August 26, 2014

each (wo)man for himself.

Recently, someone told me a story about a couple; husband and wife. 

One day, the husband told the wife that he wasn't pleased with the fact that she wasn't reciting the Quran as often as he'd like her to, so the wife told him that with all the office work and house work she had to deal with, she was trying the best that she could... 

She also humbly requested for him to remember her in his prayers and told him of her hopes of sharing his good deeds (pahala) so that she too could go to heaven. 

He wasn't too happy with the idea of sharing his pahala with his wife and told it straight to her face. To put it bluntly, her humble request was declined. 

At that point, I was flabbergasted. The only thing I managed to say was, "Seriously?"... while I thought of what I would do if I were to suffer the same fate, which to be honest... I have no idea. 

I know that this world is coming to an end, but I honestly didn't think we would all come to this end; where it's each man for himself, even between husband and wife? *gasp*

And in this case, I do think that the quote below is pretty apt -

"Some guys might think it’s a waste of their time to do these house chores. What about her time? Is your time more valuable than hers? If you think you’re tired, then what state do you think she’s in after she spent the whole day cleaning up the house and preparing the meals?

Don’t get me started on working wives. They do twice the work, with half the appreciation."

Source: Isnalanterns.

 So, to all brothers out there, if you're not willing to share your pahala with your wife, I beg you... let her spare some of her time to make pahala of her own. 

I hope to never encounter this kind of insolence ever in my life and hope that whatever time I expend in caring for my family would be able to carry me to even the lowest of heavens. 

And I definitely hope the same for all my sisters out there. 

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