September 09, 2014

my instant best friend.

The best thing about having your own sister, is that you have an instant best friend. Sure, you make friends while you're growing up, sure it's nice to have colleagues who understand, but nothing beats having your own sister as your best friend.

Adik and I were never particularly close while we were growing up. I was always away and she has always looked up to my brother as her "hero", not surprising, seeing the amount of time they spend with each other. While we never fought much, we never really talked much either.

But as we grew up, we started to confide in each other about everything. And as she grew older, we also became Whatsapp buddies. And shopping buddies. And "let's ogle over this together" buddies. And OOTD buddies. Okay, that's enough, you get the drift. Now that she's 20 and I'm... well, still 20-ish, we have so many things in common it's just difficult to NOT tell each other everything. 

So, imagine how I felt when I saw this baby sister of mine leaving for Australia last February. While my brother was betting on who would cry the most, I surrendered even before the game began. I knew I was going to cry the hardest (which I did). I knew that she was no longer that "baby" and that I had to let her go. She's such a big girl already!

In a way, I'm kind of glad that our parting was short and sweet. 

Still, doesn't make it any less sad, especially when I see something and immediately think of her, like how I saw this yummy looking banana chocolate muffin at McCafe earlier this year and wanted to tell her "Let's taste this together and see if it's better than the one we normally have!", only to realise that it's probably going to be a couple of years before I get to see her again! Gahh!!!

Thing is... I don't have to wait for a couple of years for that because she'll be back in November. 

While she's homesick, I'm terribly Adiksick as well. 

Like, how can I NOT be, right?

'Cause we're both creepy like that!



mirasalehin_ said...

Can't wait either! So homesick right now T.T

Haneesa said...

counting down to November!!!!