November 06, 2008


Strangely, some lines are not drawn. But I guess that’s not because they aren’t there but simply because they are to be understood. Res Ipsa Loquitur. But when undrawn lines were not seen, how does someone redraw that line so that it becomes crystal clear?

That’s the thing. Some people are just so oblivious that some things hurt. Or maybe it's just not obvious that it does?

Some people might think nothing of something, yet those things might mean the world to others.

I’m at that stage where even the simplest of things rile me.

And when my undrawn lines are crossed, it’s very difficult to contain my patience.

It becomes even more difficult to make sense out of anything.


shap3@r said...

you sound like JP. :)

freespirited12 said...

darling tq !

u just made my morning though i do think that my writings are overrated!

JP in the making? let's hope we'll both go down that way okay :)

jaizah said...

oi!bile nak jumpe ni???baik korang plan...if not i post you guys nyer sijil2 kat santa clause...tahun depan baru dapat...termasuk mummy, farah, batul!nadira...pon plan jugak!

chibimoruku said...

bkan korang ade madagascar's weekend ke? :) :) hahahahaha nisa post la pixies!!! " i like to move it move it!" i imagine abu movin his tummy, hahahahaha :)

freespirited12 said...

saya telah kutip untuk mereka. semorg susah nak jumpa now. saya sudah tamau plan apape. bile nak pegi mana2 nanti saya msg aje laa.

comellnya abuuu. tapi he refuses to watch movies at the movies. mungkin because he wants to move it move it wahahah. nanti ha. i upload.