August 28, 2014

Hanisa's INNOCENT breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, says everyone. 

And although I am not really a fan of breakfast, I'm now trying to pay heed to this piece of advice to avoid overeating during lunch, which I think has been the root of all evil to my "mysterious" weight gain. 

Please don't roll your eyes. I get enough of that from my husband. And despite all that, I'm still kind of obsessed with getting back my pre-marriage figure. *rolls eyes at myself*.

For a while (during Ramadan), I felt like my old self again. But as delusional as I am that I'd be able to maintain that kind of body without having to do much (just like old times, aahhh...), I knew that after I was done with puasa 6 (puasa 8 in my case)... I'd have a tough time resisting all the lemang and kuah kacang during open houses and open offices because surely, with everything being open, the only appropriate thing to do would be to open my mouth too, correct?


I started eating breakfast so that I won't be starving by the time lunch hour comes. 

I also started reading more health articles, which categorises my lifestyle as SEDENTARY, which I'm going to quit trying to change because I can't think of any solution that would work in everyone's favour for now.

And since my lifestyle is sedentary, I've decided to START COUNTING MY CALORIES, yey! (oh, yey?). For me to reach my goal weight (47kg BAHAHAHAHA), I can only consume 1000 calories per day (as set by myself)!

To track my progress, I downloaded a few apps on my phone. Problem is... these apps were not developed by locals, thus they (obviously) do not list the foods we Malaysians normally eat in the appropriate portion sizes. 

So, I kept one mobile app just to keep track of my daily food consumption (malas nak kira sendiri) and searched on the internet for the calories of the food and drinks that Malaysians normally consume. (click here for a start)

Since I now begin my day with breakfast (pats self on back)... that obviously became one of the first few things that I searched for. 

And? Surprise, surprise. 1/3 of my daily calorie allowance gone with this one INNOCENT meal - 

calorie count
Neslo (1 pack of Nescafe 3 in 1 with 3 spoons of milo) - 185 (like OHMYGOD kan?)
Gardenia wholemeal bread (2 pieces) - 146
Total - 331

Since nasi lemak telur mata is a staple for breakfast here in Malaysia and I obviously love it to the max, I looked it up too.

calorie count
Nasi lemak telur mata ayam - 669


Here's to sticking to my very innocent breakfast, I guess?


August 27, 2014

mamahood 101: get creative!

I don't think that kids are manipulative by nature, but I DO think that they're highly EXPERIMENTAL in which they live the first few years of their lives based on the concept of "cause and effect".

In that department, Luqman is of course, no exception. 

Where no danger is involved, I normally let him push the envelope a little further to let him see the whole consequence of his actions. 

But where his safety is at stake... I normally have to go to the extremes before he even gets to try his luck.

Yesterday, when I picked him up from school... he told me he wanted to sit in the "Kuski", which means that he didn't want to sit in his own carseat (yes, after all this while we're still struggling in this department). I didn't have the energy to negotiate plus it's actually a non-negotiable item in our list, especially when I'm travelling with him alone in the car. So, I told him that I wanted him to sit in his "Superboy Seat", which of course, he defiantly said NO to. 

He ran to the car thinking he beat me to it.

He touched the door to the front passenger seat...










Guess who was panicked by this?


(I'm so mean)
And when he finally touched the door to the rear passenger seat, where his Superboy Seat is... I pressed the other (correct) button to unlock the car. 

"Ha, baru betul..." said Luqman, who then unhesitatingly climbed into his carseat, ever willing to be strapped.

Phew! Lesson learnt! Mamahood 101 sangat!

Puts shades on, flips tudung.


August 26, 2014

each (wo)man for himself.

Recently, someone told me a story about a couple; husband and wife. 

One day, the husband told the wife that he wasn't pleased with the fact that she wasn't reciting the Quran as often as he'd like her to, so the wife told him that with all the office work and house work she had to deal with, she was trying the best that she could... 

She also humbly requested for him to remember her in his prayers and told him of her hopes of sharing his good deeds (pahala) so that she too could go to heaven. 

He wasn't too happy with the idea of sharing his pahala with his wife and told it straight to her face. To put it bluntly, her humble request was declined. 

At that point, I was flabbergasted. The only thing I managed to say was, "Seriously?"... while I thought of what I would do if I were to suffer the same fate, which to be honest... I have no idea. 

I know that this world is coming to an end, but I honestly didn't think we would all come to this end; where it's each man for himself, even between husband and wife? *gasp*

And in this case, I do think that the quote below is pretty apt -

"Some guys might think it’s a waste of their time to do these house chores. What about her time? Is your time more valuable than hers? If you think you’re tired, then what state do you think she’s in after she spent the whole day cleaning up the house and preparing the meals?

Don’t get me started on working wives. They do twice the work, with half the appreciation."

Source: Isnalanterns.

 So, to all brothers out there, if you're not willing to share your pahala with your wife, I beg you... let her spare some of her time to make pahala of her own. 

I hope to never encounter this kind of insolence ever in my life and hope that whatever time I expend in caring for my family would be able to carry me to even the lowest of heavens. 

And I definitely hope the same for all my sisters out there. 

August 22, 2014

welcome home.

About a month ago, I received a text during sahur about an aircraft. 

Since it was so early in the morning, the only thing that caught my eye was the number 7.

"It (370) has been found?", I remember asking my husband.

And we both rubbed our eyes again and saw that it was a different aircraft in the news. 

I remember how we both ate our sahur in silence. Could be because we were sleepy but for me at least... I couldn't fathom the whole situation. I never in a million years thought that Malaysia would become a "target" because as far as I know, we have no enemies. 

Or do we?

The weeks that ensued saw me reading each and every theory, news and article on the fallen MH17. And how they started recovering bodies from the site. And how they started the identification process. And how they arranged for the homecoming.

And today, they are finally home. 

None of us have ever imagined that this calamity would befallen such a small nation like us. 

And yes, the only certainty in life is death but I don't think any of us think that we would lose a family member THAT way. 

I think this year has been a tough year for Malaysia as a whole. And though I'm not superstitious, I do believe that we could all learn a thing or two out of these ordeals. 

Treat everyday like it's your last. 
Love like you can never love again tomorrow. 

Because you don't know if tomorrow never comes. 

Next thing we know, we're all headed for "home".


From Him we come, to Him we return.

Yang pasti itu Mati. 


August 12, 2014

be apart to stay together.

I don't know about other married women, but for me... having some time apart from my husband keeps me sane AND keeps us together. While some people love being attached at the hip, I do enjoy the occasional solitary drive, going to work at different offices in different cars, and of course, time off (physically) from being a couple. 

And since the last "time off" I had was some time in January (I think), I made sure that I gave ample advanced notice about this time's time off so that everyone would be able to plan their time around me, for once. 

Plus, since these "time offs" come far and few in between, I made sure to choose the time off well.

And I chose to spend time with them; my sisters from another mother at a venue just 3 minutes from home - Maritime Club Putrajaya. Bahahahahaahhaha! But, still, 3 minutes away from home for half a day really made me happy!

8 of us came, which to me is no small feat considering the fact that the venue is in Putrajaya (where nobody wants to come to sobs), but these amazing girls came! Alhamdulillah. 8 TAPI meriah, hurrah! Pic Credits to Ayeem for this one.

One of the games we played on that day is one of my own creation. I call it Nipple Confusion.  

What you need? Your kid's bottles (of all kinds. I had Medela, Mom's Little One's, Pigeon, Anakku, Avent, Tommee Tippee, Tollyjoy), kitchen roll, marker pen and some tape.  

Method: Wrap the bottles in kitchen roll, and try as best as you can to cover the bottles so that no one can see which brand is which. Mix the bottle caps around if they fit. Mark the bottles with numbers or alphabets. Give some clue to the name of the bottles used. And prepare the game sheet as in the second picture.

Rules:  The bottle caps cannot be opened. And Googling is allowed. The one with the most correct answers will be crowned the winner! One of the girls got all correct, okay! And she's the one without a kid! Goes to show how much you get from extensive research. With this game... the girls got some education as to what nipple confusion (really) is and why it's important to know the different types of bottles. Trust the lawyer to come up with games. Bahahahaa. Oh by the way, pic credits to Ayeem for the second pic.

You know how first time moms tend to overbuy everything? Well, yes, I was one of those moms too. In fact, I sometimes still overdo everything, like packing Luqman's clothes for instance, but it doesn't matter (I think). Have extras, give them away. I still had these small sized diapers (still in good condition, of course. I checked), which I have been meaning to give away. But every time I go and visit a newborn, I forget the diapers!

On Sunday, I was determined to give them to my good friend Aleng for her baby. And what better way to give them away other than through a game! This isn't a novel game and you can find ideas on how to play everywhere on Pinterest. You just need a pack of diapers, marker pens or sharpies, some crazy friends and a fancy box to give them away!

Once I told the girls that they can Google for ideas, everyone went crazy with the messages! Some of them sweet and some of them really, really funny, okay!

At the end of the day, everyone had loads of fun and really enjoyed their Sunday.

Here's to hoping for a save delivery and recovery for the mommy-to-be and that a healthy baby will be born. In sha Allah.

May Allah bless.

Oh, by the way, I do believe that even with friends, you do need some time apart to stay together. In fact, I believe that the measure of a good friend is not how often you meet up, but rather how seamlessly you get along when you do see each other even after a long time apart.

Semoga kita terus menjadi kawan sampai tua bangka, okay girls!

August 06, 2014


I've never really minded milestones or unlocking of achievements where my child is concerned, so long as he is healthy and growing wonderfully, and with that, I try my best not to compare him with children of his age. 

But sometimes, I DO worry because after all, I am all in all a mother. 

Sometimes, I talk to other parents about my concerns and then they tell me to ask Luqman about those concerns since we're close and that means that he would gladly open up if I asked. 

I then say my thanks to those other parents and part with them even more worried than I was before because when I do ask Luqman things like "How was school?" or "Luqman buat apa hari ni?" or "Ada orang pukul/gigit/cubit tak hari ni?", he still replies with gibberish (at least to my ears...). 

And then I start wondering if there's something wrong with him since he can't really answer any of my questions coherently and whether he has a speech problem or whether he is behind his peers in certain areas...

So much for not worrying and not comparing, eh?

But this Raya... Masya Allah, banyaknya dia cakap!

As of today, Luqman can say, among other things - 

"Eh, apa tu ni?"
(curious about everything and confused whether to ask tu or ni! hahahaha...)

  "Ala, Mama, pis (please) la!!!"
(when I refuse to let him nurse from me (yes, he's still on the B!)...)

"EH, INI UMAN KUNYA (punya)!!!"
(when anybody tries to touch whatever it is he deems as his!)

and the latest revelation which happened just last weekend...

I was shopping for groceries and Luqman was really thirsty so my husband bought him (and himself) some juice. 

In the car, Luqman was devouring the juice with all his heart when my husband asked for some juice from him. Reluctant at first (obviously "eh, ini Uman kunya" came into the picture) he finally relented when Daddy said please.

My husband then said,

"Ala, dah nak habis dah? Tak ajak Daddy minum pun!"

To which Luqman replied,

"Ada satu lagi.",

dengan muka dan tone suara seposen.

He must have seen the other box of juice my husband bought and assumed that it was his as well, but "ada satu lagi???". SIAPA AJAR DIA NI! HAHAHAHAHA. 

Anak, oh anak! You are so worth it. Alhamdulillah.

(clearly, whatever he was talking about before was gibberish only to my ears. from whatever little experience I have, if you want to improve your child's ability in speech, please do talk to him/her (not in pelat language ye please!) even if their replies are non-coherent. in time, it will pay off, in sha Allah!)


August 04, 2014

budaya menunggu...

Menunggu apa? 

Menunggu open house baru nak pergi melawat.

I don't know when this culture began but has for some reason become a well-accepted one. 

This year, I was all set on changing that culture and practice. I believe that you shouldn't wait for invitations for houses to be "open". It's Raya so houses should be open all the time (with certain limitations, of course). As it is, our time with family is now limited to only weekends and festivities and now this; having to wait until you're invited to go to some aunt's our uncle's or relative's house before you can actually visit? 

Absurd, I say!

So this year, at every opportunity I got, I visited friends and families alike. Not exactly easy with an overly active toddler in hand, whose timing and mood is pretty unpredictable most of the time, but do-able all the same.

And with that, this year's Raya has become one of the most enjoyable ones I've had in the longest time (actually since I started to not get the green sampuls for myself, boohoo!). 

But in all seriousness, there's just something about visiting some other person's house (not during an open house), which promotes a certain closeness and forges a bond between the guest and host. 

When you visit a person or family (not during an open house), they are in their (for lack of better word) "rawest" form; they are probably in their casual clothes and they'll probably serve whatever it is they were planning to have for dinner or tea or lunch. And frankly, for the one visiting, it doesn't really matter (for me at least) because the whole point of the visit was to keep in touch, to inquire about each others' well being, to catch up and to make sure that silaturrahim tidak terputus. 

So, go! 

Visit your aunts and uncles and relatives and friends. Be mindful of your manners, never overstay your welcome and always be sure to be grateful for their efforts in trying to make you feel at home.  

Likewise, open up your houses to children. Let your relatives and neighbours come over. Get the satisfaction of seeing them sprawled on your living room carpet after a lovely homemade meal that you cooked, biarlah ikan goreng dan sayur rebus sahaja sekalipun. 

And pray and hope that in the event we predecease our husband and children, they would have more than just their family members' houses to call a place their home.

August 02, 2014

1435, Syawal

Hello, August.

Sedar tak sedar, kan? Time sure does fly. Phew!

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone out there! Maaf zahir dan batin. Kosong-kosong okay?

How's it been for everyone? 

For us, it's been very low key and simple.

First day of Raya in Melaka this year and it was full quorum at Mak's house so although low key, it was plenty meriah!

No doubt I was sad that Ramadan passed by so fast, but having a child of my own has definitely tipped the scales on the "Excitement Scale" of Raya, especially so this year. Luqman is now at that age where he's able to comprehend most things and he's quite receptive towards our emotions so we're always trying our best to make sure we're happy all the time to give Luqman the spillover effect of our happiness. 

Seems to be working, so I think it's kind of safe to say that we're having quite the time of our lives so far. 


When people say that "rezeki bertambah bila kahwin", I always agree. No doubt there were times that even we faced financial crises of our own, but I always remind myself that rezeki doesn't always come in monetary form.

For me, among the "rezeki" Allah gave me when I married my husband is that I got myself a new set of grandparents.

Lain tau ada atuk and nenek ni. After my Atuk's passing, my family has been very different. We are no longer stuck to each other like superglue and we've just lost reason to meet up because I guess it's easier to plan our ways separately these days? Plus, everyone's been superbly busy, so it's been really difficult for us to get together. *Sigh*

So, when I married my husband, maka merasa lah dapat atuk and nenek semula and duduk rumah kampung dan berebut siapa dapat mandi dulu all over again, which is awesome! The fact that nenek is a great cook and spoils me (and everybody else) with endless supply of food all day long, every day while we were there is a huge, huge bonus too!

Serious berbeza perasaan tu bila beraya dekat kampung. And amat berbeza perasaan itu bila ada orang tua yang manjakan kita tahap tak ingat dunia.

Dengan itu, tak pastilah how many kilos have been added to my weight as good food has been very hard to resist!


City Boy meets Kampung.

Since Luqman is in that curious and inquisitorial stage of his life, the kampung experience was a timely one for him. Every day, he would look out the door and stare in amazement at the chickens nenek rears in her lawn. And then, he would mock the chicken and tell me to chase after them just to see them "fly".

Since he's always on the go, his appetite improved immensely too, which is good news for us!  

The only bad news for this Raya is that...

We don't have a decent family photo.

Which if you've read my previous post, you'd know why.

*Sigh* Penat Mama cari sampin cantik dan alter untuk kamu, tahu!

This year, I've clearly failed! Tahun depan berbeza, in sha Allah!

closest to decent that we have.


Well, anyways, with only 2 days left til my Raya leave ends, I'm going to get going now because there's just so little time, so much to do!

Selamat Hari Raya to all out there! I hope you're all having loads of fun too!