October 18, 2008

best guy friend

Having attended girls’ schools for the most part of my life, my male contacts… are somewhat limited (read: you can call me pathetic if you want). It’s not that I don’t know how to deal with boys; I just don’t know how to deal with their “spouses” (if any), being a girlfriend myself and a (secretly) jealous one at that.

But anyhow, having dealt with girls all my life, handling boys is a different kind of thing altogether. You go all “wanita melayu terakhir” and they think you’re hitting on them. You talk like a man; they say you’re not girl enough. You try anything; and nothing really hits the button. In a nutshell, you’re just not man enough, or too girly or other things of the ilk.

You’re never really just you.

But you see, even with my limited experience with guy friends, I’ve gained very good guy friends (to my own surprise!). And today, my best guy friend turns 24.

He’s not here to celebrate, but if he were, I’m sure we’d be getting wasted (drinking iced lemon tea) while talking about things and nothing at the same time.

Thank you for being the big brother I never had. He’s one of the rare ones to have witnessed my emotional outbursts while at the same time seeing me laugh like a hyena (yes, both simultaneously). He’s also one of the rare ones I can walk up to just to tell something silly like, “aku bengang gile ni la wei”. And he tells me off and I tell him off. And he shares his ideas and I do the same. And he’s one hell of a guy for always taking the blame for wrongs we both did although there are some things I’m guilty of as well (referring to our Milo incident!). He never fails to stick up for me like the big brother that he is as well.

And he’s a great study partner yang tak pernah lokek ilmunya.

You deserve a great day and a great year ahead for all the wonderful things that you are.

I hope you have fun at Tokyo Tower with your cake and your new acquaintances, okay.

Be sure to roger me when you’re home! So that we can celebrate proper with the rest of the clan.

Missing the punching bag sessions very much!, Honeystar.


Mr. Punching Bag said...

tq veryyyyyy much for the words kakak...i miss u...

we'll catch up the moment i reach "tempat tanah tumpah darahku" ya..

freespirited12 said...

yes yes, please do roger me okay!