February 08, 2012

up, up and away!

On my (very short) “must-go” list, Bukit Bendera was listed.

I can hear some people gasping and some of you might already be gaping right now. Please. Pick your jaw from the floor. I’m pregnant, not an invalid. And I guess being pregnant makes it all the more reason to give in to my “cravings”, right?

Bukit Bendera was what I wanted, Bukit Bendera is what was granted. Hahaha, I’m so mean.

The last time I was there must’ve been lightyears ago! I cannot really remember what the place looked like, but I know for a fact that the trains are not what they are now. Duh, of course! Please thank me for pointing out the obvious.

Since it was a weekday, getting a parking spot and queuing (if anyone can consider just one couple before us as a queue) was a breeze.

We waited for a while and then the train arrived.

Man, I was impressed! It looked like the monorail! Well, technically, it is a monorail! But what I wasn’t ready for was the tingling feeling I got in my feet as we ascended and the yo-yoing motion I experienced at the Midway Station. I was later told that the Midway Station used to be the place where we had to alight the train to change to another train to get to the top of Bukit Bendera. See? I can’t even remember these details from yesteryears, so it must have been before I developed a curiosity for details and enthusiasm for travel.

After 821 metres later (and lots of doa naik kenderaan. itulah berlagak lagi masa mula perjalanan), we finally arrived at the peak.

If I had to pick one word to describe it – BREATHTAKING!

loving the multi-coloured binoculars! pay RM1 and you get an amazing aerial view of Penang.

Oh, and did you know that descending Bukit Bendera felt very, very, very much like a roller coaster ride? Super laju, I tell you!

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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