October 21, 2008

tiada motif

The internet is currently horribly down yet I’m still writing a piece which I know won’t be posted until the line is okay. Thank God it’s Tuesday. Mondays are big boohoos for most of us, I know, especially when we had a great weekend and the one thing we want is to stretch it to the following week.

But then, life goes on and so must I.




I guess the plan with the Kesayangans is off. It’s just so damn difficult to get everyone gathered nowadays. So, anyone who wants to join me on Saturday night at Chilli’s, let’s go please.

The brownies are obviously not going to be baked (by me). Muahaha. (gila blackmail)




Well ,anyhow, I had a splendid weekend. Such gluttony! Which is fine with me considering how much I love to munch.

I have 3 favourite dishes from the 3 open houses I attended.

Mubin’s cornflakes and assorted nut cookies.

Leg of lamb at Auntie Kha’s house in Seremban.

And the mee goreng at Nanad’s place is to die for!

I also conveniently drank 3 glasses of bandung soda and a cup of teh tarik while being fully in the know of the fact that I am (temporarily) lactose and caffeine intolerant.

Imagine, Adlin had to stop at Petronas, which is just a few 100 metres away from Damansara tollhouse, which is just 10 minutes from my place so that I could relieve myself!

“korang I sakit perut betul niiiiii”

“nak stop ke?”

“yes please?”

Nasib baiklah kawan lama. If tak dah kena pelangkong dah aku ni kot.

And now, I’m back in the office. I have something to read on but I’m a bit sleepy from the soya bean I drank. I can’t wait for Saturday to come but maybe I should stop counting.

This entry, for obvious reasons, has no reason at all.

Terima kasih.


nnn said...

i didnt even rasa the mee goreng. in fact, i didnt rasa anything much at all. benci! alaa,the plan is off issit?? busy bee betul la.

freespirited12 said...

mee tu sedap betul!
maybe because they fried it on the spot kan.
i didnt get to taste the tahu bakar because dah sengkak.
buat open house mmg slalu la tak dapat rasa pape kan.
nvm nvm
bbq make sure makan apa kite bakar

Bats said...

so sorry for the late reply. past two days have been hell! i need time management class. haha.

neway, i heard the plan is off.no worries neesa. i know its frustrating but im sure we'll gather some other time. kudos on prompting the idea tho.

i heard bbq? where??????????

farah said...

hahaha tu la dh tau lactose intolerant gatai minum teh tarik watpa? hehe.. it was fun la, nia is so cute, geram kan? heh :)

freespirited12 said...

nagahahahah. biasa la saya.
open house takkan nak minum mineral water kot? ;p

and yes, nia was sooooo comel. i think dia rimas ramai sangat aunties. wahahhaha