October 28, 2008

photography lesson

Amed had dinner at my place last Sunday together with Abdul. so while he was there, i kinda got a photography lesson from him since i don't really know the tricks, i just like to take photos. so just enjoy the photos i took after the short lesson.

only the first one was taken by Amed, the rest was by me.
tips to live by:

  • try as much possible to shoot photos in natural light. that way you don't have to rely so much on flash.
  • the camera is just like the eye. when you focus on one subject, other subjects around it are blurred. so, when shooting a photo, try and focus on things logically. like what the eye can see is what the camera can see.
  • most photos look good because they have been photoshopped and also because they have damn nice cameras.
  • i have a put-in-my-pocket camera. and that's a good start.

sekian terima kasih.

photos of kenduri kawen lain hari because i am sleepy.


chibimoruku said...

why ade surat from CIU academy? is that what i think it is? hurm when is the mock-thingy? hahaha :)

freespirited12 said...

ahahah. that's something my dad is working on. i wanta travel to do my masters okay.

the mock-thingy is on friday and i have not prepared at all because i'm thinking whether or not i wanta gooo :(

i'm so confused laa