch with because I’m just TOO busy concentrating on my Honours.

And all this is because to begin with, I don’t even know the road to get to where they are. As far as directions are concerned, I am the Queen of Worst. What’s worse is that I’m actually the Queen of Lost too. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t get lost going to or coming back from somewhere. (except for Subang la because I go there more often now). Even that, sometimes I get confused.

I’m so scared to go out at night, and that’s because of all the gory stories reported in the newpapers which we all are scared of I think. And I don’t travel much because I’m not allowed to drive out of the Federal Territories.

Sometimes, I just feel like my life is stuck in bottle, or a coconut shell, or something of that nature. I lack exposure. I lack a life. I lack permission for alot of things. I lack the trust of my parents. I lack the courage to ask because I’m afraid of rejection. I’m just lacking where life in general is concerned and this honestly sux.

Sometimes, I live too safely just makes me sick, Sick, SICK. Right down to my stomach.

Give me an injection of courage and life. And just let me try to live this life. Not too safely this time.

Sorry emo sikit. It always happens when I see pictures of people overseas travelling to Europe and stuff like that like they didn’t have to bother about a thing. Seronok kan kadang-kadang boleh live life sesuka hati macam itu? Seronok dapat jalan-jalan. Seronok when things are cheap and you’re getting scholarship yang banyak. At least more than mine lah, yang rate 20 tahun lepas. Mimpi jer la nak increment. Pegi mampus.

November 05, 2007

of trust, distrust and abuse of trust

Believe it or not, these past few weeks have seen me stressing out over the fact that I can no longer write a good piece of crap. Honestly, I’ve just lost it. Or probably, I’ve just lost things to write about, or the interest to put my 2 cents in, if any.

I’ve one more exam paper to sit for, and one mock trial to prepare. I’ll be the defence cousel, which is cool actually considering the fact that I just love to cross-examine and make the witnesses confused. Haha. I’m trying my best to make peace with civil and at least TRY to like it just a little bit, but to no avail. I won’t elaborate further. I don’t want to keep on telling my mind that I hate it for fear that I might actually believe in it and abandon it altogether. (I’m talking about Advanced Civil Procedure, just in case you’re wondering).

I lost my ATM card yesterday, which makes me sad because I’ll be out of business for the whole weekend. And just in case some of you didn’t know, I sell credit now. The commission isn’t exactly to die for but the work isn’t at all tough. So, I’ve no complaints on that. Back to my lost ATM card- I was at the TTDI Maybank yesterday morning depositing some of the money I collected from the business. And being the excited (and of course careless) me, I forgot to take the ATM card after the receipt was issued by the Deposit Machine.

I don’t think I turned my back for more than 5 minutes before I realised that the card was missing and I didn’t even leave the premises. But then, when I went back to the Deposit Machine, the card was gone, as in GONE. I mean, don’t be surprised by my surprise, but I always thought that Taman Tun people were alot more civilised than the rest of the world, (no offence to the rest of the world, of course), but I’ve always known Taman Tun people to be some of the most honest and trustworthy of all the people I know.

But you know what? Yesterday was a real eye-opener. I didn’t find my card and I was panicking (of course) like I would, and so, I called up Abdul (like I always do when I can’t think for myself), and did the necessary to cancel the ATM card. So you see, no one can be trusted in this world today. I used to wonder alot about why we no longer trust people enough to stop by the road to help when we see someone in despair, with a car in need of repair.

November 04, 2007

of trust, distrust and abuse of trust Part II

I used to wonder why we keep our gates closed ALL the time, and why we locked our doors even in broad daylight. I mean, I do come from that era where we simply crossed over to our neighbours’ houses WITHOUT the use of gates, and where the doors and grills of our neighbours’ houses were always open for us when we needed a drink. Kan Pear? (if Pear is reading this), she would know how boundary-less and carefree we used to be. We used to run from house to house like no one’s business in Seremban because in the first place, there wasn’t even a gate to separate my cousin’s house and her grandma’s house.

And Siti (my former neighbour) would know that we thought of each other’s houses as our own because we went in and out, NOT using the gate, like I mentioned before. And Aimi (also our former neighbour) would know what it feels like to be in a community where my mother’s children are also her mother’s children, vice versa because we weren’t THIS selfish to just mind our own businesses ALL the time, without caring what the hell is happening to the world around us.

But when I moved in to KL, I got the shock of my life because none of these things were happening. And I honestly don’t wonder anymore because nothing like the things I used to have in Seremban can ever be done here in KL. There’s just too much distrust amongst the members of the society. There are way too many GREAT con mans who know the tricks of the trade and know HOW and WHEN to tackle and trick other people.

It’s sickening to know that no one is ever going to be safe anywhere they go. It’s sad to know that MY children will be brought up in a world where I will ALWAYS have to put a leash on them although I would hate to make them feel like I am controlling. It’s sick. And don’t even let me start about the late Nurin Jazlin. Or the murder of the 9 year old who was thrown out of a condominium window after she was raped, sodomised and murdered.

What on earth do you guys see in a 9 year old? I mean, don’t you see that they are just KIDS? Not that I want any of these mentally sick people to be attracted to me, but please. Pick on somebody your own size lah. Or somebody as sickly as yourself so that the both of you would enjoy all those worldly and distorted pleasures that other people repel.

What has become of the eastern society we used to be so proud of? What has happened to the minds of the people in the world? Why has sex become the centre of most peoples’ minds? Is there NOTHING we can do to help or change the world? Would this world ever be safe, ever again? For me, for you, for our sisters and children?

I think not. And that scares the hell out of me.

October 31, 2007


It’s my third paper tomorrow. Advanced Criminal Procedure. And because I like this subject and also the lecturer, I don’t feel as stressed out as I did for my Remedies. Though my stress for Remedies had nothing to do with the like or dislike of the subject or the lecturer at all.

My Remedies paper was nothing short of disappointing. So, I guess I shall not elaborate because it’s been a week anyways since I last sat for it. I’m just hoping that this particular paper would be able to console my disappointment towards whatever that has passed.

On the brighter side of things, Abdul has formally graduated, Alhamdulillah. And with flying colours, too! I’m so proud to have such a smart boyfriend. Thhihih. I’m glad that his final exam results have brought joy to him. I’m just hoping that mine would do the same for me.

It’s discouraging to see my ongoing assessment marks. It doesn’t help that the rest of the entire world is doing pretty well, and I find myself feeling like someone stupid, doing stupid. That’s probably why I’m so discouraged to work as a lawyer, or do anything legally related, for the matter.

I don’t know. I just want to get over and done with all this. I’d probably chart my course later, which is so unlike me. But for now, that puts my mind at ease. Back to reading. Taa!

October 25, 2007


It’s LAW 549 tomorrow. That means it is Remedies tomorrow. And right now, I am not acting like I should and I feel panic rising. I understand what I’m reading, I just have trouble memorising cases. Actually, tomorrow’s paper covers 3 subjects in one. So, can you blame my agitation? And from what I heard, it’s freaking hard to score. And I believe that. Yet, here I am attempting to not be so stressed out.

I feel bloated. I don’t know why. I eat only one meal per day now because I’m bored of Shah Alam food. Nothing appeals to me anymore. Probably we’ve just had too many take outs this past 2 months. And final exams are not helping either. As far as I can remember, when we said our goodbyes before raya, we were all acting like it was the end. How deceitful. We’ve got 5 final papers, though they say Evidence is not examinable. To me it is at least.

And here I sit in Baiduri watching Mami turn into Siti Faizah, while I wait for my mind to clear so that I can finally sit down properly and get down to business.

Perhaps I should change my port. Pegi McD lah camni. Or somewhere else. I don’t know. I just want to do well tomorrow. And do well generally in all papers.

Oh, I’m just so freaking lost.

I feel like a yoyo.

October 18, 2007

burned out

Unlike the way I should be, I am totally and completely the opposite. I have a final test on Monday and I have yet to start on anything. Have I been enjoying Raya too much? Or am I entitled to enjoy Raya and that the rest of the batch is just like me? I doubt the latter part.

I just have to get started then, I’d probably be ok. I really, really want to get started but I feel so tired of books. I feel so tired of all this formal education. I feel so tired all I want to do is to sleep. And believe me when I say I am obsessed with the topic of sleep because this Raya, that has been all I have been doing; sleep.

I really have to go. I feel panic rising. I feel every little thing a person is not supposed to feel at this point in time. I have burnt out so bad now that I don’t really feel like reading anything. I am tired, but I’m trying not to be. I just want all this to end.

October 09, 2007

i love

It’s been too long since we had a decent meal together. The last I think was a quick buka puasa together, which we gobbled down quickly because we had to rush back to the office to finish off our SA. So, tonight really was great. Great company, great food, great laughs, great conversation. I just love these girls. They heal my bad days because, no matter how many new friends I make, I still run back to them for everything.

The food at Marche was great. Too bad I couldn’t eat as much as I wanted to. Actually I regret not eating more because right now, I’m kind of hungry. And now that I think of it, I really want those doughnuts. Probably I should take a drive there tomorrow so that I can have them for buka.

Btw, I’m at home right now and I’m kind of lonely. No one is at home other than my parents, K.Maya and the cats. But I’ve been away from home for so long now, that the cats no longer recognise me. But whatever it is, I’m just going to enjoy being the only child until Thursday comes.

And I really should sleep because I’ve got to get my baking done tomorrow.
Pictures just for fun. Everyone looks so happy. I like.

camwhoring in the lift
jaizah dan mamita

what would life be without them?
jaizah enjoying her coffee ( which i had more than 2 sips of =P )

miss batul

October 08, 2007


I’ve been up since 5. Okay, no, I’ve been up since 2 but only for a while because then I slept again until 5. I was so hungry I gobbled a bowlful of cereal, minus the milk. Had my second dose of Nescafe and I’ve been up since then. Convey test in approximately 4 hours and I can’t say for sure whether or not I am prepared. All I know is that I can’t wait to get over and done with it. And the Civil File; well, I’m sorry, but this is definitely the wrong time to give us any file to complete, so please excuse the quality of work; it won’t be good, trust me.

I don’t know where all this rebellion is coming from. It’s as if I’ve just lost interest in everything and the only thing on my mind right now is my home and also Raya cookies. That’s next on my to-do list.

I wish I had an oven here, and then I can bake my brownies and cakes; the only thing I seem to love.

I need a holiday. And I want to go on a holiday somewhere. And I want to do so, so badly that I’m willing to crush my piggy bank just so I can get away.

I haven’t had much of a life, I’ll have to admit. And I’m bound to not have any for a while until I finish off my Honours.

I don’t know what I want to do after this. It seems like I’m discouraged. Can I do something not legal-related, please? And can I not work with too many Malays please? No offence, but I have reasons of my own.

I can’t wait for Jessup Moots. Who knows, I might moot? Haha. Kesian Firm.

Never mind whatever. I should resume my reading. I really need to. Though the only thing on my mind right now are Cornflakes Cookies. Yum.

October 07, 2007


I’m currently obsessed with the topic of sleep. I don’t know why. I guess this is only normal considering the amount of DEPRIVATION I’ve had to endure this past semester. And I’m truly grateful that these last few days I have before Raya are happy days, as my firm mates seem to be in a more relaxed and cooperative mood. I’m glad issues are resolved.

CTA was great today. I never thought I was better at Cross Examination than at EIC. I always thought I’d do better with scripted questions. Apparently, I’m not at all bad at cross examining and also re-examining. And my team got to be Defence for the Mock Trial. I’m not sure if I’m relieved or not so happy. I guess I’m relieved I don’t have to think of the IPs and reports and stuff like that. The most I have to think of are the 2 witnesses I need to call for the Defence case. And not to forget that last 15 hours after the Prosecution’s case, where we’ll need to prepare the Defence’s submission. I guess I don’t really like the sound of no sleep, that’s all.

Other than that, I can’t wait for this week to end. I’ve got 2 more things to submit and off to Raya I am. I still don’t have to mood to complete my Pleadings. It doesn’t give me the kind of high Criminal Trial gives me. And I have to read up my Convey, of course.

So, my aim tonight; no games, no movies, and no dilly dally. I really need to get to work. On my Pleadings, especially. And for the record, she really did surprise me a little today. Though I am not thoroughly impressed, something definitely is better than nothing at all.

October 06, 2007

we want more

Yesterday was superb. I cannot remember having as much fun as I did last night. The company was superb; a bunch of nutty lawyers-to-be who were all looking for an avenue to release their stress. Really, it was a very nice picnic indeed. Although I did end up sweating like a pig, while eating like one too, I really did enjoy myself. I can’t help but smile at the silliness of the pictures we took last night. Some are here for you to view.

baru sampai nak makan

can't remember what we were laughing at

we love, love outings like this! yippee!

apa aku buat ni.

2 jejaka dan 4 wanita jelita kelas kami

berpeluh dan gembira kekenyangan

picture by Lee, before his battery went kapoot

anak siapa ni wei? hihihih

And to make things better, Monday is the last day of school. Yippee! Viva today was a great success. I couldn’t answer a few questions but I was told that our work was great work bar a few silly mistakes which were unavoidable. I can’t seem to get into the mood to complete my pleadings though I’d really like to do so very soon so that I can concentrate on reading for my Convey test on Monday.

I’ll just have to focus on my CTA first for now. let’s hope “Tracy Brittas” a.k.a. someone infamous for something we all seem to know , does not make a big fool out of herself and out of us all tomorrow.

Toodles for now. I wanna watch Runway Malaysia. I want more outings like this. I love.

our grand finale

October 05, 2007

so weird

I got half the day off today. And honestly, it feels good and not so good at the same time. I’m so, so used to a busy, hectic schedule that all this free time worries me. Or am I just being ungrateful? Well, anyhow, I got some sleep this afternoon. It’s been so long since I last got an afternoon nap, as in a real, proper one, where I didn’t have to sleep at my table in the office.
I’ve actually got loads of stuff to settle, despite having so much “free” time la sangat. There are still assignments to submit next week before we all go for our Raya holidays and I’m currently working on them.
Viva tomorrow and insya Allah I’ll be able to make up for all the lost marks in our submission.
Next up is my CTA examination of witnesses, which I think I’ve done enough for.
Pleadings to submit on Monday. Plus a test on the same day. Convey scares me, and for some unfathomable reason and I think a viva would serve me better than a test.
I am currently working on my anger as well, which is a good thing, I must say.
Picnic for buka today, and I am so, so excited.
I love seeing people getting married, it seems like it’s the absolute best thing to do. Atau saya dah gatal?
What on planet earth am I babbling about?
I really don’t know.
I miss Abdul. It’s been 30 months and 2 days. We are sooo oold. Haih..
I have tonnes of pictures to upload, but I don’t seem to have the patience. Nanti la yer.
For now, I want to think of what to treat my classmates to for buka.
Tomorrow, I’ll be able to fast again. Alhamdulillah, I will be able to enjoy and fully appreciate the last 10 days of puasa.
Okay. I’m off for now. Need to get Fai to pick me up to go to pasar malam in his red Ferrari… type, type, type and SMS… (ouh, he just told me to meet him there. Cheh. Malas nak drive ni… hmm)
Toodles everyone. It feels so weird to be free.

October 03, 2007

sikit saja lagi

I’m so tired, I don’t think any amount of sleep would be able to compensate the amount of sleep I’ve lost so far, and I don’t think any amount of sleep would be sufficient to constitute “recuperation”.

It’s the final week of Honours I and only Allah knows what I’ve been through. I have to admit that some parts of it were actually quite fun but towards the end, the tensions started to rise, on my part at least and especially on my part, and there was this point in time when I simply hated being part of this programme.

But then, most things are resolved already, and I hope that things get better eventually, after Raya ends. I can’t wait for Raya to come. I know for a fact that I might not be able to enjoy as much as I would like to since my exams would be right after Raya, and even after my Finals end, I still have the Mock Trial to think of. So, basically, although classes have basically ended already, there are still some things that need to be thought of before the semester really, really ends.

Actually, I’ve nothing much to write about. I probably had a lot of anger contained inside of me the past week, but I’m learning to take it by the horns and not let it consume me. I was getting thinner by the day due to immense stress and currently, I am on a mission to gain some weight before I go back for Raya.

And the workload; well, it’s still shite, as usual. I don’t think it will EVER end. Thank God I’ve learnt not to say, “the worst is over” because one work piles on top of the other after one submission is submitted. So, basically, stop wondering when in freaking hell I’m going to be free. Because I guess I won’t really ever be free. Except perhaps during my holidays.

That’s all for now. I have a bunch of Pleadings to complete and I am forbidden from sleeping because I definitely will not be able to wake up tomorrow morning, just like every other morning I have failed to resist the comfort of my bed.

p.s.: I’m obviously bored. I think it shows from my entry how bored I am and what a boring person I have now become. … haih… mengenang nasib setiap hari….

September 22, 2007


I have to stop being so angry. I really have to. To begin with, I’m not so sure what ‘m so mad about. I think it might be a result of accumulated anger that I have been safely containing for the past 10 weeks or so. Because truth to be told, I don’t think I’ve been this emotionally wrecked before. I don’t think I have been acting this way at all in the past 10 weeks at least, and my acting like this is affecting everything in my life.

I don’t know. It’s affecting my Ramadhan and I don’t like that at all. I don’t like waking up in the morning already swearing away at an anger that just wouldn’t go away. Perhaps it’s just a test to see if I can take control of that anger by the horns and not let it take over me.

But why does it have to be so hard? “… Nobody said it was easy…” fine, I know, I know. Nobody ever said that it was going to be easy. But no one ever said that it would be this hard. I’m not saying that what I’m going through is freaking, freaking tough to the point that I cannot handle. It’s just the fact that it’s making me emotionally tired that’s taxing.

I don’t know. I really don’t. I guess I’m lost for words already. I don’t have much to say. To begin with, I don’t have much of a life either. So, yeah. There goes. A mindless entry from a good girl gone bad. I miss the old me. I don’t want to be angry anymore :((

September 19, 2007

there goes

I’m seething and it’s only 6 in the morning. I’ve got so much anger I don’t even know where to channel it. I’m not even sure I can channel it. I’ve been saying so many harsh things of late. I’ve been acting tough. I’m tired. I give up trying to make people, people. That’s because they refuse to try to be useful people. Let’s say I’m surrounded by “dungus” who don’t work like I work, and who don’t think like I think.

And just in case you’re still wondering why Malays are still down low in the society, stop thinking and come here where I am. Then, you’ll see why Malays will never go anywhere; simply because all they know is how to be a clerk.

No offence to the good ones. But there are only a handful of those, who can really be relied on. The rest? Dream on! With their complacency, with their time wasting talking about crap, with their laziness, you can just dream on. They’re not getting anywhere. And even if they get anywhere, it would be at other people’s expense. That’s because that’s exactly what they do. They ride. That’s all they do. They don’t drive. And it’s not that they lack the drive. They just don’t. So, yeah, go figure dungu.

I’m at that stage when niceties don’t work with me anymore. Small talk isn’t a thing I want to be making. Work is all I am thinking about. And when I give out work, I expect it to be done. WELL. And when I delegate, I expect them to think like I think. But noo. All they’re ever going to say is that… “… ala.. dia SP bole la buat kerja cepat-cepat… sebab dia SP…” YOUR ASS DUNGU.

I’m human too. And guess what. My anger indicator has reached the danger zone. It’s going to take longer than long to cool down. So stop being a dungu. Because there goes my Ramadhan, thank you.

September 04, 2007

office politics

I can’t even start to describe how terrible I feel about this entire thing. I’ve never felt so lowly, not to mention cheap. I’ve never known myself to be the type of person who would buy herself out of something because I know I am the type who accepts her wrong, even if the mistake I made was due to sheer stupidity. And I have never known myself to be the type of person who would succumb to the kind of pressure I am now succumbing to; the type that gives the satisfaction to a particular type of “people” of knowing how freaking affected I am by them.

I hate Honours. I hate it because of the office politics. I hate it because my brain capacity is not put to good use. I hate it that my type of soft-skills will not get me through this extremely tough time. I hate it that this is the most crucial time of my life and that I need to surrender and compromise in areas in which I do not wish to do so. I simply hate the way things operate.

I know that probably a lot of people are clueless as to what I am babbling about. So, let me enlighten you. Have you ever been forced to go to an annual dinner? Have you ever been coerced to cooperate with a bunch of stuck up snobs who don’t give a damn who you are and think that the universe revolves around them, who expect everyone to pay to them an exorbitant amount? Have you ever been told in the rudest way possible that your attendance to a particular annual dinner would determine whether or not you would graduate?

Probably you all think that I’m exaggerating about the part where my non-attendance will affect the way in which I graduate. You probably think I’m making things up when I say that I most probably will fail a particular paper if I don’t go to this stupid annual dinner. But you probably don’t know what’s going on in the Faculty. You have no idea the extent to which some people would strive to get what they want because they are so used to getting what they want. And to top that, you have no idea what the people “upstairs” are capable of doing… things like failing students due to non-academic-related things, perhaps.

It sucks. It really does. These things give me unnecessary stress that I definitely do not need. Though I might not be in much of a financial problem as compared to some people whose problems are real, I know for a fact that the RM 85.00 that I have forked out to get myself out of failing a paper for non-academic reasons could be put to better use… like filling in my petrol, or buying myself a new cartridge, perhaps?

And the fact that I am so adamant about not going tells me something. I may not be the most superstitious person on planet earth and I normally don’t spot signs before something happens. But this particular event, I have doubts about a lot of things. Kalau ikut kata orang Melayu, “tak sedap hati”, macam tulah. I hate the fact that our money would be channeled into calling some Zouk DJ to host the “after-party” which I would not be staying for because that definitely is NOT my kind of thing. I think that if these people are so in need of entertainment as such, they should have a private party at a club where they would enjoy themselves without having to do so at the expense of other people.

Tak pernah fikir ke ha? If the police suddenly comes and raids the after-party? Have they never thought of the fact that people might abuse that particular time to use drugs and booze and stuff like that? Did it ever cross their minds the inappropriateness of such parties since the date of the dinner itself is just 3 days prior to Ramadhan?

I may not be the most pious person and I am definitely not one of those extreme conservatives. But hey, even I know my limits. Did it ever cross their minds, all of the things I mentioned above? Did it ever cross their minds to at least ask if we agreed to the things they had planned? I know that it’s virtually impossible to make everyone happy, but some courtesy of asking some other people’s opinion and consent would have been nice. So much for wanting to teach soft-skills. The organizers should look in the mirror and see what rude people they are before trying to preach to the rest of us about soft-skills.

It tires me just thinking about all of this. I hate all of this. I hate all of the politics. I hate it that the only way around the world is by using the root of all evil; MONEY. I hate it that I have surrendered though I very much wanted to hold on to the very last thread. I hate the fact that I made some petty, silly, technical mistakes, which actually does not amount to failing, but would result me in failing due to circumstances totally out of my control. I hate all of the things that are going on around me. Get me out of here.

September 03, 2007


It’s half past ten and I’m still lazing around in my PJs. Merdeka truly means a whole load of new things to me this year. I am a little bit disappointed that I did not see even a hint of fireworks since I slept like a baby that night; recuperating and getting all the much needed sleep I lost due to the hectic schedule the week before. It’s been a while since I last had the chance to laze around doing nothing like this. Note: I have tonnes of articles to read, but I decided to take a break for a while. It’s been a while since I last stayed put at home on a Sunday morning, not worrying about going to the office to complete this file or that file because I managed to do that yesterday.

I’d have to say that I would really like to propose to someone who would listen that every week be changed to a 4-day working week because it gives us all ample time to rest. I think I got as much sleep as I lost, in fact I got more. And I think that this 4-day a week working day gives me so much time to do all other chores other than studying or completing files. Even Mami is relaxing outside because we’ve got almost everything done and covered during the long weekend we got.

But tomorrow will come soon and I must admit how tempted I am to flee. It’s not that I’ve got problems with anyone in the Firm or Class or Batch. It’s just that sometimes I wish for things not to be routine all the time because it can get pretty sickening doing the same things over and over again. A break from the normal chain of events would be a treat indeed. Like a weekend off to PD at Nadd’s place would have been a great treat indeed. In fact the girls are there now probably jumping into the pool and soaking themselves until their skins shrivel, laughing like mad people. I could not join them due to obvious reasons. And I would have loved a weekend off at PD especially. That would have been a great Merdeka treat.

But I guess I’m wishing in vain. I guess I have to be content with a relaxing weekend such as this. I mean, this really is more than I could ever wish for, right? But I still wish every week were a 4-day working week. That would be extremely ideal…

September 01, 2007


Every single week, we all come back home for the weekend with the impression that the worst is over. Every. Single. Week. Every other weekend, we make plans of where to go; we make plans to hang out with friends, we make plans to meet up, we make plans to go home to our families, we make plans to eat at nice places because truly, we are all deprived of the best things in life. But every single weekend, we go back home deceived. We are so busy that we all don’t realize what a deceitful programme Honours really is. Or probably we are all in denial, thinking that things will eventually get better.

Whatever it is, I’m starting to think real hard about things. If I haven’t mentioned this anywhere earlier, I’m saying this now; I wouldn’t have thought that this is humanly possible to endure if no batch has ever passed this programme. If I’ve said it somewhere before, then, I must be repeating myself for the thousandth time.

I don’t know. I haven’t been home for at least 4 weeks now, and not because I don’t want to. It’s just that, I’ll get homesick once I’m there, making it harder and harder to leave. And making it harder and harder for me to endure each week. I can’t even talk to my mom now because I miss her so much.

I think they intentionally designed it to be this way so that we would persevere in the real world. (and just in case you're smirking, I knew this a long time ago. I'm just thinking aloud). At this point, I think no one can afford to break down and crack. The last thing we all should do to is to succumb under this pressing pressure. I guess I’m pep-talking myself.

I really should get back to work, as there are tonnes and tonnes of things undone.

“and I can’t explain why it’s not enough, coz I’d give it all to you… do you see how much I need you right now?”

August 27, 2007

instability strikes hard

There are a lot of things that I have never done during my BLS years that I have now learnt and picked up during my Honours. For example, reading for a test at the very last minute. My test is in approximately 12 hours and to be very honest, I’m almost coming to that point where I don’t really want to give a damn anymore. It’s just too taxing to think about, and I think that if I think any longer, I might just go crazy.

But being me, I know that I would at the very least flip thorough all the pages if not read through them thoroughly. I’m just learning the art of compromising. I don’t want to do each and every single thing too perfectly for fear that I might break down of stress. And at this point in time, stress really is the last thing I need.

I had quite a day today, actually. I actually wore something other than my pyjamas and black and white outfit due to certain occasions. Today was Batts brother’s wedding ceremony, and so it was fun to do something different and go someplace else other than the office. I also had the opportunity of brushing shoulders with YAA Richard Malajum, which was a superb experience. He really seems like a cool person, honest.

But today is coming to an end, and I don’t know how to boost my own morale to face the office tomorrow. I absolutely have no enthusiasm whatsoever. I think all of this is killing me softly.

Other than that, I’m feeling fine I guess. Everything’s good bar a few. I’ve nothing much to complain about other than the endless supply of workload. I think I need a long, hot bath and just to cry my eyeballs out for no reason. Probably then, I’d feel better. I also need a long hug, badly.

August 26, 2007

somebody hug me...

An outing with jantung hatiku; that’s what I needed to make me feel alive.

It’s been 7 long weeks and that means that I’ve won half the battle already. I know that counting the days will probably make time pass by slower, but really, I can’t wait for all of this to be over so that I can finally get a good, proper rest.

Actually, last weekend, I got my well-deserved rest. I really needed those long naps and unlimited consumption of food. And of course I was blessed with great company and endless laughter. So, l’m glad I took last weekend off.

But now that I’m back, I feel like I have second thoughts of what I’m currently doing. I don’t want to deny the fact that I have basically no other life, other than what I have at the office. I can never promise anyone for a date because I will never know what is around the corner. OU, which used to be my playground; I haven’t been to for a long, long time. I have cravings that have yet to be fulfilled. I have friends that I dearly miss and would really like to have a chat with. I have so many none work-related things that I would like to do but my weekends are robbed off me. My weekdays are stolen. My nights are occupied with piles of work and books. And the weekend off last week made me think of how much I really would like a normal life like I used to have.

But like my brother said just now, if I had any other option, he’d probably tell me to quit. But since I really have no other choice, I have to either toughen out through it, or quit and die and do nothing. So, really, I think I just have to toughen it out right now, right? I don’t know. I guess I really have won half the battle already since I have yet broken down due to anything work-related. But still.

Know what, I think I’ll just stop. There’s something on my mind which I’m not entitled to share. So I’ll leave this at this.

August 12, 2007

energizer bunny

For some reason, which still is very much unfathomable to me, the moot court gives me a sense peace. It could be because it is such a familiar place, that it gives me comfort in knowing that good things have happened in here and that great memories and everlasting friendships have been forged during the long hours we spent together in here earlier this year.

It’s going to be the 6th week into this programme next week and I’m not even sure I want to describe what it feels like. I don’t think I have much to complain about because everyone is getting the same amount of workload and the workload really is shite. It’s definitely more than anyone can handle, but we’re handling it anyways.

It’s not tough being a person people depend on. It’s not difficult being the person in charge when the rest of the group is cooperative and is the least of my problems. It’s just me. I’m afraid of not being able to do a good job out of all this. I keep on thinking on how to keep their morale boosted so that we won’t ever be too tired to do work together. I keep on thinking if there is any other way I can give them the freedom of thought; of how to think, but I can think of no other way because I just can’t think anymore.

I am known to at least a handful of people as the energizer bunny. I’ll be running up the long flight of stairs in the morning and still be doing the same at 6 o’clock and also at 10 o’clock when my classes have all finally come to an end. I try my best to keep and conserve all the good energy as much as possible.

But then again, even energizer bunnies run out of batteries sometimes, right? Sometimes, I feel like I just need a long, hot shower and a long nap during the weekend so that I can recharge and rejuvenate. Only that way will I be able to make the best of this brain that Allah has gracefully and unselfishly lent to me.

So, after 6 weeks of going through so many classes and files and book, and a whole load of stairs, tell me how else am I a supposed to keep up with my own pace, which I have set, and determined to maintain, and how am I supposed to boost the morale of my ever-helpful firm mates, when I, myself am losing it?

But I read somewhere, “…Allah will not give us something that we cannot handle…”
I plan to hold on to that.

July 16, 2007

the climb up

The first week has gone…
I don’t know how to describe what I feel because I honestly am I a daze. Classes have begun and I guess they’re all okay, but I feel a little bit lost because I don’t know how I’ll cope when the workload piles on and the tensions rise.
So far, everything has been going on just fine. I have very cooperative firm mates, which I am of course, extremely thankful for, and for now, I am content that I don’t have to deal with petty squabbles or internal problems.
I guess I’m just more worried of myself and the expectations I have of my own performance.
I intend to do well, no matter how tough it will be.
And I intend to do my best.
For now, it’s safe to say that the climb up to Level 7 is feeling shorter by the day. For now, that suffices to make me feel like I will survive.

July 07, 2007

it ends tonight

I just got back from a burger outing with my brother and dad. We always have these little outings when one of us is going off to campus. It’s been a superbly great holiday. Probably one of the best ones next to NZ. And it ends tonight. But today has been a great ending to a super long break and a great start to a super hellish semester.

I had been thinking about it for quite some time and I don’t know why. I mean, it came to a point, to this point of cannot tahan anymore. I don’t know why. It was never promoted or recommended to me, I just wanted to have it.

So, when I crave for something, I naturally called up my bingeing partner and she naturally agreed. Thank you, Nadd laling for accompanying me. Great company and great food make a good team indeed.

We talked and talked like we always do and Nadd looked lovely! I mean, really gorgeous! It’s been quite some time since I last saw her so excuse my enthusiasm. And the food was absolutely delicious. I mean, I could have had plain pancakes with maple syrup and I would have been happy enough. But you’ll never guess what I ordered so I’ll post pictures for you to see.

Our before and afters. Paddington’s House of Pancakes = Bliss.

Being the pig that I am, I gobbled everything up because I hadn’t eaten anything solid or substantial yet (unless of course you want to count Twiggies as solid, substantial food(?)). And I enjoyed every.single.bite. Every.Single.Bit. Am I repeating? Did I repeat that? Yes, I am and did because the food is just too good. I mean, no one can make me finish my food like Nadd can, that’s for sure, but the food was seriously good. And they’ve got like this really lengthy menu with pancakes from all over the world; it was hard to choose from to begin with. I wonder why they didn’t insert Malaysia’s lempeng, though… that would have been fun! Huhu. But anyways, I really had fun with Nadd today.

And later on in the evening, I went to OU to meet with my housemates. Then, we headed to The Curve too after OU. I can’t believe how much I miss them. We really are a silly, fun batch of people, really. They had dinner at my place tonight and we were talking and gossiping some more, like always. It was all in good fun.

my bro and I high on sugar

And now, I’m like high on sugar because I took some Milo with my burger. I can’t sleep though I need to get up really early tomorrow. I know I should get used to this (getting up early and everything), but I really don’t want to yet. I haven’t had enough rest! I’m still in holiday mode! But whatever my excuse is, I know it ends tonight and starts tomorrow. So be it. Let’s get this year over and done with, “Honourable” people! Let’s get this done and over with.