August 06, 2014


I've never really minded milestones or unlocking of achievements where my child is concerned, so long as he is healthy and growing wonderfully, and with that, I try my best not to compare him with children of his age. 

But sometimes, I DO worry because after all, I am all in all a mother. 

Sometimes, I talk to other parents about my concerns and then they tell me to ask Luqman about those concerns since we're close and that means that he would gladly open up if I asked. 

I then say my thanks to those other parents and part with them even more worried than I was before because when I do ask Luqman things like "How was school?" or "Luqman buat apa hari ni?" or "Ada orang pukul/gigit/cubit tak hari ni?", he still replies with gibberish (at least to my ears...). 

And then I start wondering if there's something wrong with him since he can't really answer any of my questions coherently and whether he has a speech problem or whether he is behind his peers in certain areas...

So much for not worrying and not comparing, eh?

But this Raya... Masya Allah, banyaknya dia cakap!

As of today, Luqman can say, among other things - 

"Eh, apa tu ni?"
(curious about everything and confused whether to ask tu or ni! hahahaha...)

  "Ala, Mama, pis (please) la!!!"
(when I refuse to let him nurse from me (yes, he's still on the B!)...)

"EH, INI UMAN KUNYA (punya)!!!"
(when anybody tries to touch whatever it is he deems as his!)

and the latest revelation which happened just last weekend...

I was shopping for groceries and Luqman was really thirsty so my husband bought him (and himself) some juice. 

In the car, Luqman was devouring the juice with all his heart when my husband asked for some juice from him. Reluctant at first (obviously "eh, ini Uman kunya" came into the picture) he finally relented when Daddy said please.

My husband then said,

"Ala, dah nak habis dah? Tak ajak Daddy minum pun!"

To which Luqman replied,

"Ada satu lagi.",

dengan muka dan tone suara seposen.

He must have seen the other box of juice my husband bought and assumed that it was his as well, but "ada satu lagi???". SIAPA AJAR DIA NI! HAHAHAHAHA. 

Anak, oh anak! You are so worth it. Alhamdulillah.

(clearly, whatever he was talking about before was gibberish only to my ears. from whatever little experience I have, if you want to improve your child's ability in speech, please do talk to him/her (not in pelat language ye please!) even if their replies are non-coherent. in time, it will pay off, in sha Allah!)


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