May 30, 2014

what happens when I reach 51.

I've been harping on and on and on about wanting to buy a treadmill since early this year and my husband has been kind enough to look up on a few options so that we could make an informed purchase. 

Lucky for us, one of our friends was thinking of selling off his, so we were able to query more about the product; its performance and functions and price and all. 

When we came to the question of why our friend was selling it off... he said,

"Tak dan nak lari..."

And when I heard that, I was like... "and my working hours are longer than yours, so makes me think I'd make it home on time for a run on the treadmill?"

So, Treadmill Plan Abort lah jawabnya

BUT, having said that, I didn't abort my Healthy 2014 Plan, though ironically, my lifestyle is becoming more and more unhealthy. Bangun, tidur, sit all day at work, go home, do chores at home then sleep. And suddenly, my weight reached 51kgs and we all know what happens when it reaches 51... it won't go down!!! Oh my, oh my, what have I done??? Why did I allow my weight to reach 51!!!

At the rate I'm going, I'm so afraid I might have to spend my retirement in pain (touchwood!) and knowing how much I would hate that, I knew I had to take things into my own hands... or rather... feet. 

Introducing you to my "treadmill" -

7 floors of staircases from basement up daily. Not sure whether it has gotten easier or whether I've gotten better at it, but I look forward to this everyday now! *flips tudung!*

And this, my fellow staircasians, is a pitstop, which is not surprising since this building goes 15 floors up (minus the basement). BYO (drink of choice), though. Don' t take my word for it though, because people actually use this as a smoking bay, so you might just die from being a secondary smoker while trying to get healthy. I may have to buy a new "treadmill" because of this... *sigh*

And did you see my exercise gear; aren't those "sport shoes" the prettiest! Miahahahaha!

Speaking of which... when did sport shoes become so very expensive? When? Why? How? What happened??? I know that I've been a little bit out of touch from the "sporty" world, but just about 3 years ago, I still managed to bag a pair of Topper futsal shoes for RM100 and Nike running shoes for RM150. Now, they're selling for RM500! Who buys them anymore??? Okay, maybe you do since you're not so cheapskate like me but putting RM500 worth on your feet... all my hard earned money... Sigh. 

But anyways, since I started my "treadmill" journey, I find myself being happier and feeling a whole load better about myself. I was an athlete in school so having baggage all around my midriff, thighs and everywhere else is new to me, so please forgive my obsession. But if you're at that stage in your life where you feel like there's nothing that can make you happy anymore, I recommend you to try exercising, I am serious. Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make us happy. 

The only thing not really making me happy is that... I'm still at 51! And I think right now, I may have to figure out which part I literally need to carve out.

But meanwhile, nah, happy face setelah berjaya menawan Tingkat 4 Menara Usahawan! Hurrah!

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Al-Manar said...

Hard time is coming. Don't you notice the signs? Thre two of us saving up our food up everywhere possible, lower half, top half, middle and odds and ends. Then when when every is crying for energy we have it all - just the old junk tthat needs fuel. We may even start experimenting mixing petrol with coconut oil, the latter we have plenty for free from the palms around us.

So take it easy. So what if it turns double 51?