November 02, 2008


Hello blogosphere. Have I been away for too long? It’s been quite a while hasn’t it? Well, I was away attending the LAWASIA Conference as directed by one of my bosses in substitute of another senior officer who could not make it. It has indeed been a real eye-opener and a fulfilling and educational weekend. And for not having to pay a dime; I’d have to say that this is one of the perks of being a government officer as opportunities like this are costly and limited, especially to us young people who don’t quite have enough resources to be spending money on attending conventions.

I wouldn’t want to bore you with the issues and thesis I picked up while I was there. In fact, there are just too many things I want to comment on that I don’t know if it’s wise I even start.

Safe to say that I had a great time out of the office and away from Putrajaya because it was held at KLCC. I’m refreshed. Being in an organisation with the population of 90% Malays isn’t exactly ideal, if you know what I’m saying. It’s alright for you to call me unpatriotic because after all, aren’t I one of them? Thing is, sometimes, the negativity and complacency rubs off on me, which worries me.

There are no doubt the group of better officers who are smart and driven, yet I’ve seen how good people have turned into arrogant souls there. So, let’s hope I don’t become one of them okay.

And because I was out of the office (and I’m an avid observer), I got to see how those in the corporate world act and bring themselves. They are so different. And mind you, in many good ways. You just have to sit at Starbucks for about 30-40 minutes to see why they go so far in life.

No doubt there are some setbacks as well, as I saw Malays living the western way of life, drinking liquor unabashedly and wearing uber-skimpy clothes which is embarrassing to say the least during the Gala Dinner on Friday night.

But other than that huge setback, they look, and I believe are, a lot more driven than most of those in the government sector. It was great to see some legal giants from both Malaysia and other countries argue things out after every session. And they are all from the corporate sector.

No doubt that I too, had some things I wanted to ask, and I wish we didn’t have to stay too much under the radar due to the many scandalous things being rumoured about the AGC.

Well... all in all, I just had a good time. I came back with loads of additional knowledge and lots of fresh ideas.


nnn said... much for not having to spend a 'dime' for the conference! hahaha..nk tgk phone off pls!friday pls!

freespirited12 said...

hahahah. itu la pasal. so much for free food!!!!

yes, will "show off" la sangat this friday lunch summit okays :)