May 20, 2014

80+ days after...

Oh, hello there everybody! *waves frantically, blows cobwebs off!* Is there still anybody here? Anyone? No one?

If there’s no one, that’s fine… I’m still comfortable talking to myself, as always. Hehe.

If it weren’t for the time stamp on the last post, I seriously wouldn’t have known that I’ve been away from this blog for a month! And this time, away, really means AWAY! I haven’t logged on, haven’t tried to compose anything, didn’t contemplate on whether or not I should or should not share something. I was just… I don’t know… not in the mood to blog, perhaps?

Though I’ve been on Instagram most of the time, I wouldn’t blame Instagram for taking me away from my blog, because even there, I don’t share much of anything apart from my #100happydays challenge. Speaking of which, did you know that I’m already past the 80 day mark for my #100happydays challenge? Yes! Who would have thought, right?

But I’ll let you in on something… 80 days after, I became, for lack of better word, jaded. Yes. I think anyone looking at my photos on Instagram would conclude that I’m a lady who’s crazy obsessed about food, work, my family and my kid. Which to be honest isn’t very far from the truth because they are my universe. After all, why shouldn’t they be? But having said that, I am thankful that I signed up because on days when the going gets tough, I force myself to be grateful for the little moments in life that make me happy.

Speaking of which, there are big things happening in my life right now, and I’m like bursting at the seams, wanting to tell someone or just about anyone about them! But I know that my husband wouldn’t approve as nothing is set in stone and I honour his concerns so the big news will have to wait.

Other than that, my days have been pretty much of the same old routine; I wake up, go to work, come back, and go to work again; not much excitement going on, which probably explains the long hiatus… (not that I need anything “happening” to blog about, since I’m so comfortable talking to myself, ehem!)  

In the past few weeks, the only thing that’s even remotely interesting is probably the fact that I locked myself out of the house, with house keys AND car keys IN THE HOUSE, when my husband (who has the spare keys) was well on his way to Melaka for a 3-day outstation assignment and oh, on the very same day, I was stranded at a car park after Luqman’s routine check-up at the clinic because my car wouldn’t start.

So yeah, just another normal day for us. Yeah, right.


It was just one of those days when everything that could go wrong, went wrong. After all the drama of being locked out and not having a spare key with me, my husband made a turn back to hand me the spare keys, where I noticed daggers shooting out of his eyes. That must have been one of the scariest moments in 3 years of our life as a couple.

I cancelled my EL, went to work, got things done and went for my time-off to bring Luqman for his scheduled routine check-up. And after all that was done, my car wouldn’t start. Like it just went dead. Alhamdulillah for the good Samaritans who were around the area, I got some light on what I was supposed to do in situations like that. After we figured out that the car battery wasn’t the problem, there was no other option but to call for a tow truck. That was the first time it happened to me, so I was really… clueless. It was later determined that the transponder had somehow slipped out of the key-casing. My dad tells me that the guy at the shop’s trolling me because there’s no such thing as a transponder in cars. But I haven’t had the time nor energy to look it up, so I’m going to accept our guy’s diagnosis in good faith.


That day was a very humbling day for me. We always think that certain things only happen to certain people when really, it could happen to anyone of us, anyone you think of.

That day was just MY DAY. I rediscovered my strength within, and rekindled my love for my boy who was such a great sport, who made me forget about all the negative things people in that situation thought about. My faith in humanity was also restored that day when none of the passers-by who helped me took advantage of me but instead stayed to help and made sure everything was okay from start to finish. And of course, that day, I was reminded again why we must always make doa for our parents’ health and safety because if I didn’t have my parents that day, I don’t know what I would have done.


So, yeah. I guess I’ve been way too overwhelmed with everything that’s happened. After that incident, the big news came, so I haven’t really had the time to sit down and digest how the scales can tip from one end to the other in a split second.

I guess once I’m more settled, I’d be more comfortable to blog even about my mundane life or my silly little nonsensical thoughts.

For now, I hope this appeases your curiousity of what’s been going on in my life *perasan ada orang curious!* Mih mih mih.

But whatever that case is, this sure has helped me miss my blog a little less!

Til the next post, ta!  


Al-Manar said...

No do not stop blogging. You have your way of writing, characteristically yours, ideas and language. Who cares if there is no one out there. We blog for something, for some personal reasons. That is what I do and some people like it that way, drop by and leave a few words. As as matter of good manner I never fail to respond on a comment, and where possible, a return visit to the visitor's home.

Some bloggers have fiifty, sixty responses - SMS like messages of no value at all. That is not what you, an educated professional want. After all you are just 50, roughly the age of my children. They made me start and urge me on, to express my thought and reminisce my past, their childhood days. If others care to share I welcome them with open arms.

Rome was not beuilt in one day.

Haneesa said...

of course I will not stop blogging :)