August 02, 2014

1435, Syawal

Hello, August.

Sedar tak sedar, kan? Time sure does fly. Phew!

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone out there! Maaf zahir dan batin. Kosong-kosong okay?

How's it been for everyone? 

For us, it's been very low key and simple.

First day of Raya in Melaka this year and it was full quorum at Mak's house so although low key, it was plenty meriah!

No doubt I was sad that Ramadan passed by so fast, but having a child of my own has definitely tipped the scales on the "Excitement Scale" of Raya, especially so this year. Luqman is now at that age where he's able to comprehend most things and he's quite receptive towards our emotions so we're always trying our best to make sure we're happy all the time to give Luqman the spillover effect of our happiness. 

Seems to be working, so I think it's kind of safe to say that we're having quite the time of our lives so far. 


When people say that "rezeki bertambah bila kahwin", I always agree. No doubt there were times that even we faced financial crises of our own, but I always remind myself that rezeki doesn't always come in monetary form.

For me, among the "rezeki" Allah gave me when I married my husband is that I got myself a new set of grandparents.

Lain tau ada atuk and nenek ni. After my Atuk's passing, my family has been very different. We are no longer stuck to each other like superglue and we've just lost reason to meet up because I guess it's easier to plan our ways separately these days? Plus, everyone's been superbly busy, so it's been really difficult for us to get together. *Sigh*

So, when I married my husband, maka merasa lah dapat atuk and nenek semula and duduk rumah kampung dan berebut siapa dapat mandi dulu all over again, which is awesome! The fact that nenek is a great cook and spoils me (and everybody else) with endless supply of food all day long, every day while we were there is a huge, huge bonus too!

Serious berbeza perasaan tu bila beraya dekat kampung. And amat berbeza perasaan itu bila ada orang tua yang manjakan kita tahap tak ingat dunia.

Dengan itu, tak pastilah how many kilos have been added to my weight as good food has been very hard to resist!


City Boy meets Kampung.

Since Luqman is in that curious and inquisitorial stage of his life, the kampung experience was a timely one for him. Every day, he would look out the door and stare in amazement at the chickens nenek rears in her lawn. And then, he would mock the chicken and tell me to chase after them just to see them "fly".

Since he's always on the go, his appetite improved immensely too, which is good news for us!  

The only bad news for this Raya is that...

We don't have a decent family photo.

Which if you've read my previous post, you'd know why.

*Sigh* Penat Mama cari sampin cantik dan alter untuk kamu, tahu!

This year, I've clearly failed! Tahun depan berbeza, in sha Allah!

closest to decent that we have.


Well, anyways, with only 2 days left til my Raya leave ends, I'm going to get going now because there's just so little time, so much to do!

Selamat Hari Raya to all out there! I hope you're all having loads of fun too!

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