January 24, 2011

some photos

Henna Art by Nafissa
Ring bought at Habib.

Bilik pengantin by Kak Shima

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they were inspired.

If you gave been an avid follower, you would know by now that I am picky where photographers are concerned. Yang lain-lain mungkin boleh compromise, but when it comes to the memories… hmm.. I don’t think so.

My history with photographers ni panjang ceritanya. Dipendekkan cerita, some time in April 2010, I shortlisted my choices to the following:

1. Photographer A
2. Locophotography
3. Fuzuri Design
4. Shafeex

Kenapa yang lain diberi nama tapi Photographer A has no name? Sebab I STRICTLY DO NO RECOMMEND.

Padahal, that was the one that I booked but decided to hold deposit first. Agaknya memang Allah nak tunjuk, so one day when I was bloghopping and doing more research on my wedding stuff, I came across another Bride’s blog and read about the terrible service that Photographer A ni kasi.

At first, I wanted to ignore sebab the chemistry was great with Photographer A plus the price memang more than reasonable. Tapi, setelah berfikir semasak-masaknya, I decided to not take the risk and canceled. Nasib baik cancel! My friend’s sister tak dapat album AND softcopy lagi. Padahal dah kahwin 5 months okay? Entah-entah dah ada anak pun tak tentu dapat lagi.

I didn’t choose any of the other 2 options (No. 2 and 3) above sebab mereka tak selalu update portfolio masa tu. So, although photos cantik and service bagus, that is one of the things that I cannot stand. I need to see their current work. Shafeex I didn't hire because with him, I hanya interested nak photobook dia (cantik gila!). After seeing the photobook, I knew that I had to have it, tapi tak cukup budget kalau nak tambah videographer and all. Tapi Shafeex, I highly recommend juga kalau you have enough budget.

Maka, bermulalah drama mencari photographer yang baru.

Luckily, my cousin got married some time in May. That’s when I met my Official Photographers. Actually, it all began because I also didn’t have a Videographer yet and at that point, I more or less made up my mind that I would hire their videographer team.

But consultation after consultation, I decided to hire Fotoeve Asia for both Videography and Photography services. It’s easy that way sebab they all come from the same team and so, kita dah sure that they would be able to work well with each other.

And when I tell you that this team is extremely accommodating, I kid you not!

Fotoeve Asia has a mix of all kinds of talents. Manager/Founder is good, patient and very customer oriented. Their photographers rajin fikir concept. They know good photography angles and they do ample research before attending your event. Trust me, untuk my post-wedding pun, they did research and siap ada concept proposal and whatnot. And I thought that we were going to ambil gambar suka-suka saja. And their editor is superb I tell you! Hands down tak ada benda lain nak cakap pasal their editor.

To me, there are a few things which are important where photography is concerned.

1. Gear.

Dulu, I was very snobbish. Since I use Nikon, I wanted only photographers yang guna Nikon. Tapi, don’t be a snob. Skills tu lagi penting dari gear. I learnt that albeit a bit too late. But having said that, I do still think that it’s good to know what kind of lenses they have. Like me, I don’t really like fisheye effect. But I love panoramic views and I love that place to look big. So, telephoto lens for me it is.

2. Album.

I am quite particular about what kind of paper they use. Glossy or matte or hot text. Because to me, that determines the lifespan of the photographs. Lagi satu, I do not fancy sticky albums, so ada a few very talented photographers yang hanya sediakan sticky albums which to me is a waste.

I am also very particular about photo selection. Sometimes, there are some quite good photos in raw yang cantik-cantik, tapi photographer tak masukkan dalam album. So, to me, the editor has got to find a balance between gambar-gambar pengantin saja and also gambar the rest of the family and surroundings, etc. Photo selection is very important!

3. Venue

Make sure your team is well-equipped with knowledge and skill in shooting at that particular venue. Mind you, some people are not used to shooting in yellow light conditions. Some people don’t have the gear. Make sure you get a team yang dah biasa buat events at that place your wedding is going to be. You might end up looking like a pumpkin kalau orang tak biasa. Or if your wedding is at night, make sure your team dah biasa shoot malam-malam. You are going to look at your photos forever, so it better be cantik, man.

4. Team

The team I chose has a huge team. Normally they don’t send the entire team tapi somehow, before the wedding, we’ve all become sort of friends jugaklah sebab selalu ada consultations and meet ups for contoh gambar and video that I like, so, they decided that the whole team will turun for my wedding, which I feel so honoured about up until now! These people really have great patience and great PR. With them, I am very, very frank. What I like and what I don’t like semua dah bagitau siap-siap. And so far, they have delivered very good results. For me, kalau buat baju semua, designer tu PR tak bagus, tak kisah (tak sangat la) as compared to photographers. Sebab you have to remember that you akan work with the photographers all day long, you’ve got to be comfortable with them vice versa.

All in all, I recommend this team. Price and all eloklah kalau tanya tuan punya company sendiri. It is not my place to negotiate for you or to reveal their pricetag. All I know is that if you have enough faith in people and inspire them enough, they will turn you into their inspiration and create a masterpiece out of their work.

What’s important is that kita sendiri kena baik and cakap elok-elok our requirements and insyaAllah, orang akan balas kita dengan perkara-perkara yang baik.

Siapa takda photographer lagi? Pergi hire Fotoeve sekarang sebab diorang ni terbaik. Memang terbaik. Kalau call Safa (founder) tell him I said “Hi!” Saya tak dapat commission, jangan risau. Ni memang promote secara rela ;)

Dah, dah. Pergi call Fotoeve sekarang. Sebab diorang memang best!

Okay, entry nanti lepas ni I'll update wedding photos.

from Safa's page
picture credits to uncle zai

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January 21, 2011

up until now I had sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness.

... but you are the only exception.

I highly recommend this team. Very accomodating. Excellent PR. Will write a full review of them soon.

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January 19, 2011


photo credits : Uncle Zai and his camera mahal (gila)
Was going through various albums. And saw this one. Oh, lovely memories. And mind you, we weren't acting/posing for this one. We just happened to be gazing, is all. Oh, lovely memories. ♥

Reviews will continue soon (hopefully).

Workload overload. I love my job. I love my job. I love my job. And I'm not being sarcastic. I really do! :)

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January 17, 2011

colour my cheeks pretty

Hal-hal make-up ni memang ada sedikit drama. I mean, siapa sangka, lagi 6 months to the wedding, semua and I mean SEMUA make-up artists dah kena book. Habis semua slot macam goreng pisang panas.

And here I thought I would wait until the engagement was done before I actually booked any of them.

Earlier on in 2010, I did a lot of research for the wedding. My research is sampai tahap biji mata sakit duduk depan computer punya kind. I was always finding the best bargains and always making sure that the things I pick are things that my parents would surely approve of. Walaupun benda-benda tu adalah self-funded.

I checked out Munie Ahmad and Nurin the most sebab untuk Nikah I was thinking, I should get a girl to make me pretty, sebab nanti nak make sure I go to the Masjid dalam keadaan berwudhu’.

Tapi seriously, nak book make-up artist untuk nikah memang drama sangat. When I first asked Eija, she told me that all her slots were taken untuk 01012011. As expected la of course, sebab I mean, it is a nice date. Siapa suruh pilih date nice sangat? Haha.

Tapi after negotiating with her and after I told her that my event would start at 10.30 and that she can start as early as she wants, she agreed. I paid the deposit, and wallah, the deal was done. Alhamdulillah. Dapat jugak girl untuk buat my make-up.

What I failed to remember is that bila tengah nervous tu toilet is my best friend and kadang-kadang keluar angin pun tak perasan. Nervous punya pasal. Wudhu’ pun entah ke mana. So much for insisting that I want a girl to make me up. Hahaha.

She came early on 01012011 and made me pretty, as you can see in her blog. Kalau ada smudge towards the end of the day – that is padan muka sendiri sebab I just can’t sit still and asyik nak garuk muka walaupun tak berapa nak gatal.

The hand bouquet tu pun, I purposely ordered from her. Sebab I was thinking, alang-alang dia nak datang and do my make up, might as well ask her to make my bouquet kan? At least I know that I can slash off 2 important things with the same person.

Cuma, I initially ordered for the arrangement to have blue hydrangeas. But the flowers didn’t make it and died before the morning. Jadi bridezilla di hari nikah sendiri pun takda gunanya, so I decided to not let it spoil my day ;)

All in all, I really recommend Eija. Sebab dia baik dan peramah dan best untuk borak masa tengah make-up. Terus click macam dah kawan lama. Hehe.

And make-up dia pun best sebab tak buat saya rupa macam orang lain. So, if you’re in for a natural look, look no further, because you already know who you should hire ;)

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the pinky girl.

Nikah Outfit

ah, those flared sleeves (right photo)! (photo credits)
So, why pink?

Well, to be very honest, I had a few colour options in my head prior to the Nikah. And pink wasn’t one of them. White wasn’t an option either because I knew that I wouldn’t know what to do with it afterwards.

images googled

Initially, I wanted my nikah outfit to be either kuning air or soft tiffany blue.

My mom and I went cloth hunting as early as April. Of course, we didn’t go KL but to Shah Alam instead. The only shops we actually considered was Nia Belina and Binwani’s at SACC Mall.

After going through cloth after cloth after cloth, I told my mom, “Let’s be practical.” I mean, look at what happened to my simple engagement outfit. As simple as it is, we’ve got to face the fact that I can only reuse it to functions like formal dinners or other people’s weddings. And even then, I can’t be wearing full lace to all weddings.

So, we roamed SACC Mall to look for alternatives.

We came across Qamilla Boutique and I fell in love with the outfit that the mannequin was wearing. It was plain and flowy and made of chiffon. It was white though so I prayed hard that they had the same outfit in other colours somewhere in the Boutique. So, I went through their racks and found the same outfit in kuning air, baby blue and one in soft pink.

Unfortunate for me, the one in kuning air was too big. In Qamilla, they only have like 2 of the same sizes, for each colour. The only one left for kuning air was XL.

I tried the blue one and decided that blue just isn’t my colour as much I wished it were.

TIP: Just because you think that you like the colour, it doesn’t always mean that that colour suits you. So, don’t be a bridezilla and get real! If the colour doesn’t suit you, get one which does.

Lastly, I tried the pink one. That was one of the 2 in my size.

At the time I was trying it on, for some reason, the Boutique was starting to get really busy. And for some reason, as I stepped out of the fitting room, all of them grew quiet and gaped at me.

Then, all those strangers got into an excited buzz and started telling me how pretty I looked and started asking me where I was planning to wear it to and whether I was going to wear it with a tudung (headscarf) and started giving me tips of all kinds.

While some of them got excited, I already saw at the corner of my eye that some customers were already aiming the dress I was wearing.

I had a few doubts as to whether or not I should get the dress, at first. So, I told my dad to look for a matching outfit for my husband (then still boyfriend). We found one in a softer pink shade also at Qamilla Boutique (which was just PERFECT!) and we told him to try it with the songket my mom had gotten earlier in Terengganu. It fitted him perfectly without any alterations.

After that, I didn’t have second thoughts about my outfit anymore. I just had to have it. Because I knew that if I put it back on the rack, I would probably never see it again if I came back later.

look at those pink pearls! sweet! (photo credits)

Yes, it is a little bit simple, I admit. But if I decided to spice it up, I knew that I could always send it for beading, which I did. Zaza (of beadmeplease) did a wonderful job of adding pink pearls to the existing beading on the outfit.

This is the only outfit I decided to keep. And I am glad it is in a shade of colour which I love and in a material which can be worn to anywhere and that it fit me perfectly with only minor alterations to the kain (too long for little miss shorty).

So, I managed to strike off one of the most important things for the Nikah very early in the preparation stage and as usual, it matters very little to me whether it is designer made or not, tailor made or off the rack. What’s important is that it works for me and Alhamdulillah, it worked very well for me.

For some reason, I just think that it was meant to be ;). If something feels right, just go for it. Tak payah pening-pening ;)

I wanted to link Qamilla Boutique, but they don't have a proper website. And I don't yet have a full photo of my nikah outfit. Will post it once I get it ;)

Tudung (Headscarf)

It was quite a hassle trying to look for a suitable tudung. I tried Ariani in KL but I'd have to be honest. I think that it is a tad bit overpriced plus they didn't have it in the colour I wanted. I tried Hajra at Section 7 Shah Alam, but I kept that one because it was too long plus the colour was a bit off. Then, one day, I brought Na (my 'lil cousin) to hunt for tudung and we roamed the entire Shah Alam (PKNS and the likes) and finally, I went back to where I started - Hajaba.

To me personally, the tudung at Hajaba fits my pipi bulat face perfectly and they are (so far) the only shop I know which sells that small inner (like the one I wore during the nikah). But, they have limited quantities and also limited colours so I consider myself very, very lucky to have managed to get one in the perfect shade.


Did I make my own? No I didn't. Of course, I got it from one of the first few Blogger Brides who inspired my colour selection. I do think that it's okay to rent, especially if you already know that you wouldn't know what to do with it afterwards. And I am so happy that although I didn't make my own, it fitted me perfectly and completed the whole look as if it came as a package. The owner of the veil looks really pretty in pictures and she's even prettier in real life. And trust me, you won't regret doing business with her ;)

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January 12, 2011

Nikah Venue, Catering and Deco

I have always wanted to have my Nikah at home.


But with such a small household and also a smaller house to pair with, I have to be very realistic about my dreams.

So, when Babah said that we would have it in the Mosque, I obliged. For me, there is no point in disagreeing unless I have very solid reasons (like I will be menstruating during that time or some other more logical reason other than “I want”) and unless I managed to get enough people involved in setting the place up.

So, Ghufran it is.

My parents frequent Masjid At-Taqwa for their Subuh and Kuliah, so it was a ‘lil bit of a surprise when they decided to choose Masjid al-Ghufran instead.

The reason is simple, really. Ghufran offers a more complete wedding package (with catering, dewan makan and all) and my parents are the type who don’t really like to deal with too many vendors for a particular event. I’d have to say that it was a ‘lil bit risky because we hardly had any idea about Ghufran’s caterers’ reputation.

But Babah said that there is only so much that we can control and that we had to put a ‘lil bit of faith in them. So, we did.

I love Ghufran’s interior and its yellow lighting. The table setting and also maintable deco wasn’t so bad and the food was actually good.

The only problem on that day is that the food came out a bit too late and the guests had to wait quite a bit, which to me was quite understandable because the Nikah was done so fast.

Imagine this –

The Nikah began at 10.45 a.m. sharp and by 11.15 a.m., we were all set and ready for Upacara Batal Air Sembahyang.

Yes, that’s how fast it was.

So, from the Caterers’ point of view, they didn’t expect things to be done before noon.

But of course, from my parents’ point of view, that made them look like really bad hosts.

I told them not to worry though, because I knew that everyone there understood that there is only so much they can control.

All in all, I wouldn’t exactly applaud Ghufran for their management, but I love the place and the food is very, very nice. To try the food out, you can do so at CafĂ© Ghufran which is situated a few floors below the Mosque itself.

The Deco there is superb and the skyline at night – BREATHTAKING!

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Nikah List

I don’t really know where to start with the whole wedding reviews. Where do I start?

Probably I will start off with the list. The basic list which I think every B2B with or without a blog would have stashed somewhere. This list is very essential because without it, you’d basically be grappling in the dark.

Solemnization list:

Date: 01 01 2011
Kursus Kahwin: Done in April
Legal Procedures: done 2 weeks prior to wedding (important procedure and borang for WPKL Brides)
Nikah Venue: Masjid Al-Ghufran, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Catering: Masjid Al-Ghufran, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Maintable deco: Masjid Al-Ghufran, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

Theme colours:
  • Bride and Groom – Soft pink
  • Family – shades of blue/turquoise

Photographers/Videographers: Fotoeve Asia
Wedding outfit: Qamilla Boutique, SACC Mall
Beading: Zaza Bead Me Please
Make-up: Eija
Favours: White box with pink ribbons (assorted nuts) + Yassin (all DIY by Mama, Busu, K.Shikin)
Hantaran: 7 berbalas 9
Cards: Design by Adik, printed at home
Hand bouquet: Eija
Hantaran Deco: K.Shikin

Okay, will review bit by bit by bit in a while. I haven't gotten photos from my OP yet, and since I can't access YouTube, it's a 'lil tough to link you to my Solemnization Video. Will do so soon okay.

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January 11, 2011

I’d go back to December

Dear Bride-to-Be’s,

This is going to be a ‘lil bit personal.

The following is something I wrote on 1 August 2010. It was about 2 weeks after I got engaged. Little did I know that I would one day look back at those words of caution and appreciate them with all my heart and feel a twinge of regret that I spoke too soon. Way too soon.

click for larger view.

My world basically came apart about 2 months prior to the events.

The details of whatever I went through prior to my wedding are not for public consumption, of course. But safe to say that with lots of do’a and a strong support system, you’d be able to stay safe and most importantly… sane.

I remained calm because of an extremely strong support system. And of course, having a very high pain threshold sort of does wonders as well.

All I can say is that sometimes, when preparing for the wedding, we lose sight of the bigger picture, which is the marriage itself. And no, we are not to blame for it. I used to think that B2Bs shouldn’t be too clouded; that they should know well enough how to demarcate the wedding preparations and the marriage itself.

But, after having gone through such experience myself, all I can say is that… you really can’t help it. You try and you end up being a monster. You try and you drive yourself crazy. You try and you drive your partner crazy (worst case).

You end up saying hurtful words to the people you love, your parents end up saying hurtful words to you. You pull faces and refuse to be happy. You make an issue out of everything. Everyone makes you an issue. And the vicious cycle continues and you can’t help it because Vicious is a strong, strong character.

If anyone reading is one who knows me personally and well enough, they would know that I am not that kind of person. In the words of an old friend, “Kakak is the least likely to be a Bridezilla me thinks”. I thought so too. And never in a million years did I think that I would be like what I was prior to the wedding.

To be honest, I had plans on how I wanted my December to be. I had plans on what I wanted to write a month prior to The Day and every single day leading to my Solemnization. I even anticipated my own feelings. I knew that I would be on cloud 9. I knew that that would be the happiest time of my life.

But actually, I thought I knew. God knows better. It knows BEST.

I was caught by surprise when I couldn’t write any of the things I planned on writing due to the surrounding circumstances. I was surprised when I couldn’t pen down anything. My mind went blank and my heart a ‘lil devoid of necessary emotion and full of unnecessary ones. I cried a whole lot and spent afternoons alone. I became an antisocial. I don’t know why.

I found that I had lost the drive to prepare for my wedding and with that came doubts as to whether I was really ready for the marriage itself. And that’s when the fights began because the Devil (or as Lynn said, “Setan Gemuk”) has managed to at least launch its only Agenda; to make sure that the honest union does not take place.

My advice is to be strong, hold on.

Yes, it is true that you can still turn back and change your mind the moment you have second thoughts about yourself and the person you are about to marry. But ask yourself, “Do I really want to let go of this thing I have waited for all my life?” Even when people tell you that you should walk away and that you should do this and should do that. Ask yourself that question again.

And when you don’t know the answer, Solat Hajat. Read the Quran. It is calming, trust me. Cry all you want and tell God all your insecurities. Believe in that “Bigger Person” when everyone else around you fails you.

I was so engrossed with my preparations and siap fikir how I would feel and what I wanted to do bagai ‘til I forgot that I also need to pray hard to that one and only God who will determine my happiness and sorrow. Turns out that the one thing I needed in the final month was faith. Faith in God - only that. And all I asked for was whatever is best for me.

Because like I said earlier, a marriage is like a gamble the result of which none of us know of.

Setelah selesai semuanya, you have no idea how relieved I feel. Doubts awal-awal tu semua pergi ke mana entah? Tak tahu lah. I don't even know how I managed to look the way I looked like during the Solemnization. Masa Reception tak payah cerita lah since I managed to get ample rest.

It's still a 'lil surreal. It's surreal but wonderful, nonetheless. I felt it the first time dia imamkan solat Maghrib sama-sama and when he said his prayers for the both of us. I don’t think I can trade that feeling with anything in this world.

Somehow, despite everything, I believe that being in a marriage is calming.

It’s settling and I’m settling down. Alhamdulillah.

Whatever your experience may be, cherish it. And like my brother said, "To learn, we must always look back, but at the same time, we should always move forward."

Remember that God will not give you what you cannot handle.

Love, Hanisa.

p.s.: reviews will come up soon. I just left my harddisk at home.

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the girls.


Now, these girls are in a different league of their own.

I’ve known them ever since they were 13 and we have gone through loads of ups and downs. Bergaduh, berlawan, jerit-jerit to and with each other tu tak payah cerita lah banyaknya. Itu perkara biasa.

But, like my mom said, no matter what happens, these girls will always be your sisters. And I have 157 sisters apart from my own ‘lil sister. Somehow, I’ve become closest to these few. Perhaps because they already knew that I would “disappear” after school and made sure that even if I did, I still existed in their lives, at least.

I was working on that day and planned on making a move the moment I could get out of the office. Because I had errands to run and had to run to Kajang to meet my Busu. I did run errands and did meet Busu and although I planned on leaving her house sooner, I couldn’t bring myself to leave her when she was so happily telling me stories and sharing books with me. The wonders of having an aunty young enough to be your sister. Heee

Tick tock, tick tock, I knew that at some point, I had to excuse myself, somehow.

When I finally pushed off from Kajang, it was probably close to 8 and we all planned on meeting at 8.30 p.m. latest, I think? Oh, no.

But I wasn’t going to go to OU in my work clothes, so I drove home, ran up to my room and changed and was soooo late that the girls had already began with starters and were starting on their meals! Sorrrryyyy!

So, we sat there, chit chatting about work, weddings, marriage, pregnancies and all the funny and serious stories we had to tell. By the end of the night, we were full, happy and high (with yummy brownies – will make sure I get the photo from Nem/Wunny soon as proof that I do eat all the fatty stuff because they thought I haven't been eating) and I couldn’t thank them enough for making time to celebrate the Bride-2-Be (ME!) despite their busy schedules and for waiting for me although I was running really late.

They prepared a ‘lil (big) handmade card for me and gave me a Samurai Sword (to ward off all evil).

It was such a short but sweet affair and we parted with loads of hugs and kisses and love that could last us a lifetime. Simplicity at its best :)

kakak s you all

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Eat Pray Love.

[Bila nak cerita pasal wedding ni? Sabar sikit]

And you thought my friends let the day end at Jentayu? No sirree.

At the point in time when they held my Party, I was going through a very, very rough patch in my life. Nothing was quite right with anything. Work-wise, family-wise, relationship-wise.

It’s as if everything I said and did didn’t do any good and I was up to no good. And it seemed like everything around me was up to no good as well. My best friends were sad and lonely songs and the only thing which could make me feel better was my faith that Allah had plans for me and that whatever they were; they are ones which are best for me.

I just had to learn to fathom the fact that some people (read: me) have it more difficult than some others.

And because my friends are awesome, they knew that. Even if I didn’t tell them or call them directly to tell them about anything, they knew that the only thing I had faith in at that point in time was God; hence the Eat Pray Love theme.

Give them something to plan and they’ll make sure you end up smiling when you sleep at night.


I went back in tears.

They brought me to Gardens, The Curve (which I am soooo glad of) because I knew that the food would be good and the portions aplenty (I was super famished after the spa session). Of course, who could ever beat the kind of company I was going to get. We had a full quorum that night. All of them made it. *super touched*

We first began with recitals. We were all given a lil’ gift each with words of love and wisdom and we each had to read it aloud to each other. Some of them were really touching; I wanted to cry (at that point already teary).

Then, after dinner, came the icing on the cake (at first literally) because they bought Cupcake Chic for me (siap bekalkan bawak balik lagi) and then, came the best part of that night.

I was left in tears for a long, long time. I was awestruck and speechless (which is rare for me) and I was basically choked up in my own tears.

What did I do to deserve such wonderful friends like them?

They prepared me a Book of Prayers (which I don’t have a proper photo of yet) where they compiled words of love, wisdom and well wishes of their own.

I couldn’t stop crying. Even when I thanked them, I couldn’t stop. I went back home that night and read and reread the book and I slept with a huge smile on my face and of course, happy tears. Who could ask for a better surprise?

And of course, I really couldn’t ask for better friends.

You really wouldn’t understand why such a little thing (the Book of Prayers) could touch my heart in such a huge way. But that’s probably because you aren’t close to me.

I love it that they took into account all the circumstances in my life at that point in time and still made sure I had a lovely day and an even better end to it.

Friends are family we choose for ourselves and I am more than glad that we crossed each others’ paths, chose each other and decided to stick to each other up ‘til this point in our lives.

I heart you all. You have no idea how much. Thank you so much for everything. Everything.

To many more good years together, insyaAllah :')

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January 04, 2011

round 2.

We were still in Pavilion after Kenko.

I knew that there was still every inch of possibility that they would take me for a karaoke session, which to be honest, freaked me out, I don’t know why. But of course, they weren’t that mean. Mamita told me countless times not to worry because they all wanted me to relax.

Right after Kenko, they took me to the movies.

But not just ANY movie okay. They went all the way to book us all Gold Class tickets at GSC! SWEET! I have never been there before and so, that was an extremely good experience for me. We watched Harry Potter and I have never loved the cinema as much as I did there before! It was as if I was in the comfort of my own room and I had enough leg room to stretch and to do whatever I wanted. Very, very, very nice indeed!

They were very secretive about our next destination and like I said before, I love to be surprised! They (well, Batul did) bribed me with Subway and told me to eat up. So, I tucked in as Mamita drove to our next destination and kept on talking about stuff until I realised that we were heading towards a familiar direction. Why are we heading towards home?

So, I took a wild guess and asked Mamita if we were going to The Curve. But before she could answer, she took a different turning and I didn’t know where we were anymore. But the next destination (although very secluded) got me jumping up and down in my seat. Eh? Ye, ye, tengah duduk pun boleh lompat-lompat ke? Boleh okay! Try me.

I was so excited and you should have seen the huge, huge grin on my face. I told Mamita that she had no idea how happy I was at that point. I cannot express my gratitude enough to you girls (+1 boy) for spoiling me!

We were at Jentayu Spa in Damansara.

As usual, review about the spa in a separate post okay?

Safe to say that I had the time of my life there. H.E.A.V.E.N.

These pictures say it all.

Thank you so much people! I really can't thank you enough!

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the office.

[ I'll begin my reviews with my Bachelorette Party :) ]

When I say that I have friends who I can trust my life with, I wasn’t just trying to flatter them silly, or trying to brag or trying to make myself feel better about my life.

I do have friends with whom I can trust my life with.

Oh yes, they are the most annoyingly efficient people in the world and yet, that is the very reason why I can safely say I can rely on them for almost everything.

A week plus before December 5th, Mamita booked me for that Sunday, knowing very well how difficult it could get for me to go out of the house at times, especially at times like these.

But whatever the case may be, I wasn’t ready to accept “no” for an answer. No sirree. Not for my own party.

And so, on the morning of 5th December, Mamita came over and picked me up to head to our first destination –



Hah! Gotcha. I bet you were guessing something else!

Of course, I didn’t mind at all. The smell of paper and that empty office somehow gave me a sense of peace of some sort, which was difficult to understand. And of course, it gave me a HUGE clue of where our real next destination would be. And so, the (real) next destination was of course, Pavilion.

Throughout the whole journey to her office and also in Pavilion itself, I played loads of guessing games with Mamita. But deep, deep down, I didn’t mind a surprise at all. In fact, I think I needed pleasant surprises MORE than anything. So, I let her take me wherever it was we were going.

That was until I saw Red Box and that’s when I began to freak out. I DO NOT KARAOKE. NO I DON’T.

But turns out that they planned a fish spa session for me instead! Yeyness! I love, love, love fish spas to bits! (that was until I saw how big the fish were at Kenko, that is). These are a few of my failed attempts to let the fish bite the mite off my feet. FAIL!

But once I got the (smaller) fish to be kind to me, here’s how relaxed I became.

And trust me, this was just the beginning of a great day.

Mamita dah tak fail. Tabikkkk! (Walaupun masih geli-geli)

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January 01, 2011

pantas dan mudah. Alhamdulillah.

Perjalanan ke hari perkahwinan bukan selalu mudah. Kadang kala rasa seperti hati patah, semangat putus dan tiada apa lagi yang kita boleh lakukan untuk membuatkan diri kita sendiri gembira.

Tapi, kawan saya kata, jika seseorang itu baik, Allah akan anugerahkan dia dengan perkara-perkara yang baik.

Memang kadang kala kita hanya ingat Allah pada waktu susah. Dan itulah sebabnya sesuatu yang baik itu tak selalunya mudah seperti yang kita inginkan. Supaya kita ingat bahawa ada sesuatu yang lebih berkuasa dari kita yang bakal menentukan.

Akan tetapi, jika sesuatu perkara itu sudah ditakdirkan, sesudah payah, pasti akan datangnya mudah.

Jodoh pertemuan di tangan Allah. Kita hanya boleh berusaha dan bertawakkal sesudah itu.

Dan berdoa semoga dilapangkan dada kita dan dipermudahkan segala urusan. Jika sesuatu itu baik untuk kita, ia pasti akan menjadi milik kita.

A marriage is a gamble. And like all forms of gambling, you don't really know if you're even going to recover what you have invested. But, if you don't try, you'd never know, would you? Even if you lose in the end, you'd probably still think it worth every penny spent because there is no substitute for experience.

sebelum bergerak ke Masjid Al-Ghufran

I was smiling but I told Mama that I'm scared.

our private joke at that time: "OMG AKAK, I HAVE A MARRIED SISTER!"


for eternity, insyaAllah.

relieved, Alhamdulillah.

Dengan sekali lafaz, saya telah menjadi isteri kepada Abdul Karim. Alhamdulillah. 

InsyaAllah, doakan kami sehingga ke akhir hayat and beyond. InsyaAllah. 

photo credits to various photographers. 

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