October 04, 2008

after all

Here’s a question I have to pose out of the necessity to feed my mind’s curiosity. But honestly, I mean well and no offense to anyone at all. At all. Okay? Please don't take offense.

I was going through my teenage cousin’s Myspace and browsing through the pictures she took in class. She goes to a co-ad school, so naturally, there are pictures of hormonally challenged boys in it. Some girls were commenting on a particular boy and they were going all gugugagagugugaga over this boy. Me? I winced at the sight of this “drop-dead-gorgeous” “knight in shining armour”.

All freckled, dark (read: burnt, not tanned), pimple-ish complete with baby fat, how can anyone, anyone at all be all smitten with him?

Okay, I’m not being fair, maybe love is blind.

After all, I once owned a boyfriend whom my mother first thought was a drug addict with a beehive as a head.

Okay, I’ll stop blogging about this now. I just realised that I too, had taken the road not taken (read: dated weird partners) so I’m obviously not in the position to tell anyone not to date “freckled, dark (read: burnt, not tanned), pimple-ish complete with baby fat” boys.

Love, might be blind as we think after all, aye?


Don Corleone said...

hmm..... kalau macam tu.. aku ni terlampau hensem la agaknya kalau cousin ko tengok kan???

Abduls said...

errr... why i think all those comments u made to the kid kinda hit me?

baby fat. check
freckled. check
dark aka burnt. check


freespirited12 said...

tak habih habih la kau dengan keperasaanan kau tuuu..

wahahha. tapi pls la dulu kau pon ada all of the above traits before kau membesar.

kan? kan?

siapa tergigit cili, dia la terasa pedasnya ;p

kalau tak tahan pedas, lagi laa terasa.

so amacam? rasa pedas ke ;p