November 26, 2008

Christmas came early.

Remember I told you that I felt this week started off on the right foot? I think (and sure do hope) that it will remain that way for this week at least.

Today, I am extra happy. Not only has Projek Purse Kuning progressed tremendously with the help of my super-colleagues, I was also given the chance to be the Master of Projek Purse Kuning for tonight at least, since I live nearest to Tesco. Tomorrow, it will go back to the project leader. But for now, I’m going to bask in my glory. The Purse Kuning is the core of all things, to say the very least.

You know how Tesco, Ikano, The Curve and Ikea are so closely connected with each other right? And they have o-kay parking rates as well, so it doesn’t really matter where you park. Since I had the Tesco assignment tonight, I parked there, but headed to The Curve first to perform my prayers.

**luka lama berdarah kembali** this is where I first saw my dream bag.

As I passed the isles in Metrojaya, I tried my best not to cringe at the thought of my unbought handbag.


Turns out that “my” handbag remained unbought, anyways. It sat there on top of the pile of bags, ready to be paid and brought home.

So, without any doubt, without any hesitation, I grabbed it, paid for it and headed home.

You have no idea how happy I am. I even ended up modelling for my dad, who simply didn’t understand what the fuss was all about, but being a sport and playing along nonetheless.

And on top of that, I received some good news, but I’m not going to speak too soon. I feel like a kid receiving presents on Christmas, or better still, a working lady receiving green sampul on Hari Raya.

I always believe that Allah is Great and that He will only give you those which are best for you.

Today is proof.


November 25, 2008

it's not their fault, okay?

You don’t have an inkling of how sleepy I am. But even with my super droopy lids, I’m determined to write.

This morning we had a division meeting about our Project Purse Kuning. I’ll tell you all about it after the event. Two RAs (abbreviation for both person’s names), one of whom is an ex-drug addict came over to the office to tell us about something. My colleagues and I couldn’t imagine how he was once an ex-addict. He is by far the most compassionate and charismatic person we’ve met so far. And his wife is one hell of a strong woman, so we’re not surprised he’s such a strong man himself.

He told us of the things that are happening at the back allies of Chow Kit. His descriptions were so vivid, I felt like I was temporarily transported to that place as he was lamenting to us the unfortunate conditions of some children. I knew that the 2 girls I was sitting in between had bile in their throat just like me, because throughout the entire meeting, we were sitting in silence; all our normal “during-meeting” jokes almost non-existent.

I can’t tell you what it felt like to be in that room, listening to how 12 year olds pimp for their mothers. And believe me, that case is just the tip of the iceberg.

But the thing that saddens me the most is the fact that the person all those things should have been told to was not there, attending another course. I think that person needed to know all we were told because it would have cleared the air about some of his/her uncertainties. It would have probably lessened, if not eliminated altogether the prejudice that person felt.

The other thing I was very angry about is the lackadaisical attitude of some of those in the meeting room. I get it that they won’t be around when the Projek Purse Kuning will be held, but that doesn’t give them the right to sit at the corner of the room, looking like they can’t wait for the whole thing to be over with.

I know you’re probably gaping in awe, wondering what on freaking earth I’m rambling about. That’s probably because you don’t know head and tail about the PPK.

But if you happen to be one of those who are prejudiced towards those on the streets (especially children), stop it already. They didn’t ask to be that way, let alone be born into this cruel world.

Time to change; that always is the smarter choice.

no, you're not lost :)

Oh, hello there! Don’t worry; you didn’t get the wrong address. I just thought my page needed a make-over, since it has been quite some time since the last. Problem is, I lost the chatbox and my pictures, and I’ll try and update those soon.

Haven’t really had the time to update. I was swamped with work on Monday and for the most part, I was not even in the office. Went out for an office field trip to get some things for the project we’re currently working on. But it was all in good fun, especially because I was not stuck with the Monday blues. And being away from the office was of course a bonus.

I guess that was a good way to continue the great weekend I had. I was in town “baby-sitting” my little sister, so while I was there, I went to visit Lynn whose company where she works is one of the organisers of GOMOBILE. Do you know how hot breakdancers are? Like, seriously hot and talented. And this coming from a non-fan, you must believe me :)! Met Hanim and Daia there but the other Fighterzs were nowhere to be seen. But I guess that’s expected. The only 2 things which turn us all on are weddings and babies. From my observation at least :).

While I was in town, I also gave a certain birthday boy a call. But then, he couldn’t spare his Saturday for his Kakak. I wouldn’t have minded giving a piece of my mind to his boss, but then again, what kind of birthday present would I be giving him if it cost him his job, right?

Sunday was superb too. I spent almost the entire day with the Kesayangans and it was fun as always. It has been ages since we all last met Din. The last time I called him was a few days before that, and even then, he told me that I sounded... different? But the best part about that outing is that... it was as if we had been meeting up every week, although we hadn’t. I guess it’s great to know that some great things don’t change after all. I hope you had a great time with us, because we sure did enjoy the company of our long-time-bodyguard.

But Din, you owe us a secret. Yes. You. Do. And you’re not getting away with it. not for long :))

Well, actually, that was just an update for my own keeping. I guess I just need to put it down into so many words so that I can look back and smile at how great things are and how great I hope they will always be.

For now, I’m busy with Project Purse Kuning.TTYL.

November 21, 2008

hello, saya lapar.

As much as I am thankful that I am blessed with food everyday, being required to be a constant muncher isn’t exactly an ideal occupation. Don’t understand do you?

After Raya, I fell sick. It’s just one of those times when your weaknesses gets the best of you and you find that you’re not so much of a superwoman after all. So, I realized that I shouldn’t mess with what runs in the blood; i.e. low BP and also gastric juices.

Having both of those has turned me into a constant muncher. I cannot be left hungry or the consequences are crazy. I have to at least constantly munch on biskut kering but my juices are quite picky, so basically rice is just about the only food which can appease it.

So, sometimes I take rice in the morning, afternoon and night. No, I don’t mind. In fact I love rice. Burgers or anything for the matter don’t make me as happy. But then again, there are some times when I’d love a change. Sometimes, there’s just nothing other than the food I eat everyday. There are only so many choices at the café downstairs and there’s only so much time to go get anything from other than the café. And being ungrateful humans, we (eh, I) get bored.

Like today, I normally have a lunch summit with Nanad and also si Pengantin. But I’m hoping that Pengurusan calls me to settle some stuff for the conference. And they like to come at weird hours, so I didn’t go out and I didn’t know what to eat. So, I finished this morning’s sandwich and kuih for lunch. But because my juices love rice, I’m not really full yet.

So, I went downstairs to get myself waffles. It’s supposed to be filling. It normally is. But for some reason, I’m still hungry. And I cannot be left hungry unless I want to end up in bed for the entire weekend or in the toilet purging whatever that’s left of me.

I don’t want to eat rice because the last time I checked; there are no more lauk downstairs.

Do you understand why I’m so angry?

Because I’m not allowed to ignore my hunger when I’m supposed to since I’ve already eaten like a sandwich, kuih and waffles.

Oh, by the way, for those in Chambers, ButterKaya is no good. Please stick to PeanutbutterChocolate. tq