August 28, 2014

Hanisa's INNOCENT breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, says everyone. 

And although I am not really a fan of breakfast, I'm now trying to pay heed to this piece of advice to avoid overeating during lunch, which I think has been the root of all evil to my "mysterious" weight gain. 

Please don't roll your eyes. I get enough of that from my husband. And despite all that, I'm still kind of obsessed with getting back my pre-marriage figure. *rolls eyes at myself*.

For a while (during Ramadan), I felt like my old self again. But as delusional as I am that I'd be able to maintain that kind of body without having to do much (just like old times, aahhh...), I knew that after I was done with puasa 6 (puasa 8 in my case)... I'd have a tough time resisting all the lemang and kuah kacang during open houses and open offices because surely, with everything being open, the only appropriate thing to do would be to open my mouth too, correct?


I started eating breakfast so that I won't be starving by the time lunch hour comes. 

I also started reading more health articles, which categorises my lifestyle as SEDENTARY, which I'm going to quit trying to change because I can't think of any solution that would work in everyone's favour for now.

And since my lifestyle is sedentary, I've decided to START COUNTING MY CALORIES, yey! (oh, yey?). For me to reach my goal weight (47kg BAHAHAHAHA), I can only consume 1000 calories per day (as set by myself)!

To track my progress, I downloaded a few apps on my phone. Problem is... these apps were not developed by locals, thus they (obviously) do not list the foods we Malaysians normally eat in the appropriate portion sizes. 

So, I kept one mobile app just to keep track of my daily food consumption (malas nak kira sendiri) and searched on the internet for the calories of the food and drinks that Malaysians normally consume. (click here for a start)

Since I now begin my day with breakfast (pats self on back)... that obviously became one of the first few things that I searched for. 

And? Surprise, surprise. 1/3 of my daily calorie allowance gone with this one INNOCENT meal - 

calorie count
Neslo (1 pack of Nescafe 3 in 1 with 3 spoons of milo) - 185 (like OHMYGOD kan?)
Gardenia wholemeal bread (2 pieces) - 146
Total - 331

Since nasi lemak telur mata is a staple for breakfast here in Malaysia and I obviously love it to the max, I looked it up too.

calorie count
Nasi lemak telur mata ayam - 669


Here's to sticking to my very innocent breakfast, I guess?


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