October 23, 2008


Like we all know, even the smallest groups of people have someone to lead them, thus the term leaders. And like we are all aware of, leaders have subordinates, thus the term followers.

But because it’s dangerous to vest so much power in just one person, it’s important that the one leader has vice(s) so that there is check and balance. And in the eyes of the subordinates, vice(s) are still leaders too, regardless of the fact that they are actually subordinates to the one leader.

And because vice(s) are leaders as well, they too, have followers of their own. I think we are all aware of this one simple fact.

Thing is, being a follower of a leader in particular leads some people to think that we belong to different factions of the same group. Put it loosely, people think we are allies though we might not necessarily be so.

For the more neutral people (like yours truly) who mindlessly (albeit innocently) befriend people, it becomes a hassle. At the back of one’s mind, there’s always this thought of what other people might think when the paramount consideration should actually be your own happiness.


What if the people I’m talking to belong to different factions? Would I be seen as an ally to either one or a traitor? I don’t ally with anyone. I’d like to be associated with the right people, sure, but what if the there’s nothing wrong with all the people I’m talking to?

Why can’t we all just be friends with everyone?

After all, we all are humans to begin with, right?

No, not right. If not, I wouldn’t be thinking about this problem in the first place.

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