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Happy Humpday

Throughout the whole journey to work today, I vowed to make today a better day.
So, the moment I arrived at my work station, I slapped on some lipstick just so I look a little better. And I decided -- that this little space of mine deserves some TLC -- and today, I decided that I deserve this *teenytiny* short break because it has been a rather long month or two or three (hehe) for me.
Truth is, despite my silence, I have been around, drafting drafts which never get posted, and thinking thoughts that never get written... or spoken. Most days on this page involves me simply staring at the blinking cursor, thinking about where or how to begin --  or if I even should. And obviously, that has resulted in the super long hiatus.
My days and months away have actually been more eventful than you think. 
In fact, I'd say that this year has been a year of major adjustments for me and my family.
I "suddenly" have a "baby" who turned 7 this year and all of a sudden, we…

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