August 27, 2007

instability strikes hard

There are a lot of things that I have never done during my BLS years that I have now learnt and picked up during my Honours. For example, reading for a test at the very last minute. My test is in approximately 12 hours and to be very honest, I’m almost coming to that point where I don’t really want to give a damn anymore. It’s just too taxing to think about, and I think that if I think any longer, I might just go crazy.

But being me, I know that I would at the very least flip thorough all the pages if not read through them thoroughly. I’m just learning the art of compromising. I don’t want to do each and every single thing too perfectly for fear that I might break down of stress. And at this point in time, stress really is the last thing I need.

I had quite a day today, actually. I actually wore something other than my pyjamas and black and white outfit due to certain occasions. Today was Batts brother’s wedding ceremony, and so it was fun to do something different and go someplace else other than the office. I also had the opportunity of brushing shoulders with YAA Richard Malajum, which was a superb experience. He really seems like a cool person, honest.

But today is coming to an end, and I don’t know how to boost my own morale to face the office tomorrow. I absolutely have no enthusiasm whatsoever. I think all of this is killing me softly.

Other than that, I’m feeling fine I guess. Everything’s good bar a few. I’ve nothing much to complain about other than the endless supply of workload. I think I need a long, hot bath and just to cry my eyeballs out for no reason. Probably then, I’d feel better. I also need a long hug, badly.

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