April 24, 2014

it's not me, it's you.

My personality is who I really am, my attitude depends on you... 

Or something to that effect. You've heard of it before, right? Right?

So have I.

Thing is... bad attitude does not suit me. 

It think it does... oh wait... I thought it does.

But it doesn't. Period. 

So now, I have to deal with that fact and deal with it fast. 

And I know that I may even sound a little slightly disappointed with that fact and maybe, in a weird, twisty kind of way, I am. Just a little bit. But I am. 

It's not for any reason really; it's merely to prove the fact that I am capable of getting angry when I am bullied and displeased at the onset of being blamed for something (totally not my doing), or made to feel like I am an utter idiot, when clearly, I'm not. 

But after having tried so hard (so many times) to put up an attitude, I've decided to stop as I've become jaded. It's taking up too much precious energy to cook up something (re: an attitude) that I don't even have in the first place. 
So, goodbye to Hanisa Bad-ass. 

Hello, Million Dollar Smiles. 

Works every time. Effortlessly. 


SO the next time you see me smiling, try to properly cipher that smile. It's not just me, it's you.

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