January 04, 2011

the office.

[ I'll begin my reviews with my Bachelorette Party :) ]

When I say that I have friends who I can trust my life with, I wasn’t just trying to flatter them silly, or trying to brag or trying to make myself feel better about my life.

I do have friends with whom I can trust my life with.

Oh yes, they are the most annoyingly efficient people in the world and yet, that is the very reason why I can safely say I can rely on them for almost everything.

A week plus before December 5th, Mamita booked me for that Sunday, knowing very well how difficult it could get for me to go out of the house at times, especially at times like these.

But whatever the case may be, I wasn’t ready to accept “no” for an answer. No sirree. Not for my own party.

And so, on the morning of 5th December, Mamita came over and picked me up to head to our first destination –



Hah! Gotcha. I bet you were guessing something else!

Of course, I didn’t mind at all. The smell of paper and that empty office somehow gave me a sense of peace of some sort, which was difficult to understand. And of course, it gave me a HUGE clue of where our real next destination would be. And so, the (real) next destination was of course, Pavilion.

Throughout the whole journey to her office and also in Pavilion itself, I played loads of guessing games with Mamita. But deep, deep down, I didn’t mind a surprise at all. In fact, I think I needed pleasant surprises MORE than anything. So, I let her take me wherever it was we were going.

That was until I saw Red Box and that’s when I began to freak out. I DO NOT KARAOKE. NO I DON’T.

But turns out that they planned a fish spa session for me instead! Yeyness! I love, love, love fish spas to bits! (that was until I saw how big the fish were at Kenko, that is). These are a few of my failed attempts to let the fish bite the mite off my feet. FAIL!

But once I got the (smaller) fish to be kind to me, here’s how relaxed I became.

And trust me, this was just the beginning of a great day.

Mamita dah tak fail. Tabikkkk! (Walaupun masih geli-geli)

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