November 16, 2008

Pencarian kulit lembu dan kasut tumit tinggi.

Mungkinkah telah berakhir? Oh, tidak, sama sekali tidak.

Some of you might already know that I’ve been hunting for the perfect handbag. The ones I bought during my varsity years have gone down the drain; spoilt, torn dan sebagainya.

So, I went out on a mission last week and found just what I needed. The thing is, I didn’t get it there and then. I went to every mall in my vicinity; except for MidV and those in KL of course, and came home empty handed. Determined to grab the bag before anyone else did, I went back to the place where I first saw the perfect bag, but to my disappointment, it was no longer there.

Last week, I went there after work. It was no longer there.

This weekend, in hopes of finding a better bag, I made the journey to Pavilion and every other mall in KL, and did not find that perfect bag. Maybe I’ve limited my options because I’m smitten with the one bag I found last weekend, but it’s not something which I can help.

Yesterday, we spent the entire day, sniffing for kulit lembu yang cantik. Today, Mamita just told me that she just went to The Curve but the bag isn’t there.

Pengajaran: please just get the thing the moment you see it, especially if it’s reasonably priced and damn cantik because right now, I feel like slapping myself.

I also feel like splurging on something else because I’m so angry.
I feel like I want to go back to Charles and Keith to get those killer heels.



nnn said...

penat aku nak cakap tapi nak cakap jugak lagi sekali "biar menyesal beli,jangannnnnn menyesal tak beli". tq. :)

freespirited12 said...

i know nanad :(( i am so menyesal now sampai rasa nak menjerit...

mari la kite pegi charles and keith cepat. SANGAT.BYK.KASUT.CANTIK. boleh gile, i'm not joking. hehehe

Abduls said...

ikut la cakap budak tu nad. aku dah bebel lapan juta kali pon dia punye obnoxious fickle minded to mmg tak bole diubah. bole gile aku.

-verification is farinaln-

jaja said... nak jaja marah jugak ke?dah berape kali dah jadi????isk isk isk

mamita said...

itu la, lain kali nak shoping kena bawak jaja jugak...