September 03, 2014

hmmm, sneaky.

Last week we were at Ayer@8 for dinner, which is fast becoming one of our favourite go-to places because there's plenty of parking space and quite an array of food choices, (most of) which have yet to disappoint us.

Apart from the fact that there are now more restaurants than when it first opened... there are also other shops mushrooming in the area like tudung shops for example.

I'm a sucker for tudung shops ESPECIALLY if they come cheap.

While we were there last week, I saw one of the shops having an "Opening Sale"... Tudungs flying round in multiple shapes, sizes and colours at just RM15 per piece. 

My eyes gleamed at the sight. 

My husband, who has developed eyes at the back of his head... sensed this and immediately turned to me (I was walking behind him) and offered to stop by.

"It's just RM15! Go!"

"But we have to take our shoes off and I don't want to take my shoes off."

"RM15! Seriously, go! I'll wait outside."

"Eh, wait aren't we here for dinner? We'll be late for dinner and I don't want to eat anything past 9 p.m."

"Seriously, you don't want to go in? They all look nice. And they're cheap."

"Well.. I do need something in this and that colour but it's okay, I guess."

So we went past the shop with my husband asking me multiple times whether or not I was sure I didn't want to stop by. And we didn't stop after all...

I actually wanted to go by myself, in my own time so that I don't have to shop with the boys pressing their faces against the glass while waiting for me... but guess who hasn't been there on her own until now? 


In retrospect, I think my husband was playing the reverse psycho card on me. I think.

And it worked!

Ish, so SNEAKY! 

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