February 16, 2012

joke's on YOU, sistah!

Adik once told me a story about a bimbo, whose favourite colour is orange.

Apparently, he is one who loves the colour orange, yet strangely, owns no clothes (or anything for the matter) in orange.

Ironic. Because his favourite colour is orange and he is a bimbo. Oh, and he is not a typo, he is, in fact, a he.

So, anyways. During my Sentul Park Picnic, the girls organised some games and one of them was

"How well do you know the Mommy"?

Man, even I had a tough time answering those questions. When you're given about 10 minutes to narrow down all the things you like onto a piece of paper, it's actually really tough. Makes you feel like you don't know yourself at all, really.

But that really isn't my point.

My point is that one of the questions was - "What is Mommy's favourite colour?"

And so, I scribbled my favourite colour down.

When the pieces of paper came back, my husband's answer was "Turquoise", which isn't my favourite colour and I thought that he, of all people should know me better. Of course, I was about to feel upset until I discovered that they all answered either "Blue" or "Turquoise" because apparently, that was the impression they got (from my wardrobe, at least). 

Blue? Turquoise?

Ermm... my favourite colour is RED.

They all begged to differ because none of them and I mean NONE have seen me in red. I'm either in blue, turquoise or white. But I INSISTED that my favourite colour is red. I should, after all, know me best, right? I mean like, what if I have loads of red underwear? (which, I don't by the way. TMI, I know)

Errr... After that, my mind immediately drinfted to the He-Bimbo. I guess in this case, I'm the She-Bimbo?

Looks like the joke's on you, sistah. You love red and yet, you don't have anything in red? Ironic.

(after lil' boy is born, of course. and of course, I plan to get back to size 8)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


livingblossoms said...

Looks like I'm a she-bimbo too! My fav colour is pink but I just have one pink thing in my wardrobe (a sweater which i have never worn)..Most of my clothes are either purple or grey and most of my friends here swear grey is my life as they see me in grey all the time..lol! le sigh~

Haneesa said...

hahahah! yeays to us she-bimbos! :)

Dokter faRyn said...


if interested nak pakai premium beautiful post-partum let me know ya :)