November 13, 2008


Sometimes, some girls make a real big deal about their boyfriends keeping their pictures and carrying it around with them all the time. And trust me; I’m no different than you girls. Ha-ha. Thing is, guys put our pictures in their wallet. 90% of guys put their wallets at their backside pockets.

Mari buat penaakulan mantik.

1: Guys put us in their wallets.

2: Wallets are put at their backside.

Kesimpulan: We are put at their backside.


(MY GOD, kena kentut, penyet, didudukkan semua !!)

So why do we still make a big deal about them putting our pictures in their wallets again?

Because, mind you, women are bloody territorial.

Sila check kereta, wallet, jacket si Abdul, Amed, and a few other guys I know. You’ll find H, Mamin dan sebagainya although we’re not physically present. Ngee.


abduls said...

i lost your pics. huwaaa!!!

abduls said...

dah jumpe balik. wewewewewe

dramaqueen said...

my ex-bf kata he lost a whole bunch of my pics yg dalam that transparent-white thing coz it fell in the drain.but i think his bitch masa tu yg buang kot??hehe. so, now i couldnt care less kalau my bf nak letak my pics ke tak coz semua pun dah besar, sendiri mau ingat/lu fikir la sendiri and the likes of it.hahaha.

zer0 said...

memang betul! women are very territorial creatures.


well, the pic in the wallet i asked for it lah, just to remind me, simpan duit nak kawen. hahahahah.

the shoes in the car, the stuffs in my room... well, tuh adalah territorial markings lah. hahahah.

but i dun mind, i like being owned. arent we all? =P