October 17, 2008


I was walking along the isle in front of Pasaraya TTDI last night, when I saw the stall selling keropok losong. I don’t know why they are called losong, and obviously, I’m too lazy to even Google.

Is it because the keropok has a “lohong-yang-kosong” in the middle of it?

“Hello, I’m kepok lohong kosong. ‘Losong’ for short”


Saya benar-benar curious...


For a few days now, I’ve been eating toast for breakfast. I like my bread toasted, and not burnt (obviously). So I wonder why the toaster has up ‘til 6 (if I’m not mistaken) levels of “toast”.

Hello, you’re a toaster, not a roaster okay.

I won’t ask the same about why cars speed indicators are up ‘til 200 km. I’ve seen people drive the maximum. (and I still cringe to think that I was in the car. yikes).


My handphone (of almost 3 years) is starting to fail me. I charge it and it tells me “battery empty” an hour or so later. I bring it to the office and charge it, and it tells me “battery full” the moment I plug in the charger.

I hardly talk on that phone everyday. And yet?

Yet, the moment I pick up it goes... “battery empty”. Sometimes, I put it down on my table and it’s dead.

So, yesterday, I took the trip to Mr. Phang’s handphone shop (the whole family is a regular there)... and checked out a few handphones. The ones I’ve been eyeing are no longer sold. But I fell in love with a few others, which are sold at extremely reasonable prices.

Just when I thought I needed a new phone, today, even though I talked alot on the phone, it didn’t go “battery empty”. It didn’t fall dead on me like yesterday, when I was trying to message my Kesayangans about the meet next week.

Just today, it decided to behave.

Why now, when I’ve got my heart set?


Sometimes, I wonder if some things are meant to confuse us. Like last week I was really agitated. Since I was sick and things weren’t exactly like a bed of roses in the office.

I was ready to get out the moment I got the chance.

The chance came today in the form of an invitation letter to attend an interview.

Yet, here I am having second thoughts.

Yet, here I am getting all jittery and agitated (still).

And here I am bogged down with work which I don’t exactly hate since the topics are getting more and more interesting.

I wonder if I’m supposed to be going through this dilemma at all?


Sigh. I wonder why.


dira said...

Losong because the famous keropok lekor in Terengganu are from a place called Losong. dekat Losong memang ada whole stretch of road penuh dengan kedai jual keropok lekor :) so yeah, the 'l' in losong should've been a capital heh.

freespirited12 said...

wah. tq tq.
this is something new for me.
and we should issue a directive so that they replace the l in losong with a capital.
thnks dirr :)