October 08, 2008


Things are a little slow here in the office, not that I’m complaining. I can’t really get my mind around the fact that I’m working at the moment and it’s just so difficult to get up again and start kicking into gear.

It sure was a whole lot easier to get back to Shah Alam to study for final exams back then.

Not much has happened since Raya. I honestly think that it’s the age that’s contributing to this lack of excitement for Raya.

But on a lighter note, a good friend is getting married this weekend and I’m thrilled because… well, she’s one of the few close UiTM friends I have who’s tying the knot (already)! I’m hoping I can get off work soon enough to make it to her Akad tomorrow because to me… that’s the most heartwarming yet nerve-wrecking part (as if I dah pernah je?) but I know that that’s the truth and also, it’ll be fun to see that life-changing ceremony which could never be captured well enough to beat what happens live.

Aaah. What does it feel like to get married, ey? Is it as exciting as the preparations, or even better? Honestly, what does it feel like to finally know you’re going to spend your entire life with this one person? I can’t imagine what she feels right now, when I’m getting jitters thinking about something that’s not (and don’t know when is) happening to me.

Good luck, dear!

I’m sure you’ve wrapped your mind around this idea for so long already that you are more than ready!

Okay, who’s next?


Iezu said...

u la next! hehe

btw, r u talking abt dini? if it is, pls wish her on my behalf ok?

freespirited12 said...

me? next? erkkk...

yes, it's cikdinie...
wonder what it feels like to be her eh? ;p