November 05, 2008

random wednesday morning


“Saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan tahniah kepada tuan/puan kerana telah dipilih untuk menganggotai Sidang Redaksi Laporan Tahunan Bahagian Penasihat 2007/2008.”

Erk. Thanks but no thanks? But not that I have much choice to begin with. Saujana (school yearbook) was the last, but so I thought. Now, I’m roped into this project and I’m imagining the ton of drama ahead.

I’m thoroughly tired with my research. Honest. I don’t think I’ve been this tired with something before. Except perhaps Civil Procedure classes. It’s just something I started on and cannot finish (yet) because I’m bored.




You’ve probably read the papers and obviously you’ve heard gossip. I haven’t read it and I don’t plan to. Suffice to say that my already clouded view is now like an egg rocking on a stick.

Really can’t blame anyone if they have no more faith ey? But then again, life in itself is a gamble.

I need a break with my Kesayangans and I was thinking of Quantum of Solace. Any takers?

I really miss Shah Alam, don’t ask me why.

I have a pimple under my nose. Blame the hormones, please?

Can I have a pair of Malindi’s please, or Women’s Santa Cruz from Crocs. Please and thank you. My birthday is next year.

Nak retail therapy. Siapa nak teman.Please and thank you again.

Okay, bye.

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