November 12, 2008

Wednesdays are always Random.

Pieces of me

There’s this very disturbing piece of news in the papers. About people leaving behind the produce of their behinds (literally) just after a robbery. I wonder what they are trying to prove. Or what they are trying to do for the matter. In some cases, they even helped themselves to a feast at the houses they robbed. Strange, BUT true. I honestly thought these things only happened in CSI.


There’s something about Honda City and Toyota Vios which irks me. Honestly. Tahapape. In fact, I call both those cars kereta sudu. Kesian Ryan (who owns a Vios). But a few weeks back, I developed a strange liking for Vios. LIKE, SERIOUSLY. Especially the one in gold. Looks so exclusive somehow. Yesterday while I was driving home, the reason for my dislike came to me. The 2 cars I mentioned above which just didn’t suit my liking had SPOILERS. I guess everything has a name for a reason.

Memang spoiled.

But I still think that Honda City looks like a sudu. With or without the spoiler.

So, Ryan, don’t sell your car. The two boys (you people know who you are) are just trying to trick you into selling it so that they can get you to buy a new car which they want to buy but don’t want to fork out money for. Peace ;p


I hope my plan to meet up with the girlies this weekend jadi. Sila lah beramai-ramai mari?

How to?

Siapa tahu apa code untuk buat bentuk lovelove <3<3

Please and thank you.

Okay, back to work.


chibimoruku said...

so ur saying ur beloved lecturer yg drive honda city hitam tu naik sudu la?ke die nye muke cam sudu? hahahahahahaha...

jadi ke? nape senyap je abt this weekend? hahaha :) yeay makan!

freespirited12 said...

rasanya ada 2 orang bawak honda city. sesuai lah tu.
si llyods tu and si JG. biarlah mereka. ahahha

this weekend macam tak jadik je.
semorang senyap busy etc. jadi kita batalkan lah. heheh. saya berjumpa sama kawan2 sekola saya agaknya.

jaja said...

marilah on saturday kitee pg tea kat the curve...