August 27, 2014

mamahood 101: get creative!

I don't think that kids are manipulative by nature, but I DO think that they're highly EXPERIMENTAL in which they live the first few years of their lives based on the concept of "cause and effect".

In that department, Luqman is of course, no exception. 

Where no danger is involved, I normally let him push the envelope a little further to let him see the whole consequence of his actions. 

But where his safety is at stake... I normally have to go to the extremes before he even gets to try his luck.

Yesterday, when I picked him up from school... he told me he wanted to sit in the "Kuski", which means that he didn't want to sit in his own carseat (yes, after all this while we're still struggling in this department). I didn't have the energy to negotiate plus it's actually a non-negotiable item in our list, especially when I'm travelling with him alone in the car. So, I told him that I wanted him to sit in his "Superboy Seat", which of course, he defiantly said NO to. 

He ran to the car thinking he beat me to it.

He touched the door to the front passenger seat...










Guess who was panicked by this?


(I'm so mean)
And when he finally touched the door to the rear passenger seat, where his Superboy Seat is... I pressed the other (correct) button to unlock the car. 

"Ha, baru betul..." said Luqman, who then unhesitatingly climbed into his carseat, ever willing to be strapped.

Phew! Lesson learnt! Mamahood 101 sangat!

Puts shades on, flips tudung.



yayahafiza said...

ini sgt lawak okay.... hahaha....

Haneesa said...

HAHAHAHA, you should have seen his face! sangat funny! and I think it worked because he tried his luck again this morning and I did the same thing, terus dia angkat white flag ;p ;p ;p