October 12, 2008

what if?

“My whole life was about her”

“What if her whole life wasn’t all about me?”


At the heed of my trusted bookworms, I took The Pact off the shelves and started reading. Like I said before, JP’s books are such page-turners it’s highly impossible not to get immersed into the stories that she tells.

This particular read, was a very emotional one. It’s a love story; just not a very typical one. I mean, really, what are the lengths that you are willing to go for your loved ones? Would you really go to the extent of killing him/her just because you know that that would make them happy?

Would you really have the heart to watch them take their lives away despite not knowing why they wanted to do it in the first place?

Or would you be scared to not help them do it because you’d rather you knew they were doing it rather than to find out from someone else some other time, when you weren’t there with the person that you love?

This book has moved me so much; I’ve still got lumps forming at my throat, willing me to cry my heart out. It’s more than a love story. It’s a story of how the simplest of things that people take for granted could affect other people more than others. It’s about how people assume that some things are the best for others when they don’t really know for sure. It’s about a myriad of dilemmas you might have to go through just because. It’s a tale of the many confusions you never thought possible to exist.

And most importantly, it’s about the extent of one’s love... and his wondering whether it was all unrequited after all...

I’d gladly tell you what happened, but I won’t.

All I can say is that you should read it... and that you shouldn’t rush through the facts. Just imagine yourself to be in all the shoes of the characters... and you’ll find yourself shedding tears sooner than you can stop it...

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