February 29, 2012


“This is what intimacy does to us over time. That's what a long marriage can do: It causes us to inherit and trade each other's stories” - Elizabeth Gilbert

Well, fine, we've only been in this marriage for about a year. But we now have common friends whom we all get along with well and dandy and yes, we do trade each other's stories.

And because I sometimes read blogs from his laptop, he occasionally reads the same blogs too, though I know that for the life of him, he really cannot comprehend what it is that I find so interesting reading about other people's lives. He's more of the " I dig general info" kind of guy, by the way. Whereas, I am more of the "life and times" kind of person. The more personal the blog, the nicer.

But, well, still, since we share most things (and friends and blogs!) now, this is how some conversations on some days go -

"Love, sejak bila X dah tak pakai tudung? Kenapa dia dah tak pakai tudung?"

"Ermmm, I don't know, love."

"Love, sejak bila Y pakai tudung?"

"Ermmm, I tak tahu, love. Tapi bagus kan?"

But the most epic, recently (dengan penuh excited sekali!) -

"Eh, love! Proudduck dah nak kawen!"


(as if I didn't already know!)

Oh, God, suka gossip rupanya this man! Husband siapa la tu?

He's more of the the "I dig general info" type? So I thought. Hahaha.

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February 27, 2012

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

"Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo

Put 'em together and what have you got


That's just a short excerpt of my all time favourite song from one of my all time favourite Disney cartoons - Cinderella! That came from the scene where the fairy godmother magically "sewed" a new ballgown for Cinderella, after her dress, which was painstakingly sewn by mice, by the way, was torn by her stepmom and step sisters.

I can watch Cinderella again and again and again (which I did, even up until I went to high school and beyond) and still not get bored of it.

In fact, I can pretty much watch most (classic) Disney cartoons, Beauty and the Beast included, multiple times and just have so much fun! In fact, recently, when they advertised Beauty and the Beast in 3D, I found myself calling Adik up excitedly, telling her about it! Imagine, watching Beauty and the Beast while singing "Be Our Guest!" and an array of other catchy songs in 3D some more!

Okay, that was really the kid in me talking really fast, but DON'T CARE! I love Disney Classics! Love 'em with some major love!

Which is why the topic discussed on Fly.FM on last 2 Friday evenings really caught my attention - should we ban Disney Classics like Snow White, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and Little Red Riding Hood, amongst others because -

(a) Snow White teaches children that it is okay for a lady to stay in a house alone with 7 grown men;

(b) Goldilocks teaches us that it's okay to break into somebody else's house and eat their food; and

(c) Little Red Riding Hood is too gruesome because grandma wanted to eat her!


I mean, PLEASE! Come on. I think those born in the early '80s up until late '90s watched all these classics and WE TURNED OUT PRETTY OKAY didn't we?!

I honestly think that focus has been given to the wrong thing (as always). Tak pasal-pasal cartoon tak bersalah tu dipersalah.

There are multiple of other reasons why the moral compass of children these days have changed. There are social networks of all kinds and an array of things which are easily googlable. Children of the age of 3 can google things up themselves. They are so exposed these days and there's a thin line between wanting to protect your kid from too much information and not wanting them to be katak bawah tempurung at the same time.

Or, it could be a serious case of misinterpretation on the part of the parents/guardian. I've heard a parent once say that the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill is actually soft porn? Errr okay?

Whatever the case may be, it's difficult to control the flow of information and the misinterpretation which ensues because of misinformation.

But whatever the case, I honestly think that classic Disney cartoons (and nursery rhymes for the matter) should, at all cost, not be blamed.

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random moments

In life, there are random moments like these.

These moments when we feel like we've been reading someone like a book. So much so that we feel like we know them, though we don't. But we still feel some kind of connection, somehow.

And we find ourselves wondering - what the hell happened?

And realise that it really is none of our business.

So, the only thing left to do is to wish them well and have courage that they will take things better than we ever could. Simply because they can, no matter how they plan on doing it.

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February 22, 2012

curiousity in progress.

Week 34, and oh yes, I’m still at work! I’ve been getting a lot of queries as to when I’ll be leaving office and my answer so far has been, “Bila beranak lah!”. I don’t plan on taking leave any time earlier as my job doesn’t involve me going to court or outstation and my immediate boss is well aware of my due date, so she’s given me the greenlight to remind her to put me on “bed rest” when I hit the one month mark to my due date so that she won’t send me for meetings out of office, which would require me to drive or travel alone.

Having that settled makes me feel settled, so yes, I am still at work ;)

Meanwhile, I am trying my best to contribute to my team for as long as I could so that I won’t leave them with half-baked opinions or unfinished business. It’s good to know that my brain’s functioning quite well, still (despite nodding off to lalaland on occasions!) and that I could be of some use to the office.

But, I’ve been pretty quiet of late, haven’t I?

Truth is, these past couple of weekends have been quite eventful, what with make-up workshops and family functions and all! However, I’ve been extremely tired too. My weight gain and fatigue are finally catching up on me and I find that I have to (finally!) submit to not being as agile or energetic as before. My body’s telling me I need the break and the break is what I’m currently giving it.

So, no more late nights dedicated to update my blog so that I have some entries to auto-publish the next few days. Sometimes, I want to stay up a lil’ later, but well... if I can’t even get past putting one sock on before going to bed without panting (bending down is indeed a chore these days), I can pretty much kiss burning the midnight oil goodbye.


Well, anyways, these past few weeks, I’ve been getting some kind of revelation at work, actually. I read this lady’s blog (have always been a silent reader!) and I found myself second-guessing what it is that I want to do for the rest of my life – would I want to do what I’m doing now until the day I die (or asked to retire?) or do I have something else in mind.

After some soul-searching, I really don’t know. But I’m not that ashamed because I know of tons of people who don’t know as well. I have been thinking, if I were asked to choose to do something other than what I am doing, what would I do?

And to be honest, I am at a lost. I don’t know. Feels like I’ve been doing this thing I’ve been doing for ages now and though I sometimes get tired of it, I can’t say I don’t enjoy it either. I think I can safely say that some part of me tells me I have become indifferent.

And... well, I think that is the reason why I can’t seem to think of something else I might have the slightest passion in, which to a certain extent is quite worrying really. I can’t even say now that I want to bake or write or teach or make greeting cards more than whatever I’m doing right now, so yes, that is basically the degree of my indifference, if you must know.

Realising that I am “stuck” (at least for the moment) in a limbo, where I don’t know what it is I really want to do, I decided that I had better improve on my job. I can’t be doing my job simply because I need the money (no matter how important!) or simply because I want to please my boss; I need to do it because I know that I will come to a point where I would need some convincing that I myself, am satisfied.

Having said that, I have been trying to improve on my research skills. Have never really been good at it and of course, that is because I’ve never really been a fan. But more and more, I find myself respecting those in the research line because research not only requires patience, but also skill. And a curiousity that goes beyond curiousity.

I know for a fact that I have the patience, but the skill and curiousity? Most definitely not enough to make me sound (or even feel like the slightest bit!) more intelligent than my colleagues who are skillful researchers.

Basically, these past few days have been dedicated to making myself a better researcher and by that, I mean that I have been going to the library more to look for “better” sources instead of turning to Google because we all know that if I start Googling things, I’m just going to end up looking up for which potato is better for making potato salad and which website has the better recipe for making banana cake.

So, yes. That’s basically where I’ve been in a huge nutshell; around and pretty much in a very reflective mood.

And with that I end my wordy Wednesday entry! Have a great week everyone! And happy “researching”! Even if it means you are “researching” yourself (re: soul searching)!

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February 16, 2012

joke's on YOU, sistah!

Adik once told me a story about a bimbo, whose favourite colour is orange.

Apparently, he is one who loves the colour orange, yet strangely, owns no clothes (or anything for the matter) in orange.

Ironic. Because his favourite colour is orange and he is a bimbo. Oh, and he is not a typo, he is, in fact, a he.

So, anyways. During my Sentul Park Picnic, the girls organised some games and one of them was

"How well do you know the Mommy"?

Man, even I had a tough time answering those questions. When you're given about 10 minutes to narrow down all the things you like onto a piece of paper, it's actually really tough. Makes you feel like you don't know yourself at all, really.

But that really isn't my point.

My point is that one of the questions was - "What is Mommy's favourite colour?"

And so, I scribbled my favourite colour down.

When the pieces of paper came back, my husband's answer was "Turquoise", which isn't my favourite colour and I thought that he, of all people should know me better. Of course, I was about to feel upset until I discovered that they all answered either "Blue" or "Turquoise" because apparently, that was the impression they got (from my wardrobe, at least). 

Blue? Turquoise?

Ermm... my favourite colour is RED.

They all begged to differ because none of them and I mean NONE have seen me in red. I'm either in blue, turquoise or white. But I INSISTED that my favourite colour is red. I should, after all, know me best, right? I mean like, what if I have loads of red underwear? (which, I don't by the way. TMI, I know)

Errr... After that, my mind immediately drinfted to the He-Bimbo. I guess in this case, I'm the She-Bimbo?

Looks like the joke's on you, sistah. You love red and yet, you don't have anything in red? Ironic.

(after lil' boy is born, of course. and of course, I plan to get back to size 8)

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February 14, 2012

a letter from the heart.

I would have just updated my Twitter about this as this doesn't exactly need a whole blog post to it.


Old habits die hard and I have (yet again!) left my handphone somewhere on my bed, probably under the pillows before I left for work.

So, here I am without a handphone and without Twitter, so hello Blogger.

I just have this to say -

My baby loves to be massaged. Each time I need reassurance that he's okay, all I have to do is to massage my tummy a bit, and he'll respond. So maybe I'm imagining things, but believe me I can almost feel his contentment each time I usap my tummy.

And while I'm at it, I'll just say a few more things to my boy.

My Dear Lil' Boy,

Last night, as I lay in bed, I thought of how much longer it would be before I would get to see your face. Not just through ultrasound scans, but physically. I longed to hold you in my arms, to kiss you, cuddle you and to play with your tiny little feet.

Yes, I am crazy about your tiny little feet because most times, it's your tiny feet that I get to see and feel most. Sometimes, I know you're playing with your fingers too because they are oh-so-halus that each time you decide to tag at your cord, or scratch me, you make me want to pee! It's as if you actually enjoy hearing me squeal in geli-geli each time you korek-korek whatever it is inside my belly that you have regarded as your toy, for now.

I decided though, that as much as I couldn't wait to see you, I'd have to be patient and let nature take its course. You will know the right time to come out into the world and I sure do hope all the doa that I have been making for us all will be granted. There is nothing more I want in this world at this moment than a safe delivery and for both our health and happiness.

Actually, Mama just wants you to know that Mama is glad you're such a Mama's boy. Though Daddy seems to think you're "anak Daddy" because I have been eating mostly the food he loves throughout this pregnancy and of course, you really do have very long legs, I think you're more me than him. For one, you love the massages I give you, especially on your back. Just like Mama. I love massages too, you know. Always puts me to sleep.

Well, naturally, we're both fighting over who you're more likely to be like, seeing that you are, at this exact moment, our heart and soul. I don't think you'll ever understand our excitement and anticipation in meeting you. It seems to trump everything else, you're really literally all we think of everyday!

But like it or not, in that bandwagon of crazy moms out there, there I am - always afraid that you will never love me the same way I love you. You see, boy, unlike your Daddy who tells you on almost a daily basis that he loves you, I am not so overt with affection. In fact, sometimes, I talk to you with my heart, just hoping that you would be able to "hear" me somehow. On some rare occasions, I would sing to you songs like "Lagu 3 Kupang" or "Tepuk Amai-amai" because those songs amuse me. Yet, despite not telling you how much I love you, my heart is bursting with this love I cannot really explain. I guess you will never understand; no one ever will.

I know it's silly to hope that you'd know how much I love you without me telling you. Because if no one told me they loved me, I wouldn't know it either. Sometimes, it's just not enough to simply "show" because in the end, it's the words you say that matter.

And of course, unlike waiting for nature to take its course with your delivery, it's silly to just hope that you'd naturally love me as much as I love you, just because I am your mother; I'd have to be a great mom to you before you can ever regard me with that much love, right? I have seen enough to know that a mother cannot expect reciprocity from her child because that’s just the way of the world.

I have totally digressed from my original intention of writing this – which I am not quite sure what it is anymore. I just hope that when you grow older, you would not choose to love either one of us more, simply based on the fact that one of us is more overt with affection. In a nutshell, I hope that you would grow to love us both equally, despite our shortcomings. For now, I hope that you feel that silent love I am showering you, through my massages and (really bad) singing. It may not be enough for you and I know it but I’ll get around to telling you how much I love you more, okay?

But when and if we ever come to a point where you feel like I don’t love you, I hope you’d be smart enough to look me up on the internet, so that you can come across this letter from the heart from me to you, and come to the knowledge that I’ve never quite loved anyone like this before.

You can consider yourself an exception, because that’s really who you are.

I knew that I’d love you, but I wasn’t prepared for this much love. In fact, it’s kind of bursting in my heart, I’m starting to tear so I’d better stop.

Love, Mama

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February 12, 2012

12 02 12

At the point of time when I started writing this, there is approximately 45 minutes to go ‘til today ends. I don’t know what time it’s going to be before I’ll be done, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to post this by the time the clock strikes 12 a.m.

I used to be anal about dates. I always believed that a particular date and day came only once in a lifetime and if we let it pass without doing anything significant enough, we’re bound to regret letting it pass.

Then, adulthood came and it became increasingly difficult to think about doing something worthy of my memories on a nice or important date. So, I let myself believe that they no longer mattered.

But oh, they do. Nice and important dates do matter. Sometimes, people don’t get why we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and honestly, at times, I don’t get it too. But I’ve found myself being extremely saddened by letting a special day pass by when I know I should/could have done something happy or memorable, just to commemorate that day.

And today is one of those days when I felt determined. Because like it or not, today is a day with a beautiful date.

12 02 12.

And today is my birthday.


And the best thing about growing older is when your favourite people share it with you too.

Like how these people surprised me with a birthday party/baby shower at Ben’s KLCC today. I was really surprised, actually (although at some point, I was beginning to suspect something!) because today was supposed to be our (belated) secret santa gathering ONLY!

But I had so much fun, oh yes, I did. I loved everything from the venue to the games to the food to the presents I got! Let’s not get started on the company. That really goes without saying, right?

So, yes. I am glad that my favourite people made time to make today extra special for me, giving me more than what I aimed for.

Today is indeed a special day with a special date. And it was quite literally, beautiful.

I turn 27 today, and I am blessed with a crazy family, a loving husband, happy and thoughtful people surrounding me and a baby in my womb.

I really wouldn’t want it any other way.

Alhamdulillah for a great 12 02 12. Alhamdulillah for another year.

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February 11, 2012

Can’t look past these though!

Like I said before, I could ignore some things, but others... I just could not.

Like crazy hair-raising drivers, for example.

Man, the traffic in Penang was bad, even on a weekday! People drove like there were no lines on the road. It’s as if no one taught them at driving school that the signal exists for SOMETHING! And that break pedals are supposed to be pressed when you see like 2 cars in front of you starting to break! Not immediately when the person in front of you breaks! Urgh!

Of course, when it rained, it “jammed up” more than normal and made things even worse! So, yes, the whole time I was in Penang, I would look out the car window, and read the signboards or take photos of anything that caught my eye. Looking forward in the car just gave me heart palpitations!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the crazy traffic (and drivers!)

Parking at Tune Hotel

If, and this is only a big if, you’re planning to stay at Tune Hotel, you’ve got to get back by at least 10 p.m. They’ve only got like 20 parking bays available at the back of the hotel. Some of the reviewers said it’s free. Some said they were charged RM 5 per entry. So, if you leave and come back to the hotel like 3 times a day, you’ve got to pay RM15.

We were never charged when we were lucky to land ourselves a good (and legal) parking spot at Tune Hotel. So, we thanked our lucky stars everyday. That’s until we decided to go for the kill on our last night there, when we returned to the hotel at around midnight and the parking was full.

Having read up beforehand, we knew that there were parking bays available at New World Park (next to Tune Hotel) for a flat rate of RM10, if you were a Tune Hotel customer. That’s what we understood anyway.

Much to our surprise, the next morning, when we checked out, I had to pay almost RM 20 for parking! I almost hit the guy’s head because I thought he was trying to cheat me or something! Turns out that we just didn’t understand the system enough. But still. That really pissed me off. I could have bought us 2 packets of Nasi Kandar Beratuq with that money okay!

Other than that, the parking elsewhere was really cheap. Sometimes surprisingly cheap. Like 8 kupang (sen) or 6 kupang for an hour kind of cheap.

But really, these are just the 2 things I couldn’t look past because it pissed me off.

So, be read the parking rates properly and cast them in stone in your memories. I don’t think I can ever get over the fact that I had to pay RM20 for parking. Can you? Pscchhht. Hmmmph.And of course, beware of the drivers! They drive like crazy!

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Bubbles’ Awesome Aunties...

...booked his Mama for a picnic at Sentul Park on 7th February 2012.

As you would have guessed, Bubbles’ Mama jumped with joy (in her head!) because the last time she went to KL PAC for Hannah’s play, she didn’t bring Theodore along and didn’t even stay long enough to take that many photos or hang out, even.

So, this time around, Bubbles’ Mama made a point to lug around the camera and take as many photos as she possibly could.

It turns out that photos were not the only things she managed to get.


I feel so loved, so blessed and so lucky to have these girls in my life! They sure did make that day a special one for me! They woke up super early to prepare food for the picnic, baked yummy brownies, got me thoughtful (and ever so practical!) gifts, drove through crazy public holiday traffic, came together despite all odds, for my sake, pushed strollers past a rainy day, played games with me, took hundreds of photos with me, gave me loads of sloppy and sweaty hugs and kisses at the end of the day and made me laugh so hard!

It was a wonderfully organised picnic; special enough to make me feel loved, casual enough to prove how much of sisters we have become over the years.

Thank you for 14 years of friendship and for all your thoughts and well-wishes!

We really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts! We really, really do!

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take the backseat, and relax

To say that our trip to Penang was perfect would be an overstatement. It wasn’t. There are actually a lot of downs, if I were to list them down properly.

But subsequent to Perth, I promised myself that I would make every trip together more worthwhile because we would never know the next time we’ll get to travel again.

Travelling doesn’t come cheap, be it locally or internationally.

When travelling internationally, we learn to see the world through rose-tinted glasses and that’s only because we’ve paid so much for our airfares, lodging, food and each time we do/buy something, we begin converting the currency. So, we think that while we’re at it, we might as well make the most out of things, even if we’re not that impressed with what the international location’s got to offer.

I find that applying the same principle (and wearing those rose-tinted glasses!) while taking a holiday locally works the same wonders too. Like I mentioned before, travelling doesn’t come cheap. Even when you stay at a hotel, which offers rooms at dirt cheap prices. So, yes. That’s basically what I consciously did on this trip. I consciously thought of how wonderful the place I am at, and kept my mind fixated on that point. Well, except of course when the negative is a lil’ too overbearing.

It’s actually really nice travelling in Malaysia because Halal and cheap food are abundant. Man, my whole Penang trip (just in case you haven’t yet noticed!) was about food! The weather was real nasty on some days, I agree, but most times, it’s bearable. I’m afraid I’d sound snobbish if I admitted this, but I used to think that Malaysia was not as nice a place to take photos at, as other international locations I’ve been to. Simply because the skies weren’t as blue and the seas weren’t as clean.

But as I grew, I’ve learnt to look past all that. I learnt that if you can’t take a pretty picture of Penang skyline, while on Bukit Bendera because it was a tad hazy, take photos of multi-coloured binoculars , since that’s such a happy sight. It’s what we focus on that makes the memories we bring home beautiful.

People always say that the grass is greener on the other side, but who said that the greener the better?

So, yes, in a nutshell, I may have enjoyed my trip, simply because I chose to. And in all honesty, I’m glad my husband and I are on the same page when it comes to making the best out of things, even when there’s so little that we can make things of.

In other words, we’ve all just got to learn to put our hair down, sometimes. Take the backseat. And relax.

Phewww. I'll be planning our next trip, now ;)

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February 10, 2012

spoilt for choice.

Check-out time for Tune Hotel is at 11 a.m. Yeap, early right? But seeing that we had some “things” to attend to that morning, waking up and getting out early was the only option. We deposited our towels at the Lobby on the 2nd floor and off we went!

The “things” we had to attend to that morning was Taman Tun Sardon; a more “Malay” food haven.

Taman Tun Sardon is like a food court selling an array of food, especially during breakfast time. When they say you’d be spoilt for choice, they weren’t just saying. It’s true. You will be spoilt for choice.

I didn’t even know what I wanted to eat! If I could, I wanted to taste them ALL!

But of course, there’s only so much one can wish, right? I headed to the Sri Buana stall since so many people highly recommended the food there. My choice of breakfast? Bihun Sup. I don’t know what’s wrong with my tastebuds, but I thought it tasted a tad too sweet to me. But the sambal tasted good, though.

I did see some people carrying what looked a bit like nasi dagang, but I was told that that is nasi lemuni. Had I not been treated to the scrumptious Nasi Kandar Beratur the night before, I wouldn’t have had second thoughts about trying nasi lemuni. But I was still so full, so no rice for me.

Tried my husband’s roti boom, which I can’t remember at which stall he got, and THAT tasted amazing. In Putrajaya, there’s this place we call Mamak Kembar, where we frequent for yummy roti boom. Now, the one my husband bought was better than the one at Mamak Kembar. So, you can imagine how yum yum yum it is!

And that, ladies and gents, was the end of my gastronomic adventure. I realise that it sounds a lil’ bit anticlimactic, but that’s only because there’s only so much a girl can eat, even if she is supposedly “eating for 2”.

This trip has been fulfilling, not only literally to the tummy, but also for both our souls. We got our last kopek “us time” and I think we’re both readier now to be parents.We both felt completely satiated and ecstatic that we made the time to take this trip together. If you're wondering why it rained so heavily in KL last Friday evening, it's probably because we were "singing along" (more like croaking, really!) to all the "karaoke-worthy" Malay songs played on the few radio stations whose frequency managed to get through the radio. Despite the occasional bad weather, we were definitely both in good spirits!

The next time we go on a trip would will most definitely be with my lil’ boy! And though it’s daunting to just think of how that might turn out, I can’t help but get all excited!

It was a great 3-day 2-night getaway and this is exactly the kind of break that I’ve been needing a long, long time.


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going in for the kill.

Penang, as far as food is concerned, has always been synonymous to Nasi Kandar.

Most Penangites I know refuse to eat Nasi Kandar sold anywhere other than Penang. I always thought this to be an extreme case of “patriotism” and when my husband said the same when he moved to KL, I just thought him to be extremely mengada.

That was of course, until we went in for the kill.

Having researched places of interest (food places) before the trip (OCD much, I know), I found that Penangites didn’t eat at Line Clear and recommended Nasi Kandar Beratur (pronounced Beratoq!) instead. Nobody could find fault in Nasi Kandar Beratur. From the reviews, it seems like the food was freshly prepared and it was so fresh that the packets of Nasi Kandar couriered to Singapore would still be warm by the time it was received by the recipients! I don’t know how far the truth has been stretched on that point, but in a nutshell, it was really, really good it seems.

Naturally, I harped my husband about it. But since I don’t eat anything after 9 p.m. on most days, and Nasi Kandar Beratur shop only opens at 10 p.m. and that particular night, it was raining, I thought I’d give it a miss. But Mr. Husband had other ideas.

He parked the car by the roadside and told me to wait. The best thing about it being a rainy night is that there was hardly a queue. 5 people later, my husband gleefully came back to the car with this package.

Imagine the size of my eyes at that point in time. I was literally speechless. Didn’t know whether I should thank him or kill him! He was about to contribute the kilos I so didn’t want to put on anymore! But as the smell wafted in the car, I decided I’d wait before I killed him.

We reached the room and I unpacked the coveted package. More of that yummy smell. I tasted a bit first. Malu-malu kucing. And then, I ate some more and more and more. And the next thing I know, I was licking the rice off my fingers and licking the gravy off the packet, trying to see if there was anything left.

It was really, really good! I kid you not!

It’s really no wonder now why Penangites hardly eat Nasi Kandar other than in Penang, unless totally and completely desperate. If this is the standard of Nasi Kandar set by their state, it doesn’t come as a surprise to me anymore.


Of course, my husband’s life was spared that night.

I do hope he didn’t mind the smiling, snoring wife sleeping beside him that night.

How could I not smile (and snore) after all that scrumptious food, right? ;)

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February 09, 2012

as good as ever!

I haven’t heard of any Penangite who doesn’t know where this photo was taken at.

Once, I went to Penang for a friend’s wedding and posted a similar photo to this on Facebook and I immediately got comments from fellow Penangites who agreed that this must be one of the best edible things in the world, ever!

Oh, yes! This is the infamous cheese naan Kapitan. It tastes exactly the way it did a couple of years back and better! The taste lingered on my lips for hours and hours and hours! Even when I could no longer find space in my tummy, I stomached as much as I could because there is nothing quite like this cheese naan. Leaving leftovers would be such a waste and I didn’t even know the next time I would get to taste it!

My cheese naan bar has been raised (once again!) and I think it would be some time before I will actually eat any cheese naan sold here in KL.

Please do try this when in Penang.

The combination of this and Bukit Bendera saw me sleeping all evening long, though! So much for being “just pregnant, not invalid”, I was totally bummed out by the time 3 p.m. came. Of course, the rain “helped” alot as it made my snuggling under the covers so much more comfortable.

On the second night of our trip, since it rained, we didn’t do much apart from meet up with my husband’s old Penang friends (he used to work there for a couple of years) at Queensbay Mall.

But of course, that was before someone decided to "go for the kill" that night, making this trip the ULTIMATE gastronomic trip! More of that in the next post!

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February 08, 2012

up, up and away!

On my (very short) “must-go” list, Bukit Bendera was listed.

I can hear some people gasping and some of you might already be gaping right now. Please. Pick your jaw from the floor. I’m pregnant, not an invalid. And I guess being pregnant makes it all the more reason to give in to my “cravings”, right?

Bukit Bendera was what I wanted, Bukit Bendera is what was granted. Hahaha, I’m so mean.

The last time I was there must’ve been lightyears ago! I cannot really remember what the place looked like, but I know for a fact that the trains are not what they are now. Duh, of course! Please thank me for pointing out the obvious.

Since it was a weekday, getting a parking spot and queuing (if anyone can consider just one couple before us as a queue) was a breeze.

We waited for a while and then the train arrived.

Man, I was impressed! It looked like the monorail! Well, technically, it is a monorail! But what I wasn’t ready for was the tingling feeling I got in my feet as we ascended and the yo-yoing motion I experienced at the Midway Station. I was later told that the Midway Station used to be the place where we had to alight the train to change to another train to get to the top of Bukit Bendera. See? I can’t even remember these details from yesteryears, so it must have been before I developed a curiosity for details and enthusiasm for travel.

After 821 metres later (and lots of doa naik kenderaan. itulah berlagak lagi masa mula perjalanan), we finally arrived at the peak.

If I had to pick one word to describe it – BREATHTAKING!

loving the multi-coloured binoculars! pay RM1 and you get an amazing aerial view of Penang.

Oh, and did you know that descending Bukit Bendera felt very, very, very much like a roller coaster ride? Super laju, I tell you!

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In my mind...

... I am still able to play futsal, I am not kidding you. In fact, I have not unsubscribed myself from the Ampang Sports Planet mailing list because I so long to play futsal again.

... I am still very capable of doing some sort of lompat bintang. Biarlah bergegar bumi sekalipun.

... I am still very much capable of going up flights of stairs if I get bored of waiting for the elevator to arrive.

... I am still able to sleep well at night on my back.

... I am still very agile.

... I can go from one place/event to another in a day and not feel tired.

But wait... What’s this niggling backache?


... Why do I feel my hips swish-swishing against each other when I walk?

... Why do I wake up so suddenly in the middle of the night, totally out of breath, just because I am lying flat on my back?

... Why am I so drowsy?

... And why does everyone forbid me from jumping around?

Because believe it or not, people care for you, you dimwit. *internal monologue*

In my head, I am so many things, and yet, the reality is that physically, I am nothing that I am in my head. Confusing much?

You may perceive me as being in denial, and I don’t really mind if you do. I know for a fact that I am not in denial. Quite to the contrary, I am very aware of this whole pregnancy, and I am consciously trying not to leverage on being “disabled”.

But there’s only so much you can do when your body starts giving you signs that you are exhausting all your resources and that you need to preserve as much energy as you possibly could before your child comes.

I realise that it’s good to have a certain level of mental strength to keep me going from one day to another, but I guess it’s also better to finally give in to the fact that I need to slow down, physically.

I really need to slow down.

8 weeks to go and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.

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when on Transfer Rd.

Amongst other good food spots, which appeared on the GPS was Roti Canai Transfer Road. I am not kidding you. Even I was surprised that such things are recognised by the GPS. Determined, we stayed up after Subuh prayers in our quest for what Transfer Road potentially had to offer.

Donned in our yesterday’s clothes, and about 650 metres later, we finally arrived! Boy, am I glad I booked a hotel, which is so centrally located. Good food comes easy, and we didn’t even have to give up our parking spot! Oh yes! I walked!All 1.3 kilometres to and back.

Penang skyline in the wee hours of the morning. We were giggling like school kids when we saw people wearing Batik to work! Mentang-mentang kami tengah cuti! Hahaha.

My principle when eating out at a new place is simple – order the specialty. That way, you can gauge how good the others on the menu might be.

So, this is what we ordered. Roti kosong with sambal daging.

My verdict? A little too soggy for my liking, but it was still delish! The next time I go (chewwah, dah berangan nak pergi lagi), I will certainly try something less soggy. Like roti kosong without the gravy or better still, roti telur, which I heard is roti kosong served with a sunny side up. Not quite the roti telur we’re accustomed to, eh?

would you just look at that yummy foamy teh tarik! uuuu!

But the teh tarik? The BOMB, I tell you! Make no mistake about that. This I will drink again and again and again if I could!

And these are the humble premises on which the famous Roti Canai shop is located.

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