February 10, 2012

spoilt for choice.

Check-out time for Tune Hotel is at 11 a.m. Yeap, early right? But seeing that we had some “things” to attend to that morning, waking up and getting out early was the only option. We deposited our towels at the Lobby on the 2nd floor and off we went!

The “things” we had to attend to that morning was Taman Tun Sardon; a more “Malay” food haven.

Taman Tun Sardon is like a food court selling an array of food, especially during breakfast time. When they say you’d be spoilt for choice, they weren’t just saying. It’s true. You will be spoilt for choice.

I didn’t even know what I wanted to eat! If I could, I wanted to taste them ALL!

But of course, there’s only so much one can wish, right? I headed to the Sri Buana stall since so many people highly recommended the food there. My choice of breakfast? Bihun Sup. I don’t know what’s wrong with my tastebuds, but I thought it tasted a tad too sweet to me. But the sambal tasted good, though.

I did see some people carrying what looked a bit like nasi dagang, but I was told that that is nasi lemuni. Had I not been treated to the scrumptious Nasi Kandar Beratur the night before, I wouldn’t have had second thoughts about trying nasi lemuni. But I was still so full, so no rice for me.

Tried my husband’s roti boom, which I can’t remember at which stall he got, and THAT tasted amazing. In Putrajaya, there’s this place we call Mamak Kembar, where we frequent for yummy roti boom. Now, the one my husband bought was better than the one at Mamak Kembar. So, you can imagine how yum yum yum it is!

And that, ladies and gents, was the end of my gastronomic adventure. I realise that it sounds a lil’ bit anticlimactic, but that’s only because there’s only so much a girl can eat, even if she is supposedly “eating for 2”.

This trip has been fulfilling, not only literally to the tummy, but also for both our souls. We got our last kopek “us time” and I think we’re both readier now to be parents.We both felt completely satiated and ecstatic that we made the time to take this trip together. If you're wondering why it rained so heavily in KL last Friday evening, it's probably because we were "singing along" (more like croaking, really!) to all the "karaoke-worthy" Malay songs played on the few radio stations whose frequency managed to get through the radio. Despite the occasional bad weather, we were definitely both in good spirits!

The next time we go on a trip would will most definitely be with my lil’ boy! And though it’s daunting to just think of how that might turn out, I can’t help but get all excited!

It was a great 3-day 2-night getaway and this is exactly the kind of break that I’ve been needing a long, long time.


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