November 25, 2008

no, you're not lost :)

Oh, hello there! Don’t worry; you didn’t get the wrong address. I just thought my page needed a make-over, since it has been quite some time since the last. Problem is, I lost the chatbox and my pictures, and I’ll try and update those soon.

Haven’t really had the time to update. I was swamped with work on Monday and for the most part, I was not even in the office. Went out for an office field trip to get some things for the project we’re currently working on. But it was all in good fun, especially because I was not stuck with the Monday blues. And being away from the office was of course a bonus.

I guess that was a good way to continue the great weekend I had. I was in town “baby-sitting” my little sister, so while I was there, I went to visit Lynn whose company where she works is one of the organisers of GOMOBILE. Do you know how hot breakdancers are? Like, seriously hot and talented. And this coming from a non-fan, you must believe me :)! Met Hanim and Daia there but the other Fighterzs were nowhere to be seen. But I guess that’s expected. The only 2 things which turn us all on are weddings and babies. From my observation at least :).

While I was in town, I also gave a certain birthday boy a call. But then, he couldn’t spare his Saturday for his Kakak. I wouldn’t have minded giving a piece of my mind to his boss, but then again, what kind of birthday present would I be giving him if it cost him his job, right?

Sunday was superb too. I spent almost the entire day with the Kesayangans and it was fun as always. It has been ages since we all last met Din. The last time I called him was a few days before that, and even then, he told me that I sounded... different? But the best part about that outing is that... it was as if we had been meeting up every week, although we hadn’t. I guess it’s great to know that some great things don’t change after all. I hope you had a great time with us, because we sure did enjoy the company of our long-time-bodyguard.

But Din, you owe us a secret. Yes. You. Do. And you’re not getting away with it. not for long :))

Well, actually, that was just an update for my own keeping. I guess I just need to put it down into so many words so that I can look back and smile at how great things are and how great I hope they will always be.

For now, I’m busy with Project Purse Kuning.TTYL.

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Hanim Hani said...

huaa...mate saye tertutup!=(