April 11, 2014

multi, to me.

I don't know what the accepted definition of multi-tasking is and frankly, I'm too lazy to look it up because I have my own definition of what it is -

(1) Multi-tasking is getting several things done at the same time

(2) Doing several things at the same time (especially of the same nature) to me, is NOT multi-tasking.


Think about it, and think real hard - there is a difference between getting several things done at once and doing several things at the same time.

While practicing the first creates efficiency, practice of the second, in my humble opinion, will just cause the outcome of all jobs done to be sloppy. 


Think about it. 

Cleaning bottles and washing dishes while boiling water = YES.

Laundry being washed in the machine while ironing clothes = YES.

Brushing teeth and washing underwear while bathing = YES

Talking on the phone while mopping floor = YES

Doing opinion while reading gossip columns = THIN LINE

Peeing while doing Number 2 = NO (well, except when you're in the labour room where anything is possible)

 Surgery while reading a book = NO

Solat while eating = BATAL

Driving while texting = SUICIDAL

Having a conversation while staring at the phone = RUDE

Watching kid at the pool while "social networking" = IRRESPONSIBLE 


Just. Think. About. It.

While getting some things done at once is fine, doing so many things at the same time is stupid, suicidal, irresponsible or just plain rude. 

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