January 31, 2009


It’s always like this. I knew this would happen. This week we were too happy. This week we were too loving. This week, we were just... over the top with everything, so to speak.

And every time all of the above happens, this is what happens.

So, yes. I will spend my weekend reading a story book and finishing up Grey’s Anatomy.

Because suddenly, I don’t have a date for Saturday. Because for some unfathomable reason, I just don’t know what happened.

So, yes. Maybe the top I bought yesterday would be good for don’t know when.

So now, I will eat breakfast on my own instead of with a date because no one is supposed to be too happy. I’ve got to remember what it feels like to cry sometimes.

January 30, 2009

korek mata kang.

It’s a lonely and quiet lunch hour. Fridays are always the best of all days. And today, unlike all other days where I crave to go out, I prefer just lazing around the office selling maruku. Or reading a story book, or watch GA or maybe even better; sleep.

My colleagues and I had lunch today at the cafeteria. Actually the cafe is really not all bad, but I guess that’s only when it’s sans the human traffic we have to endure everyday. Like today, it was just bliss.

Apart from the human traffic, there’s another thing which turns me off from going there for food. There’s this tableful of men, sitting at the same spot every single day. Every single time a woman (or even better a group of them) pass by that table to enter the cafĂ©, they would unabashedly cock their heads towards our direction and stare with the innocence of a child, with eyes wide as saucers, staring. Just staring.

It’s very unnerving.

Number one: I don’t get it what they are staring at. I feel like I am in a Malay movie or series where men think that women would instantly fall in love with them when they stare long enough or give that gatal look. I don’t like gatal looks, especially so by strangers.

Number two: I appreciate the staring if it means I’m pretty, but if the stare lasts while I’m walking, until I’ve sat down and while I’m eating my food, I think anyone would start to think that something’s wrong with that person staring (or even worse, themselves!)

Number three: It’s rude to stare, for heavens sakes.

So much for being clad in baju melayu complete with kopiah and songkok. Tak sopan langsung.

(Navee just came to my place and told me that there are only 3 of us in the office at the moment. No wonder it’s so quiet)

January 29, 2009

roffel roffel.

You ever heard a cat breathing before? That loud, “grr, grr, grr” it makes when it inhales-exhales? That’s how bad my tummy is rumbling right now. Even though I just ate a bar of nougat and also a peanut butter sandwich.

I have too many words in my head. They are so scattered, I’m not so sure anymore to which mental note I made it belongs to. And because the words are pounding (without much control) against my skull, my hands are typing even faster than I can think and well, this, like allmost other entries will look like it doesn’t have purpose though I’m sure I’ll come up with a suitable something to sum it up later.

Did you know that some people don’t know what LOL is? I won’t mention names but, there are some people who don’t know what LOL is and simply write “lol lol lol lol lol” when they are chatting, thinking it’s some kind of expression people use just for the fun of it. (nasib baik the LOL was in context. If not, I could not imagine what the other person on the other side of the line would be thinking).

Eh, jangan terasa ye sesiapa? Ngee. No offense at all! :)

I can’t remember who asked me about this. Maybe it was Adik. “Kakak, ROFL tu apa?” and I thought she was just asking because she wanted to make sure. It didn’t cross my mind that she didn’t know. So I made a sound instead of telling her what it was. “ROfFEL ROFfEL ROfFEL.” And until now, I find it really funny. Like kucing mengurat; ROFELmaomaomao.

But I still don’t know what hmfs and pfft are. So, we all make the sound anyways, not really knowing what we’re saying. Bahaya? Yes, I know. Hahahaha.

The things we write and do to make our lives easier. Short forms and translations to make life more interesting.

Here’s another one which my colleague circulated via email on one of those days we went out for lunch:

"Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan yang dihormati,

Difahamkan masing2 sibuk, walau bagaimanapun atas limpah kurnia-Nya Burger King dan Apple Besar tlh dibuka dengan selamatnya di Alamana dan harus dilawati masa lunch hari ini,
Kpd yang berminat jom pergi nnti

Lim Khiam Ing"

Apple Besar is hilarious enough and to make matters even funnier, my colleague is a Chinese! And his BM is not bad at all, but it’s amusing because he’s the one always making the effort to speak in Bahasa Kebangsaan. Heheh.

I might go out with my colleagues tonight. Hopefully I won’t hot hot chicken shit like I did last time.

And did you know that Haneesa Hssh is not the same as Haneesa is ular sawa?
My colleagues thought that "Hssh" was the sound for ular sawa and that the 2 are interchangeable? Hahahahahahha.
Roffel Roffel Roffel.

Eh, okay lah. Dah jumpa nougat bar satu lagi dalam beg (yang bersepah). Nak makan. Bai.

January 28, 2009

of inventions.

copied from and credits to: http://www.daylife.com/photo/06hz5LG7xK1rI

A few weeks back, there was this question being toyed around the radio; “what do you think is the worst invention?” and I thought; payung lipat-lipat. You know that umbrella, not the Mary Poppins umbrella, but those which you can fold and put in your handbag type. Yes. Back then, I thought those were the worst inventions for the very reason that they are mostly dysfunctional even before they could function.

On a sunny (not very windy) day, I would agree that it helps to keep our complexion safe, but try using it on a rainy (very windy) evening and you’ll get what I mean. It’s horrible when you’re seeking protection from something and the only thing it offers is a whole basket of humiliation because it protects the sky more than the skin.

But then, after much thought, I think the worst invention might actually be the weighing scale.

I think I’ve always had issues regardless of how small I am, but the scale really just adds insult to injury. I even paid 20 sen just to make sure.

Okay, I know I’m not fat, just chubbier (a bit) on the cheeks, which, to begin with is ultimately inevitable.

Please be angry and knock some sense in me now. Thanks.

What’s your worst invention?

January 27, 2009

all grown up and beautiful, i love you all.

I’m high on camera flash. Seriously, seriously high on camera flash. It was a wonderful night and I have the girls to be eternally grateful to for giving me such a good ending to such a long and wonderful weekend.

The 20-something crowd was to me, quite impressive too. It’s been a long, long time since we managed to gather like that and I’m so happy for all of us.

And if anyone from TGIF OU could read this, all I have to say is: “You can never keep us quiet, no matter how many times you shush us. How do you expect us to be quiet? Hehe. Sorry we were noisy. Next time we come again ah?”

My girls are all grown up and beautiful!

I’m so glad we all made the effort to come today.

Thank you Athi for being the belakang tabir planner.

Thank you Hanim for spreading the word.

And thank you to all, for giving me camera-flash-high.

*it was a very long and deep hug and there were tears. There were tears which we didn’t know where from. But it was a long and deep hug and that’s all I needed. Thank you*

randomness at its peak.

My mother thinks he spoils me. She’s always telling him not to buy me stuff, but he always does anyways, especially when I don’t ask for it, so... I don’t consider myself spoilt silly. I wish I can wipe this silly little grin off of my face, but I can’t, because I smell too good to even pretend to be in a bad mood. Heehee. My wishlist has been updated because I can now strike out one little thing I wished for. Terima kasih awak!

And guess what? I like to mandi now.


On another note, my entries have been a bit scarce of late, I’ve noticed. It’s not that I haven’t had things to say, but maybe I’ve too much to say. Sometimes, there are recurring issues which haven’t left my mind yet, and I feel that it is a little bit too petty to bring them up again and again and again. Though most things are just for my record, I do like it when people read my blog.


But last Saturday I did have alot of fun. I managed to go to K.Rinie’s baby shower (for a while only) before heading back to Tampin. And on top of that, I also got to meet Encik because he kindly agreed to send me back to my hometown since it was on the way. And we got to go dating in Seremban, which turned out to be really nice, after all.


I find that I always have trouble stringing sentences together when I’m too happy. But I like being happy and shiny, and I like writing just as much.


Just look at the pictures then.

I’m off until tonight. And tonight is (hopefully) going to be eventful. It’s been too long a while since we all last met.

i like Dinie's picture here. she looks so pretty. why are all pregnant ladies happy and shiny like
this, again? hehehe.