August 12, 2014

be apart to stay together.

I don't know about other married women, but for me... having some time apart from my husband keeps me sane AND keeps us together. While some people love being attached at the hip, I do enjoy the occasional solitary drive, going to work at different offices in different cars, and of course, time off (physically) from being a couple. 

And since the last "time off" I had was some time in January (I think), I made sure that I gave ample advanced notice about this time's time off so that everyone would be able to plan their time around me, for once. 

Plus, since these "time offs" come far and few in between, I made sure to choose the time off well.

And I chose to spend time with them; my sisters from another mother at a venue just 3 minutes from home - Maritime Club Putrajaya. Bahahahahaahhaha! But, still, 3 minutes away from home for half a day really made me happy!

8 of us came, which to me is no small feat considering the fact that the venue is in Putrajaya (where nobody wants to come to sobs), but these amazing girls came! Alhamdulillah. 8 TAPI meriah, hurrah! Pic Credits to Ayeem for this one.

One of the games we played on that day is one of my own creation. I call it Nipple Confusion.  

What you need? Your kid's bottles (of all kinds. I had Medela, Mom's Little One's, Pigeon, Anakku, Avent, Tommee Tippee, Tollyjoy), kitchen roll, marker pen and some tape.  

Method: Wrap the bottles in kitchen roll, and try as best as you can to cover the bottles so that no one can see which brand is which. Mix the bottle caps around if they fit. Mark the bottles with numbers or alphabets. Give some clue to the name of the bottles used. And prepare the game sheet as in the second picture.

Rules:  The bottle caps cannot be opened. And Googling is allowed. The one with the most correct answers will be crowned the winner! One of the girls got all correct, okay! And she's the one without a kid! Goes to show how much you get from extensive research. With this game... the girls got some education as to what nipple confusion (really) is and why it's important to know the different types of bottles. Trust the lawyer to come up with games. Bahahahaa. Oh by the way, pic credits to Ayeem for the second pic.

You know how first time moms tend to overbuy everything? Well, yes, I was one of those moms too. In fact, I sometimes still overdo everything, like packing Luqman's clothes for instance, but it doesn't matter (I think). Have extras, give them away. I still had these small sized diapers (still in good condition, of course. I checked), which I have been meaning to give away. But every time I go and visit a newborn, I forget the diapers!

On Sunday, I was determined to give them to my good friend Aleng for her baby. And what better way to give them away other than through a game! This isn't a novel game and you can find ideas on how to play everywhere on Pinterest. You just need a pack of diapers, marker pens or sharpies, some crazy friends and a fancy box to give them away!

Once I told the girls that they can Google for ideas, everyone went crazy with the messages! Some of them sweet and some of them really, really funny, okay!

At the end of the day, everyone had loads of fun and really enjoyed their Sunday.

Here's to hoping for a save delivery and recovery for the mommy-to-be and that a healthy baby will be born. In sha Allah.

May Allah bless.

Oh, by the way, I do believe that even with friends, you do need some time apart to stay together. In fact, I believe that the measure of a good friend is not how often you meet up, but rather how seamlessly you get along when you do see each other even after a long time apart.

Semoga kita terus menjadi kawan sampai tua bangka, okay girls!

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