February 29, 2012


“This is what intimacy does to us over time. That's what a long marriage can do: It causes us to inherit and trade each other's stories” - Elizabeth Gilbert

Well, fine, we've only been in this marriage for about a year. But we now have common friends whom we all get along with well and dandy and yes, we do trade each other's stories.

And because I sometimes read blogs from his laptop, he occasionally reads the same blogs too, though I know that for the life of him, he really cannot comprehend what it is that I find so interesting reading about other people's lives. He's more of the " I dig general info" kind of guy, by the way. Whereas, I am more of the "life and times" kind of person. The more personal the blog, the nicer.

But, well, still, since we share most things (and friends and blogs!) now, this is how some conversations on some days go -

"Love, sejak bila X dah tak pakai tudung? Kenapa dia dah tak pakai tudung?"

"Ermmm, I don't know, love."

"Love, sejak bila Y pakai tudung?"

"Ermmm, I tak tahu, love. Tapi bagus kan?"

But the most epic, recently (dengan penuh excited sekali!) -

"Eh, love! Proudduck dah nak kawen!"


(as if I didn't already know!)

Oh, God, suka gossip rupanya this man! Husband siapa la tu?

He's more of the the "I dig general info" type? So I thought. Hahaha.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


me said...

I totally can relate to your story. Hehe and that last part, totally epic!

Haneesa said...

ahahha kannnn??? i was so shocked tak terkata. gelak guling-guling je when he said that last part. sumpah kelakar hehehehe

Helination said...

LOLLLL dlm diam diam can be mister 'melodi' gak encik abdul yea!

Hope ure doing well kakak, hang on there sweets! not long now :)

Haneesa said...

hahaha mister melodi ni kadang-kadang dia yang marah sy gossip tapi kadang-kadang dia pun naik sama :)

i'm doing good, alhamdulillah! about 4 weeks to go! scary but super excited all the same! :)