October 28, 2008


There’s this thing about us Malaysians, predominantly amongst the Malays. We like to ask the obvious, and sometimes, I’m not an exception as well. But only sometimes.

Ever noticed that when someone starts a conversation, they like to ask a question; the answer to which is so obvious that the first thing you want to do (next to laughing out loud) is to smack the person asking silly on their head. Because it sounds so stupid, honestly.

I understand that sometimes, you just want to initiate a conversation and the easiest way to do so is by asking someone else what they are doing. This is especially so when you want to ask for help. But then, if it’s obvious that one person is stuffing a bowl of porridge in her face, do you really need to ask, “Ms.X, dah makan dah?”… Like (?!!)

Or when you’re sitting alone with only your handbag and briefcase, obviously waiting for someone to come and pick you up, one asks you, “Sorang je ke?”… Like (??!!!). Sometimes, I’m tempted to answer, “Taklah, ni kawan saya sebelah ni.” While all the while introducing thin air.

I know, I’m so jahat sometimes. It’s not that I’m not guilty of it as well. Maybe this is because the person who just did it is someone I don’t really fancy, so well, being human, everything that a person you don’t really like does become unlikeable just because.


p.s: i have more happy things to blog about, just not yet because i have work to do so b a c k t o w o r k :(


nnn said...

ohmygod i pun suka tanya soalan mcm tu! "ada kelas ke?".."nak pegi lunch?"..."nak beli waffle?"-when that person is so obviously q-ing at the waffle stall. Hhahahahaha.

freespirited12 said...

aren't we all guilty of it, kan?