November 21, 2008

hello, saya lapar.

As much as I am thankful that I am blessed with food everyday, being required to be a constant muncher isn’t exactly an ideal occupation. Don’t understand do you?

After Raya, I fell sick. It’s just one of those times when your weaknesses gets the best of you and you find that you’re not so much of a superwoman after all. So, I realized that I shouldn’t mess with what runs in the blood; i.e. low BP and also gastric juices.

Having both of those has turned me into a constant muncher. I cannot be left hungry or the consequences are crazy. I have to at least constantly munch on biskut kering but my juices are quite picky, so basically rice is just about the only food which can appease it.

So, sometimes I take rice in the morning, afternoon and night. No, I don’t mind. In fact I love rice. Burgers or anything for the matter don’t make me as happy. But then again, there are some times when I’d love a change. Sometimes, there’s just nothing other than the food I eat everyday. There are only so many choices at the café downstairs and there’s only so much time to go get anything from other than the café. And being ungrateful humans, we (eh, I) get bored.

Like today, I normally have a lunch summit with Nanad and also si Pengantin. But I’m hoping that Pengurusan calls me to settle some stuff for the conference. And they like to come at weird hours, so I didn’t go out and I didn’t know what to eat. So, I finished this morning’s sandwich and kuih for lunch. But because my juices love rice, I’m not really full yet.

So, I went downstairs to get myself waffles. It’s supposed to be filling. It normally is. But for some reason, I’m still hungry. And I cannot be left hungry unless I want to end up in bed for the entire weekend or in the toilet purging whatever that’s left of me.

I don’t want to eat rice because the last time I checked; there are no more lauk downstairs.

Do you understand why I’m so angry?

Because I’m not allowed to ignore my hunger when I’m supposed to since I’ve already eaten like a sandwich, kuih and waffles.

Oh, by the way, for those in Chambers, ButterKaya is no good. Please stick to PeanutbutterChocolate. tq

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