October 21, 2008

you'll never walk alone ;p

The older I am, the more difficult I feel it is to get friends whom I can trust. In fact, there’s a small part of me which feels like I don’t really know how to make friends anymore. Now, I think that meeting up with people is important for networking purposes and not much else.

I know, it’s bad isn’t it? But then again, making new friends at this age isn’t all that easy considering the fact that everyone has their own set of friends and that they may already have something in common.

So, I’ve started going out on my own. Thing is, when I had a boyfriend in Aussie, I walked alone as well. Then, when everyone was occupied on each and every weekend, I walked alone. Now, even when most of my friends are near, I still don’t mind walking alone.

So, what is it with people saying that people walking alone are pathetic? I know that some people just can’t do it, but you don’t see me calling any of them pathetic do you?

In fact, I think that going out on our own gives us a sense of freedom. We’re allowed to turn into shops without giving signals, we don’t have to promise to meet up somewhere at any particular time, we don’t have to decide together where to eat and what, and we can watch whatever we want.

All in all, the time is all yours to spend and you don’t have to spend it thinking about what other people might think or might feel.

Isn’t it cool to be a loner after all?

But sometimes it would be nice to have someone walking beside you to give you opinions or for you to joke with about things. And of course, humans do sometimes make better companions than books or newspapers.

It’s just that I think the constant pelting towards loners for being pathetic should stop, okay?

Cuba try test keluar sendiri.
Best! :)


Iezu said...

i know why i'm such a loner hermit. and i also know why i may be so for many more years to come.

but why la u keluar sendiri? not that it's pathetic, it's just tht like u said...humans make better companions...u've got a loving bf n such great friends.

despite what may have been "portrayed" in my blog...i have tried keluar sendiri and have been doing so for the past year and prolly longer...it ain't that fun but that's what i have to settle for at the moment.

i totally get the fact tht at times u may need some space, some time alone. but don't get use to it. or u'll end up miserable. and i know a thing or two abt being miserable and it ain't tht 'best'..

freespirited12 said...

because my loving bf is so far in penang and isn't exactly a phone call away!

my great friends...well, sometimes, i just hate calling them last minute (though i sometimes do) when i already know the answer ---> i have plans!

so, sometimes, it's best to walk alone. but other times, it does get sad. i know :)

if you ever get lonely walking alone, please call this other loner. after all, our houses are just 'sekangkang kera' right?

if we feel all alone, at least we're in it together eh? :)

chibimoruku said...

yeay saya amat la bersetuju, like going out without havin to tell anyone where u r goin is the ultimate freedom.. :)

freespirited12 said...

ahaha. but please do expect me and mamita to always call you up when we're in the area. i know, we are so jahat, tak kasik you tido ;p

Hanim Hani said...

kakak, i slalujer walk alone okay? gi shoppingke ape..and i'm doin' just fine=)

Mr Adelaide said...

alo bos..i know how u feel...abg pon d same gk hehe...sometimes feeling free but sometimes feeling also constrained to our own loneliness...and not sure where we actually belong...Well, i guess some people are meant to be loners after all. We are not loners mate..We are an open party, and I think in truth, we get the best out of both worlds.

Just another passing thought in the night..


freespirited12 said...

hanim: itu la kan. no issue la jalan sendiri. :)

abang: yeap, we get the best! cepat sikit balik laaaaa!!!!! ehhehe.

Anonymous said...

hye kakak. yeahh, i've done this countless times too. it's so liberating. like you can do whatever you want, eat anything you want, and most importantly you dont have to waste time waiting for people haha i dont think it's pathetic at all. i get a sense of joy from it. hehe


freespirited12 said...

i told you all that if we're all loners, then, we're in it together :)so we're not so alone after all, right :)