November 11, 2008

Today is my Monday.

It is approximately 1/2 an hour until I’m allowed to clock out. Somehow, though there’s not much to look forward to, I can’t wait to go back.

You must be thinking I don’t have anything to do at work, that I have time to type out this silly piece. Far from it, I have research to do on the status of a particular law. I’ve read the case thrice and have reached 3 different conclusions. Go figure. I’m not reading anymore.

Thankfully, we’re in the process of divorcing ourselves from the English Common Law. ECL is just so long-winded and not straight to the point, at all. Such a torturous relationship, grrrrr!

I’m so sleepy I have to munch. And right now, I’m munching on a bar of Snickers. This makes me very happy, but my colleague just told me that it’s a product of China. Adakah ada melamine berlebihan? What other chocolate can I eat then??? I don’t like this.

Yesterday after work, I dragged my mom to The Curve to ‘get’ the handbag I saw with Mamita on Sunday. It was no longer there. Not even the rack was there anymore. So, go figure the extent of my disappointment. I’m sure Jaizah will geleng kepala if she reads this. I never learn, do I?

Okay, I want to eat my Snickers until I can clock out.

Then, I want to pack my stuff and head home. I wonder why I was not like this yesterday. In fact, yesterday was one of my more productive days.

As you can see, my tajuk speaks for itself.


fiqss said...

haha..u! i bet those blue-ish-turquoise shoes at nose yang u nak pun dah loooooong gone =p

i'm on holidays btw! if ure free from work and u wanna hang out ou feel free to pick me up. hahaha =p

fiqss said...

is it true abt snickers? can i just pretend i didnt read that. hahaha.

freespirited12 said...

m no longer into those shoes but m still dreaming of the bag, boleh? grrrrr... and yes, you may ignore the snickers statement. i gobbled mine down happily. plus dia tidak di tarik dari pasaran. munch away happily, silakan :)

nanti we hang out okays. weekends la tapi because obviously, i work on weekdays hehe